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By Linda
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Nick and Bridget continue their conversation of yesterday. Soon the conversation turns to Brooke. and Bridget tells Nick, “you are not the first guy who had his heart broke by my mother; it’s been happening since I was a little girl - even with my father.” Nick is scurrying about, doing the kind of cleaning a man does and begins to stuff some clothes in his duffel bag, as he notes, “I still have a Brooke Logan shrine in my dresser drawers.” Bridget looks at him and makes a startling observation as she says, “you are still in love with my mother, aren’t you?” Nick will not say a word and Bridget pleads, “just tell me, please.” He finally suggests that she should take a look around the place, “does this look like a shrink’s office?” She tells him that she isn’t trying to analyze him; she just wants to help. Nick says that it’s a bit late, but Bridget actually wants to know how he worked thru his issues. “By taking one day at a time,” says Nick.

Bridget’s next question is, “Nick, do you ever dream about my mother?” When he again does not answer, she adds, “you do.” She wants to know if he has the same dream every night or if they differ. Nick continues to ignore her, but she is persistent, until he finally starts talking. He says he's on the boat, and it's night; he's working on the engine. As he lays on the floor, he looks up and there she is - standing with the moon behind her and she is wearing a flowing white gown. As she comes over to him, she looks longingly into his eyes and says, “Nick, I’m back, and I am back for good this time.” He adds, “then I wake up.” Bridget adds, “and you are all alone.” He then realizes that she understands everything that he himself lives thru and feels. She tells him that he had more with her mother than she’d ever shared with Ridge, but Nick says that Ridge and Bridget really connected. “Oh, I know,” she says “and I don't want to minimize that just to make herself feel better but I also know that if I felt for Ridge what you felt for her, I wouldn't be able to live in the same house with him.” “But I’m doing it and I really think I have a handle on things.”

Brooke is at home today, lighting candles, as she is dressed and waiting on her man. Ridge comes in from another room and his wife falls into his arms. They kiss, but Brooke says, “at the risk of ruining this perfect moment, how did it go today with your mother?” Ridge admits that it was frustrating, but he was very glad they had it. “This whole thing with Bridget has been eating away at Mother, probably as much as it has me and you,” Ridge adds. Brooke and Ridge both agree that this one time Stephanie might have had their best interests in mind and not be off on one of her secret hidden agendas. They are also certain that things are on the right path and it will just take Bridget some time to think of Ridge as her step-father and nothing else. Soon their attention turns from this conversation to one another. Ridge tells his wife how very beautiful she is when downstairs the doorbell begins to ring. They try to ignore it, thinking that whoever it is will just go away - but they don’t. The bell continues to ring incessantly until Ridge goes downstairs to get rid of whoever is interrupting them.

Downstairs, It's Amber laying on the doorbell, persistently and remembering what she over heard Ridge say to Stephanie, that he would never so much as touch Bridget again because he knows it would cost him his marriage this time and he'd be damned if he'll let that happen. Amber tells herself, “OK Ridge, now that I know you’re only human, maybe I can get through to you.” Ridge opens the door and finds her there and says, “Thomas is catching up on some school work.” Amber states that she is not here to distract Thomas; she came to speak with Ridge. “Well, call Megan and make an appointment,” Ridge suggests as he starts to close the door. But, Amber pushes her way into the house saying that Thomas told her the whole dance thing was just a ploy so that Ridge could give Thomas some alone time with Caitlin. Ridge admits that he did think it was a good idea for them to spend some time together. Amber wants to know why Ridge cannot accept her relationship with Thomas, after all Stephanie has. Ridges suggests that his mother has some weird sort of tolerance for her as he again heads her toward the door. But Amber continues to plead saying that she and Thomas have long since cooled their relationship and she is fine with that, just as she has no problems with his friendship with Caitlin and the fact they are going to the Winter Formal together. She knows that it is important to Thomas and she loves Thomas and then she says, “Ridge, why can’t I make you understand that?”

“Because you ruined Rick's life,” Ridge accuses Amber. As he goes on to say, “if someone doesn't stop you, you'll do the same to my son.” Amber pleads that she is not the same person she was when she was with Rick. She admits that she made mistakes, but then everybody does - including Ridge! “Haven’t you ever done anything that you have totally regretted?” she asks. Ridge continues to play all high and mighty and insinuates to Amber that if he did ever have any skeletons in his life then she would be the last person to ever know about them. “Let me make something very clear to you,” he says, “nothing I have ever done compares to your crimes.” Amber cries, “you are never going to believe that I have one shred of decency in me, are you?” Ridges says if she did then she would have walked away from Thomas a long time ago.

Bridget comes in and says she is sorry she interrupted and she will leave them alone. “No,” Ridge says, “it’s ok, Amber is just leaving.” As he pushes her toward the door she begs him again not to do this. She asks if he has ever loved anybody and had someone stand in their way. Ridge dares her to compare herself to him and says they have nothing in common. “Except your son,” Amber says. But, Ridge disagrees, telling her that her relationship with Thomas is over. Amber continues to plead as Ridge literally throws her out the door saying, “do not ever come back to this house again!” She stands outside and cries.

Ridge apologizes that Bridget had to see that as he says Amber always manages to turn things upside down. He then asks where she’s been and she says that she was on Nick’s boat. Of course, Ridge wants to know if Nick is still trying to give her a hard time about living here, but she says that he isn’t and he is just concerned about her. She explains that they had a good talk and Nick helped her come to a realization tonight, and that’s that she no longer has any qualms about living in this house here with him. She now knows that she can handle it. Ridge is happy and says that all this is true; they moved on a long time ago. Bridget calls him warm, and sensitive, and caring as he moves closer and closer to her as he slips and calls her Princess. Little do they know, but Amber is lurking in the bushes outside.

Bridget says she's really working on this and she knows she's the only person responsible for her happiness. Ridge agrees that this is wonderful to hear as he puts his hands on her shoulders and tells her that the family will always be right there beside her. Bridget puts her hand up on his hand on her shoulder, as outside Amber remembers the words she overheard him saying to Stephanie, “I will never allow myself to touch Bridget again, as I know it cost me my marriage this time.” She reaches into her purse and gets her video phone out, capturing pictures of Bridget and Ridge through the doors, as she says to herself, “you're right Ridge, this family isn't big enough, one of us has to go, and it's gonna be you!”

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