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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/13/05



By Linda
Pictures by Boo

At the Forrester mansion, we find Ridge and Stephanie. She is reminding hin what a perfect life he has - a beautiful baby, and a wife that loves him. Of course, Ridge agrees, and Stephanie says, “well then you’d better get Bridget out of the house before all that changes.” Ridge asks his mom, “why don’t you give me some credit here; I am not going to do anything to jeopardize my family”. Stephanie responds, “not intentionally.” But Ridge assures her that he is in total control of the situation, but Stephanie wonders if Bridget feels the same way. Ridge tells his mother to stop as there is nothing going on with Bridget. But, of course, she is not going to give it up and she goes on and on about how Bridget still has feelings for him, and that she is very confused. Ridge again tries to make it clear that all he is trying to do is support Bridget, but Stephanie is afraid that this entire situation could backfire. She tells him that’s all the more reason not to tempt fate, all it takes is one moment, one look, one slip and it could happen again. He tells her, “no Mother, it can’t happen again.” She asks, “why even take the chance; are you really trying to help her, or are you trying to prove something?” Are you trying to prove that you can’t make the same mistake twice?”

At Chuck’s Bar, we find Nick, Bridget, and Johnny. Nick tells Bridget that he can personally vouch for this guy, but Bridget tells him she wasn’t exactly looking for the “Marone seal of approval.” Johnny comments, “you probably weren’t looking for a dinner date either,” and he apologies for making her feel uncomfortable. But since he has just returned to the states, he would certainly love such a lovely date to help him get reacquainted with the ways of the States. Bridget tells him that’s really sweet, but she’s afraid she hasn’t been that great of company lately. Nick just thinks she’s been hanging out with the wrong crowd. Johnny invites her to have dinner with him at a great little restaurant in West Hollywood that has a menu almost identical to a place in downtown Copenhagen. Bridget thanks Johnny for the invitation but, she just can’t go. Johnny understands and says that Nick has his number if she ever changes her mind. After he leaves, Nick tells Bridget that Johnny is a guy who most women in their right mind would consider a great catch. Bridget is a little ticked off because Nick tricked her when he called her down here and then put her in a really uncomfortable spot. “Are you mad at me?” Nick asks. “Yes,” Bridget says, “but I really do appreciate it; it was very sweet of you.”

Later at the Shady Marlin, Nick tells Bridget that all he’s saying is for her to throw her line out there and she may hook something, maybe a keeper. Bridget says, “just so you know, the fish analogies are totally lost on me.” Nick comments that she hasn’t followed a word he’s said, and she agrees. When they go below, Bridget moves some clothes to find a seat and discovers a picture of Brooke. Nick does not see the big deal - after all doesn’t everybody have pictures of their ex. Bridget thinks that it would be ok if it were stuck in a closest somewhere. But, Nick claims it just keeps finding it’s way back out. Bridget believes that this picture represents the fact that Nick is unable to move on after Brooke. Soon they are batting their previous loves back and forth and agree that they both have some major issues to deal with.

Nick tells Bridget that she’s right. She asks about what and he tells her what she says about how he could understand her pain so easy because he’s been through it himself. Bridget comments, “my mom really hurt you pretty bad?” He tells her that another time and another place - things might have worked out. But - in this case, Ridge and Brooke were meant to be together. Bridget smiles and tells him that they’re just two people who were hurt and realizing that they can’t just bury their head in the sand and hope it goes away. They agree that they both need to move on - but agree that it is really, really hard.

Amber and Thomas are talking out at the guest house and she is not believing how everybody has condemned her and called her conniving, while Ridge set up the “chance” meeting with Thomas and Caitlin. Thomas advises her not to let them get to her as they only end up making their own selves look stupid. But, Amber says it still hurts her as she thought at Christmas they had finally turned a corner and Ridge was accepting her. Thomas tells Amber that his dad being against their relationship is nothing new. She tells him that’s true but it’s getting old to her real quick. Thomas assures her that his father is only “spinning his wheels” and he will not break them up. But, Amber believes that if Ridge continues to put her down and hunt things to say about her, then Thomas will start to listen and maybe even believe that they are true.

Thomas tells her he’s not doing anything wrong and he’s not naive, “after all I am the one who saw right through his plan.” Amber wishes they didn’t have to keep watching their backs like this. Thomas tells Amber that she knows his dad and she knows how to stay one step ahead of him. Amber comments, yeah, your dad was quite the playboy, but your mom really turned him around, kinda like what you’ve done for me, but Ridge refuses to believe that I could change and it’s so unfair. Thomas hugs her and tells her he’s not going to let him come between them.

Amber is walking up to the terrace doors and overhears Ridge telling Steph not to bring this up with Brooke anymore and please don’t bring it up with Bridget. Stephanie tells him it’s his home and his family and it’s his decision. Ridge tells her she’s damn right it is and he would never so much as even touch Bridget as he knows it would destroy his marriage and he’s not going to let that happen. The scene shifts to Amber, who says to herself, “Ridge - Bridget; oh my God.”

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