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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/6/05



By Linda
Pictures by Boo

Today’s show starts at Jackie M as Jackie cues Heather in on the likes and dislikes of Deacon. “He enjoys root beer and protein shakes,” Jackie informs Massimo’s partner in crime. She trots off, ready to serve.

Deacon comes in and talks to Jackie about the sudden urge to drink he is suffering from; “I cannot figure out what triggered this,” he tells Jackie. Massimo walks in and both Jackie and Deacon become very quiet. He tells his “wife” that he has stopped by to see how they are doing. “Massimo, I intend to prove to you that you have not misplaced your trust in me regarding Jackie M,” Jackie fills him in.

But, amazingly, Massimo compliments Jackie on just how well the boutique looks. Deacon makes a few smart remarks, but is quickly stopped by Jackie. “It means a great deal to me that you came by here today, Massimo,” Jackie insists; “I hope that we can at least be friends.” But Mass says that considering the circumstances, he doesn’t see that happening. After he leaves, we see that Jackie is shaken by this sudden visit - and Deacon is not too happy either.

He goes into the office and starts on a tangent about the visit Massimo just made. He swears that the man is just lurking - waiting for him to fall. He then tells Jackie about all the problems he had when he was drinking, how he treated people and was just an awful person. He describes himself as being a “bad man.” Jackie tries to reassure him that he is not that man now, and that man is not the one she knows. “That man is dead,” she adds.

As soon as he gets home, Massimo phones Heather and wants to know how Deacon reacted to his surprise visit. “Not well,” she tells him. He tells her that Deacon’s drinking is not the only weapon that have to use against him, “we also have his weak nature and his insecurity, and they may prove to be even greater weapons.” So Heather mixes up a special protein shake for Deacon - of course adding the odorless and colorless alcohol to it - and serves it up.

After Heather delivers the drink and leaves, Jackie again reassures Deacon that she will not leave him and he will not become that other man ever again. As he takes a drink of the shake he says, “I am through with alcohol - forever.”

Thomas and Caitlin are practicing the dance they want to do for the competition. They have decided on “swing” and Thomas is eager to know where Caitlin learned to be so good - actually they look wonderful together. Caty runs off to get a sip of water and a moment later someone hugs Thomas from behind. “Gee, that was fast,” he tells her, but when he turns around, it is Amber he is talking to. Thomas covers his slip of tongue, saying, “you finding me here; I forgot you were coming,” as she starts to kiss him. Then, she wants to know who his dance partner is and when he says that it’s Caitlin, Amber is not the happiest person in the world. She tries her best to hide her concern though.

Caitlin returns and tells Thomas that Megan needs to see him and he leaves the ladies alone. Alone Amber starts on Caty saying, “it’s awful gutsy of you to take Thomas up on his request to go to this dance with him, especially since you know he has a girlfriend.” Caitlin informs her that she and Thomas are only friends and that is how she is going to the dance with him.

Amber tries to insinuate that Caitlin is a bit of a pity case, since Rick is outa the picture. But, Caty is wise enough to handle Amber and tells her that she is only going with Thomas because she herself didn’t want to go. She adds, “and if you don’t want me to go, then just tell me.” Amber apologizes and says that she didn’t mean things the way they sounded, and then remarks, “it’s good that he has you to enjoy these teenage things with.” Of course she goes on to describe the relationship that she and Thomas have as “a mature adult relationship” and she is glad Thomas will finally be saying goodbye to these “kid” things. She announces that she is leaving and asks Caty to tell Thomas that she has gone back over to Spectra.

Thomas comes back in, and asks about where Amber is. Caty delivers the message and Thomas asks her, “do you think that Amber is ok with you and I going to the dance together?” “No,” Caitlin answers, “I really don’t think she is.” She adds, “are you really sure that you still want me to go with you?” Thomas assures her that he is sure and they begin to practice their dance moves once again.

Amber hides in the doorway and watches them - and she does not look happy!

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