B&B Friday Update 1/7/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/7/05



By Linda
Pictures by Boo

Today at Marone Industries, Massimo enters, ready to take the wheel of the USS Marone, which Nick tells him is no worse for the wear and ready for him to take over. Ridge is also there and invites his father to come on in saying, “it’s all yours.” Massimo goes to his desk and looks around and tells his sons how wonderful it is to be back. He gives Nick a big hug and thanks him for all his hard work in keeping the ship afloat, and Nick says that he was determined that Marone Industries would go on. Ridge speaks up and tells Mass that his “crew members” are ready for duty and several employees come - complete with a bottle of champagne and welcome the boss back.

Nick makes a toast to their “fearless leader,” who thanks both of his sons - Dominic and Ridge, as well as everyone in attendance who made his return so very sweet. After they drink, the workers leave and Massimo tells his boys how wonderful it is to have them both together, here. Ridge says, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” “Well, we could make that permanent,” Massimo says, but although Ridge appreciates the offer he can’t. He assures Ridge that there will always be a place open for him and comments that he is a very lucky man. Nick does not see it as luck and says, “you reap what you sow.” Massimo says those are truly words to live by and then says it is a shame that some people have to learn things the hard. Nick assumes he means his mother, and Mass says, “yes, Jacqueline has some painful lessons ahead of her.

Ridge cannot believe that Massimo is referring to the woman who cheated on him as “poor Jackie.” But, Massimo claims that they should all take pity on someone who has fallen under the spell of Deacon Sharpe. He is sure that Deacon will slip up and when he does, Jackie is going to be hurt. His cell phone begins to ring and the boys take this opportunity to leave, and Mass answers his phone. It is Heather telling him that she did all he requested. She adds that so far Deacon does not have any signs of alcohol cravings or any changes in behavior. “OK, then,” Massimo tells her, “it’s time for a test.” He explains what she is to do next.

Over at Jackie M, Heather cleans the blender as she looks at the bottle of alcohol and says, “drink up Deacon; Happy Hour is only just beginning.” Deacon and Jackie are in her office, in one another’s arms as he again tells her that she is the most wonderful woman in the world. He once again makes the promise that he will never touch another drop of alcohol in his life.

He says again that he still cannot understand these temptations he is feeling, as he takes a sip of his protein drink. Jack is again reassuring that he has already proven himself and she knows that that part of his life is over. “But why do I have this strange desire to drink?” he asks, taking yet another sip of the drink.

He takes a fax out of the machine and comments that Spectra sales are again up this week - which is very good for them also. Deacon warns her not to jinx things, as in his world things are known to head south. They pretty much have the very same discussion again - he thinks he is still a loser and she thinks the opposite - all the while he is steadily drinking on that protein shake!

Soon Jackie prepares to leave and again tries to get Deacon to come home with her. He really wants to, but has a ton of work to finish before the marketing meeting in the morning. As Jackie is walking out the door, Heather is coming in. She asks Jackie if she is leaving for the day, and Jackie replies that she is. She leaves and Heather reports what a great day they had today, as Deacon says, “that’s music to my ears.” He then compliments her on the great protein shakes she makes, as he finished off the one he’s been drinking. She smirks, “that’s music to me ears.”

Soon after finishing the drink, Deacon has these strange feeling again and asks, “why is this happening again?” In the showroom, a delivery is made for Deacon and Heather asks the delivery man if he would mind moving a box for her. While he is moving the box, she sneaks a bottle of alcohol into the bag, and when the man returns, she thanks him and hands him the bag. He delivers it to Deacon and when Deacon opens it - expecting his food - he pulls out the bottle of alcohol. “What the hell is this?” he asks himself.

He sits the bottle on the desk - then picks it back up and opens it. He inhales deeply.

At Forrester Creations, Sam and Caitlin are fitting a dress on a model as Eric and Stephanie look on. He tells Sam that she will get the hang of this and that he is so glad she has stepped in to help. Sam laughs and tells him to see if still says that after the previews, but Steph tells her that Eric is right; she’ll do just fine. Eric tells the gang that Forrester has not lost it’s stride and Thomas adds, “you heard the man, to work, put some muscle in it.” Privately Stephanie tells Eric that she is not too sure of his pep talk, but he says it’s because of the latest ads - which Steph has obviously not seem. She gasps, and says, “Thorne’s name is twice as large as anything on this page.” Eric blames it on Sally and says that he has already handled this and it will never happen again. But, they both can’t help but wonder how much problems this one ad will cause. They are about to find out as Megan comes in with the latest sales figures. Eric takes a peek. “Don’t keep us in suspense,” Thomas says.

But over at Spectra the gang there is looking at the same figures - and it’s Spectra up 20% again this week! Sally, Clarke, Thorne, and Darla are jubilant. Eric tries to be as positive with his own crew as he notes that sales are up 20% - then adds, not theirs Spectra’s Thomas asks how they did and he says 5% - which Stephanie says is perfectly respectable. But, Eric adds, “that’s a 5% decrease.” As the Forrester bunch looks disappointed - the Spectra bunch is celebrating, but to Thorne it is a bittersweet victory. Sally goes on and on about the motley bunch of them, once a bunch of wayward cards and now a real railway!

At Forrester, Eric tells Stephanie that 20% is really a big increase, as Sam suggests to Thomas that they finish up on the gown they’ve been working on. Steph asks her husband where all his enthusiasm went, and he comments that Spectra just knocked all the wind out of his sails. But, although they are facing hard times right now, Eric assures his family that they will be cooking again soon, once the new team gets on track, and they will bounce right back. The phone rings and it is Thorne; he tells his father that he really does not know what to say.

But, Eric does, as he says, “Congratulations, son!” He then asks everyone to step out that he can speak privately with Thorne and says, “having two substantial increases two weeks in a row is more than impressive; I am very proud of you.” But, Thorne tells his father that he never wanted his glory to come a the expense of his family. He once again apologizes for the stunt Sally pulled and notes that the huge logo may have added to their success. “But, that will never happen again,” he assures Eric. Eric tells his son to relax, and enjoy his victory!

Stephanie comments that it was really gracious of Eric to be so kind to Thorne. But, Eric says that Thorn deserves it; he proved himself to be up for the challenge. “I am very happy for him,” he continues. Stephanie believes that he would be happier if he only had both his sons there with him - working side by side. Eric comments that this is the golden years of his career. Steph reminds him that it’s a very successful career and he laments that without his family, without his sons – is it a success or a failure?

Thorne is looking over some papers when Ridge comes in and congratulates him. Thorne asks if he saw the latest sales reports. Ridge admits that he has, while he was at Marone. Thorne asks his brother if he’s going back there and Ridge tells him that it was Massimo’s first day back, and “Massimo really thrives on his business, just like Dad does.” Thorne wants to know if this is a guilt trip against him for stealing their father’s business. But, in an unusual move for Ridge, he tells Thorne that he did not steal his father’s business; he took a knock off fashion house and turned it around. Thorne tells him it was no miracle; all Clarke and Amber needed was a little support and encouragement.

The two brothers proceed to have a real heart - to - heart, and Ridge tells Thorne that he wants him back at Forrester Creations. He tells his brother that he does not even care if he comes back and is his boss - as long as he comes back. “It is time for us to put this family feud behind us and do what we can for out father - the man who raised both of us.” He looks at his brother and says, “how about it; will you come back?”

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