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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/12/05



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Ridge & Brooke’s:

The whole family is having breakfast together again. Ridge is curious as to why no one is eating his famous pancakes. Thomas tells him that he isn’t having any because he is watching his diet. Bridget guesses that is because of the winter formal. Thomas tells them all that he and Caitlin have entered the dance contest. Ridge asks if that means that he and Amber are broken up. Thomas tells him that it only means that Amber isn’t big on High School dances and that she is okay with him and Caitlin doing this as friends.

Just as Bridget tries to talk to Thomas about Amber, he gets a picture on his cell phone from Amber and gets very excited. He takes off in a rush to see Amber. Shortly after, Bridget gets a call from Nick telling her to come to Chucks. She kisses Brooke goodbye and takes off also. Ridge asks Brooke why she has been so quiet. Brooke tells him about her visit with Stephanie.

She lets him know that Stephanie thinks they are asking for trouble by having Bridget live there with them. Ridge gets upset that his mother is playing on Brookes’ insecurities again. Brooke tells him about their whole conversation and Ridge takes off to confront his mother.

Eric & Stephanie’s:

Stephanie and Eric are having their morning coffee. Stephanie tells Eric that she talked to Oscar and he told her that Bridget called off the engagement months ago. Eric is confused. Stephanie tells him her theory that Bridget is still in love with Ridge. Eric doesn’t believe that at all. Stephanie continues to try to get Eric to see that she is right and that it means trouble for Brooke and Ridge if Bridget stays with them.

Eric gets a bit angry at his wife thinking that she is making trouble where there isn’t any. He tells her that the fact that she even brings up the past between Bridget and Ridge is very hurtful and insensitive on her part and he wants to hear no more about the subject. He angrily leaves for work. Ridge arrives to confront Stephanie shortly after. He tells his mother that he wants her to stop all this insane talk. He is in love with his wife and he has already promised her to never cross that line with Bridget again. Stephanie really does seem like she is really worried about this and tries to explain to Ridge that she knows that he loves Brooke; that is why she wants to stop this before something happens that will cause him to loose Brooke.

She tells him that it is just too much temptation for Bridget and him. He shouldn’t be tempting fate like that. Ridge just doesn’t see things the way his mother does. He truly believes that everything is just fine in his home.

Amber’s room:

Thomas arrives all excited about the picture that Amber sent him. She confirms that she sent him pictures of four Laker’s tickets. Thomas is psyched because it will be the ‘Shaq/Kobe’ match-up. He then realizes that the tickets are for the same night as the winter formal and disappoints Amber by telling her that he really can’t let Caitlin down.

It is obvious to us that Amber planned it that way, but she tells Thomas that she didn’t realize it was the same night. She tells him that she will just exchange them for another night. Thomas notices that there are four tickets and asks who else she was planning on going. She tells him that she thought that they could take Brooke and Ridge with them. Since Ridge has finally started to accept her by dancing with her at the Jackie M party, she wants to extend that acceptance a little more. Thomas tells her that he doesn’t think it is a good idea. She is confused at first and thinks that it is Brooke that is still having a problem with her dating Thomas.

Thomas admits to her that the dance at the Jackie M party was a set-up. He explains that Ridge set him up with Caitlin on the patio, just like Stephanie set her up with Rick. Of course, Amber is very upset to hear this. She is really hurt that they are still giving Thomas a hard time about dating her; and now feels really stupid that she didn’t realize what was going on. Thomas tells her not to turn this back on herself, this is all his dad’s doing. Amber is just really disappointed. She loves Thomas and his family so much and wants them to really accept her.


A friend of Nick’s, Johnny, is sitting with him. Nick tells Johnny what a great girl Bridget is. Johnny is surprised that ‘Capt. Marone’ is now a matchmaker. Bridget comes in just then and Nick goes to great her. He introduces her to Johnny and sings a bit of praise of his friend to Bridget. Johnny tells Bridget that he has been working in Africa with an outreach program that is sponsored by Marone Industries.

He is being transferred back to the states and his new office will be in L.A. Nick continues to heap the praise on his friend trying to impress Bridget. She slowly realizes why Nick has really called her here. She is a bit amused, but a slight bit angry too. Nick keeps chewing on his cigar with a mischievous grin on his face as Bridget and Johnny continue to talk. He gets a call on his cell phone and excuses himself from the table to take the call. He watches Bridget and Johnny from a corner of the room.

Johnny tries to get Bridget to tell him her life story. When she balks at that idea he asks about just the last couple of weeks of her life. She tells him that she was taking medical classes in Denmark, but has decided to take a break for a bit and stay in L.A. to spend some time with her family. Bridget manages to steer the conversation back to Johnny, who catches on to her manipulation. He tells her that he would like to take her out to dinner. Nick rejoins the two of them and tries to convince a very uncomfortable Bridget to take Johnny up on his offer. Bridget tells Nick that she knows his heart is in the right place. Nick tells her that hers should be in a different place.

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