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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/5/05



By Linda
Pictures by Boo

Today we begin with Brooke and Ridge continuing their conversation from yesterday. Brooke says, “you have to make me a promise, one that you will not break.” Ridge looks at her in astonishment and wonders what this promise is. “You must never, ever kiss Bridget again.”

Brooke tells her loving hubby that she and Bridget have been thru so much together and she was not always there for her daughter, but that is different now. She explains that as much as she loves Ridge, she loves her children more. He tells her that of course that would never happen again, and why is she even asking? Brook says it’s because her daughter is in pain and that she will do what ever it takes to help her and that includes making sure that nothing like the shared kiss between them ever happens again.

Ridge tells Brooke that she has nothing to worry about, but she wants to know how he can be sure as it could happen accidentally again. Once again Ridge assures her that nothing like that will ever happen again because she is his life - her and his baby son, and he would never cause her daughter any pain, nor would he jeopardize what the two of them share together. Brooke also brings up last night when Ridge called Bridget Princess, just as he did before, but he claims only to have been trying to help her. Brooke believes this is not helping Bridget, only hindering her, just as Ridges hugs and other terms of endearment are doing.

“OK,” Ridge tells her, “no more kisses - no more caresses - no more Princess - in other words, NO MORE.”&# 9; They both agree that they are glad they had this talk. Brooke says that she only wants her daughter to have the very same kind of life that she has - a great husband, a wonderful family. “Yeah, Logan, it’s almost too great to be true,” Ridge says to her and she agrees, “especially after all these years.” RJ begins to cry and Ridge goes off to take care of him.

Over at Chuck’s Bar, Bridget and Nick are still talking. “Nick Payne, you are quite intuitive,” Bridget comments. Nick says, “it’s Marone now.” He adds, “that sounded like a back handed compliment.” She teases him about a crusty unrefined old sailor knowing anything about feelings, and Nick agrees to everything but the old man part. Serious now, Nick tells her that he has gone down this very same path and it is now that Bridget realizes that he is talking about her mother. He has had to deal with the same exact thing she has and she comments that’s the reason he so totally understands her feelings. She accuses Nick of still being hung up on her mother and he replies, “I don’t dwell on thing that I can’t have.” Bridget accuses Nick of not really having moved on from Brooke - but he wants to know exactly why they are having this conversation.

Well, it seems that now Bridget wants to find the perfect love for Nick, after all he is not a bad looking man, she teases. She further adds that he is never gonna find someone hanging out in dives such as this. He assures her that he isn’t really looking for anyone, and they bicker back and to and laugh as they share some tender moments. Nick tells Bridget to always keep her sense of humor and she assures him that she is trying. She finally leaves and goes home to find Brooke sitting on the couch waiting for her. Brooke has questions to ask her daughter, and tells her that she knows everything - all about the broken engagement and wants to know why she did not trust confiding in her own mother.

Bridget takes off her engagement ring and comments that she guesses there's no point in wearing this anymore.

Brooke asks why she kept it on and Bridget explains that she didn't want to come home and unload all her problems on her. Brooke tells her that’s what she’s there for. Bridget tells her she was going to tell her but she just was she too afraid. She was afraid of her own feelings because she could not come and tell her mother that she was having trouble moving on with her own life because of her own husband! She admits that she really tried to make it work with Oscar and that he was so sweet and supportive - but the feelings just were not there for her. There was always something missing and she could not figure out what. All she could think was that the time she spent with Ridge and his kids ruined any relationship she could ever have with another man.

Brooke cautions her daughter that she may be over-romanticizing the whole thing and she should concentrate on the seeing the life that Ridge and Brooke share. Bridget says that will not be a problem any more as she had spoken with an agent and plans to return to Copenhagen in the morning. But, Brooke tells her, ‘no, you are not going anywhere; you are going to listen to what I have to say and I am going to help your sort all your feelings out. I am here to protect you and to give you strength.” Bridget looks at her mother and says, “I love you!”

Over at Forrester Creations, we find Thomas as he is joined by Caitlin. “Hey, Ramirez, getting a late start?” Caitlin tells him she had a class this morning. Thomas asks if she had a good time at the party. She tells him she did and changes the subject by asking what kind of sample they’re getting. Thomas tells her they’re some fabric swatches for the new collection. Caitlin thinks that’s great because last night she was working on some new designs. Thomas cannot believe she was working after a party. But, she says designing helps her to relax. Thomas tells her that they cannot pretend that last night just did not happen - when she told him about her feelings.

Caitlin remarks, “I said too much and just wish I could erase it.” But Thomas tells her that it’s all cool - he just wishes that his dad had not used her to try to come between him and Amber. He considers Caitlin a good friend and nothing will change that. She says that she knows that Amber is the woman he is in love with.

Caitlin asks Thomas, ‘ok are things are still cool between us?” Thomas responds, “do you even have to ask"? Caitlin tells him seriously, she can always count on him to be there for her even after the way she treated him. Thomas then asks her if she ever hears from Rick and she shakes her head “no”, claiming that he is busy with work.

Thomas tells her that he is sorry, but Caitlin says that it really is ok as she and Rick were at different places in their lives. The age difference just couldn’t work for them the way it works for Thomas and Amber. Thomas is glad that somebody believes him, and she assures him that his dad will come around eventually. Caitlin picks up an envelope and opens it, “wait a minute, are you inviting me to Roxbury’s Winter Formal?”

“Shouldn’t you be taking your girlfriend?” she asks. Thomas tells her yes, but Amber wasn’t to “psyched” about going to a high school dance so he thought that Caitlin would go with him as a friend. Thomas adds, “the Roxbury puts on a hell of a party that would be a shame to miss, beside me and you as dance partners would smoke the competition.” He adds that he actually sent her the invitation before their conversation and if she doesn’t want to go then he will understand. Caitlin wonders if Amber knows that Thomas has asked her, and he says that he told her that he was going with a friend. Caitlin agrees then that it should be ok - and says she’ll go.

She starts to leave and Thomas grabs her, spins her around and dips her as he tells her they have a lot of work ahead of them...

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