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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/11/05



By Linda
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie and Brooke are meeting today at the Forrester Mansion and the topic of conversation is the same as it has been for days - Bridget and Ridge.

Brooke has come over to tell Stephanie that she was wrong about all the feelings she was having and that she had talked to both Bridget and Ridge and everything was ok. But, Stephanie isn’t buying into this, and cautions Brooke as well. “I am only trying to help you,” she says. But, Brooke totally disagrees, “you are only trying to start trouble - just like you always do; you saw another chance to play on my insecurities and took advantage of it.” She adds, "Ridge is over it; Bridget is over it, and now she’ll be living with us.” Stephanie looks surprised and asks, “do you mean that Bridget is not going to return to Copenhagen?” “No, Stephanie, she isn’t,” Brook says firmly, “and I do not want to discuss this any further with you.”

Of course, this does not stop Stephanie as she continues to tell Brooke all of the reasons that this situation will not work. Brooke thinks that having Bridget live with them will give her time to heal, but Stephanie thinks that she will use Ridge to help her heal. Stephanie reminds Brooke of all Bridget and Ridge shared after Taylor died, how she stayed with him and the children right there in the same house. “There were feelings involved - feelings that were shared by the both of them,” Stephanie continues. Brooke says that Ridge will never act on those feelings again because he knows if he does, his marriage is over.

Stephanie is relieved that Brooke has finally admitted how serious the situation is and tells her that sometimes men need to be reminded that there are certain lines that they cannot cross.

Brooke insists that Ridge would never do that, but she did tell him that he must be very careful and not send out mixed signals to Bridget. “What do you mean by mixed signals?” Stephanie wants to know, but Brooke avoids this question. She says that Ridge just wants to help Bridget, but Stephanie emphatically states, “he should not be anywhere near her!” Brooke says, “it wasn’t a big deal; he was just trying to comfort her.” Stephanie wants to know what happened and Brooke tells her about finding Bridget in Ridge’s arms the night after the Jackie M party. “I came downstairs,” she continues, “and found them; Bridget was upset, and Ridge was just trying to comfort her; he even called her his Princess.” Stephanie goes off when she hears that and says, “this is exactly the same kind of behavior that got them in trouble in the first place; you have got to put a stop to it now.”

Lounging pool side at Ridge’s, we find Bridget. Nick arrives and is bearing gifts - ribs, fries and corn dogs from Chuck’s. Bridget turns down his generous offer to enjoy, and says she is fine.

As he munches on a corn dog, Nick says, “it might not be a good idea to fly to Europe on a full stomach after all.” Then he looks around and makes an observation - Bridget is sunbathing and there are no packed suitcases at the door. Bridget announces, “you’re right because I am not leaving, but don’t start turning back flips just yet.” She asks Nick if he is disappointed and he says, “no, it was your idea; I only thought it was a good idea as you were committed to it.”

Bridget then confesses that it was her mother who asked her to stay, and that surprises Nick a bit. But Bridget asks, “wasn’t it you who said that I shouldn’t be running away from my problems?” “Then you admit that it is still a problem?” Nick wonders. She says that it would not have been any better in Copenhagen, but Nick wonders how she will deal with her mother and Ridge heading out for the evening and she gets to stay home with the kids. “I am not jealous of my mother and her husband,” Bridget cries. But, Nick informs her that he is not talking about jealousy; he is talking about trouble - and that’s what she will be in if she stays in the same house with Ridge.

“No, Nick, she’s staying here because this is where she belongs,” Ridge announces as he walks up. He tells his brother that although he appreciates his help the other night, they can handle their problems from here on out - as they are family.

Nick doesn’t buy into the “family” scene and they continue to bicker, with Bridget caught in the middle. Nick points out things that he sees as inappropriate - such as the two of them out here splashing around in the water together. Ridge sees nothing inappropriate about it, but Bridget seems bothered. Nick tells Bridget that he's not trying to upset her. She tells him she knows and Ridge tells him to back off. Nick advises Ridge not to make the same mistake twice, and Ridge advises him to leave.

After Nick leaves, Ridge tells Bridget not to let Nick bother her. He says that his brother does not know how to keep his mouth shut. “He’s just concerned,” Bridget notes. But Ridge believes that Nick just does not understand how their family works. Finally, Bridget steps up to the pool and Nick asks, “are you going to go in, I guarantee you 10 laps and you will feel much better about things.” He notes that he will join her and then reminds her of the times when she lived with them before and they’d come back to down to the pool and swim after the kids were in bed. This touches a nerve with Bridget and she decides to just go on inside. Ridge tells her “no, you were here first; I didn’t mean to intrude.” He persuades her to just sit back down and read her book and she’ll never even know that he is there, as he jumps in the pool.

At the Café Russe, Sally and Darla are seated at a table when the waiter brings over a bottle of champagne. Darla tells him they’re waiting for two more people and they’ll open it then. Sally comments, “we may just hit one of them over the head with it.”

Darla assures Sally that all will be fine when Thorne arrives. Sally isn’t happy and Darla gets upset over what she is saying about her husband and threatens to leave. “I’ll call Thorne and tell him to meet me at home,” she adds. Sally is just upset because Ridge is attempting to lure Thorn away and she feels that Thorne has a lot of explaining to do. But, Darla does not believe that he would ever leave Spectra, and all the brothers were doing was talking. Sally tells her it sounded like her husband was listening.

Clarke arrives and asks what they’re celebrating. Sally says, “we’re not.” Darla fills him in on what is going on. Sally adds that Ridge’s speech was so compelling that she wanted to jump ship and run over and help Eric out. Soon Thorne comes up and wonders what’s going on. Darla gives him a kiss and tells him to sit down and have some champagne with them. Thorne says, “I’ve been getting calls about the sales figures all day.” Sally wants to know if that is why he is so late, but he says he had some business to attend to. And, Sally wants to exactly what that was. Darla questions him as to whether or not he has something on his mind and he admits that he does and he would like to talk to Sally - alone. “We are all family here,” Sally states. “I am glad you feel that way, Sally,” he says, “as that is exactly what I want to talk to you about; I have a proposition." Sally asks if it’s one he’s been offered, but Thorne tells her “no, this is one that I’d like to offer you - a 50/50 split; I want half of the Spectra profits.”

Sally says, “forget the champagne, success has already gone to out president’s head.” Sally thinks this is quite a premature offer as they have only had two good sales reports and now he thinks she should start throwing money his way. She reminds him how she scraped, begged, and borrowed the money to buy her company back from Massimo - even using her life savings. Thorne says, “I am willing to take the same risk; I will give up my salary for a percentage of the profits.” Sally reminds him that he's got a contract and Thorne agrees and tells her she can hold him to it, but a smart business woman knows that her people work harder when they have a stake in the business. Sally says, “you’re driving a stake through my heart.” Darla tries to calm things and tells them they should all discuss this back at the office. Things continue to get heated as Sally believes that Thorne is being ungrateful to her after she took him in. But Thorne tells Sally that it is his name that has made the Spectra label a money maker. He says that he is ready to take the company to the next level and furthermore, he adds, “it’s not all about money; it’s about responsibility.” As a final word, he adds, “the deal is 50/50 - take it or leave it!”

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