B&B Monday Update 1/10/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/10/05



By Linda
Pictures by Boo

Today Eric and company are trying to make some headway on the fashion figures by staging a fashion showing. Of course, there are some uninvited guests in attendance - who look surprisingly like Sally and Darla!

Sally is dressed as a man - actually a french with beanie and beard. She is in a wheelchair and being pushed by Darla, who wears a long red wig. “I cannot believe I let you talk me into sneaking into Eric’s preview,” she tells her partner, “we do not need to be pulling these kind of stunts now as Spectra is a respected fashion house, and besides these are my in-laws.” Of course, they are not pulling anything over on Stephanie, who sees them from backstage. She goes to tell Eric that he is not going to believe who is in the audience, but he is very nervous. He is upset because the boys are not there, and he is blaming himself. “I underestimated Thorne and I called Ridge the enemy," he tells her.

The fashion preview begins and the initial crowd reaction is subdued. Eric is not pleased as he expected more applause, but Stephanie tries to give him hope, saying, “they are reporters; they are taking notes.” “Frenchie” a.k.a. Sally begins to make comments like, “these designs are traditional and boring!” She adds that if they are looking for excitement then they need to check out Spectra Couture, by Thorne Forrester. Stephanie cannot believe what she is hearing and shakes her head while Eric just looks sad and a bit sick. Sally’s comments are beginning to fire up Jared, the reporter we know well. He comments, “this is not one of Eric’s greatest collections,” to which Sally adds, “the poor guy appears to be losing his touch!”

Sam tells her daughter that no matter what the response, she is very proud of her. Caitlin remarks that it is only a showing and they have plenty of time to make changes. Eric thanks all of the reporters for coming and takes this opportunity to introduce his two new designers - Samantha Kelly and Caitlin Ramiriz. Jared pipes up and asks about their experience - or the lack thereof. He asks Eric, “do you find it ironic that the designers at Spectra have more years of training with you than your own designers do?” Eric handles this question well, saying that his children have done very well for themselves and he is tremendously proud of them. More questions are thrown Eric’s way, wondering if the Forrester name is being compromised, but Eric tells them, “trends come and go, but Forrester creation will always be here long after Spectra’s temporary fame has faded, and if you all will excuse me, this preview is over.”

“Oh, come on, Eric,” Sally says, “why don't you just admit it? You threw this little soiree just to get your name into zee press; Sally Spectra and Thorne Forrester have pushed Forrester Creations right off zee page.” (Her accent is really, really bad!) Eric speaks up, “Security, please come and escort this woman from the showroom.” Jared shouts, “Sally Spectra!” “In the flesh, bebe,” she announces as she takes off her wig. She goes on her little tangent saying that they are indeed the competition , but Stephanie is going after her. Darla decides that it time for them to get on out and turns the wheelchair around and pushes Sally out the door. She apologizes to Eric and Stephanie on the way out. Darla says, “I swear, if Thorne finds out about this....”

A quick visit with Deacon shows him still eyeing the vodka bottle with intense interest. Clarke walks in and startles him. “Are you ok?” he asks, as he notices that Deacon looks really freaked out.

The conversation switches to the sales figures at Spectra, and Clarke tells Deacon that Thorne is the key to their success. “He is the one who made Spectra Couture what it is today.” Deacon agrees with him and after a few minutes Clarke leaves. Deacon returns to admiring his beautiful bottle of booze.

Over at Spectra, Ridge is still trying to talk Thorn into returning to Forrester. He says that this is not what their dad wants - leading a new design team that he has not even had sufficient time to train.

“Ok, then he wants us to go back there together?” Thorne asks, and Ridge admits that it may be tough for a while and they may disagree and fight, but the main focus will now be on family. Thorne suggests that they are still family, even if they work for different companies, and he adds that he is on to something big at Spectra; he says he finally has made something for himself. Ridge reminds Thorne that he is a Forrester - this is his legacy - it is what he was born to do. As they continue to argue, Ridge wants to know if Thorne has made some sort of deal with Sally that nobody is aware of, or did Sally give him a piece of the company. Thorne laughs, “not likely, I am but an unproven executive.” Ridge keeps on - badgering Thorne trying to find out just exactly what it is that Sally gives him. He finally answers, “Sally gives me respect; she offered me an opportunity when my own family turned their backs on me.”

Sally and Darla arrive and hear voices. They stop and note that it is Ridge and Thorne. Of course, they stand there and listen. Ridge is now pleading with his brother, “we have a chance to reunite this family; can you imagine what that would mean to Dad - to have the both of us working back at Forrester - side by side - as a team.” Thorne tells Ridge that they were a team once, but Ridge was not a team player. “Your idea of a team was for you to be the quarterback and for me to be the water boy.” Thorne declares. Sally and Darla have now realized that Ridge is in there trying to lure Thorne back to Forrester Creations , but Darla is sure that Thorne would never leave Spectra. Ridge tells Thorne that dad needs him more than he ever has; “he’d be happy if I went back by myself, but it wouldn't be the same; he wants us both under Forrester’s roof - where we grew up.” He adds, “you have proven yourself, and Mom and Dad both realize that now; if you stay here at Spectra you can be a great business man, but if he comes back to Forrester, you are going to be a hero!”

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