B&B Tuesday Update 1/4/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/4/05



By Linda
Pictures by Boo

Todayís show begins at the breakfast table with Brooke, Ridge, Hope, and Bridget. Bridget is awfully quiet.

Hope asks for some more orange juice, and as Ridge fills her up, he says, "Bridget." As if in a fog, she finally responds, "yes." He asks her if sheíd like more juice also, but she declines. Brooke is remembering watching the two of them together last night when Ridge told Bridget that she would always be his "Princess." Brooke questions her daughter about the party, trying to dig information out of her, but Bridget doesnít take the hint and says, "if you are worried about me seeing Deacon again, I am over that." Ridge vouches for that, saying "seeing her ex didnít even faze her."

Thomas joins them at the table, as Ridge comments that itís about time he dragged himself out of bed. Thomas laughs saying, "partying takes a toll on you, even a young stud like me, and by the way, dad, did you come clean with Brooke when you got home last night?" Ridge wants to know what he means, and Thomas calls his dad "Twinkletoes" and recounts him dancing with Amber last night. "It was just to distract Amber so that Caitlin and I could have a heart-to-heart; you are busted, dad!" Ridge admits the truth, but adds that he thought Caitlin had a few things she wanted to say to Thomas and needed a private moment to do so. Thomas is not moved, after all these were things that he wanted and needed to hear months ago. He looks over at Bridget and says to her, "you know what itís like, to fall in love with someone to only be told that you can never have that person. But you have feelings so intense that they just donít die, especially when the two of you have so much in common."

Ridge tells his son that he isnít trying to meddle in his life, but Thomas say he just has too much free time on his hands - with the twins in boarding school, which Thomas addsí "I cannot believe you let them talk you into." "They were growing up and needed to spread their wings," Ridge answers, "besides I am having a tough time adjusting to all this time at home also." Thomas thinks back to the last time his dad was at home so much - after Taylor died. He mentions that Bridget was living with them then, and this hits a nerve with Bridget. She announces that she has some things she needs to do and gets up to leave. After she leaves, Thomas and Ridge continue to discuss the relationship Thomas has with Amber - which Daddy Ridge does not approve of. The tension begins to mount and Brooke asks Hope if she is finished. She says that we need to see what your brother is up to, but Thomas volunteers and they head upstairs.

Ridge asks Brooke if she thinks he made any headway with Thomas and she says "yes, but I wish that was what was happening with Bridget; did you see how quiet she was, and do you know whatís going on with her?"

Ridge tells Brooke that he knows how concerned she is, and that he believes she has a lot going on that she obviously does not want to share. Brooke agrees, mentioning that Stephanie came by last night and informed her that Bridget had broken off her engagement with Oscar. When Ridge admits that he also knew that, Brooke is upset. He tells her that Bridget did not want to ruin the familyís holiday. But, Brooke is still bothered that her daughter confided in Ridge and not her. She takes this opportunity to tell Ridge that she saw them last night after they came home from the party. She questions her husband, "is my daughter still in love with you?" Ridge wants to know where that question came from and Brooke asks again if it is true. He tells her that it is not the way she means, but she wants to know how he can be sure.

He says it is because Bridget is afraid that she will never have the real true love and relationship that she desires. "The feelings we shared after Taylor died were intense; we leaned on one another and that is a closeness that Bridget never feels she will find again, but I am going to make sure that she knows that it will happen." "By touching her cheek and...," but Ridge stops her and says that Bridget needs a friend right now. Brooke continues to be concerned that her daughter will not feel the same way as she is very vulnerable right now. She tells him that the constant touching and calling her Princess is going to confuse her again and she could be swept away by him once again. Brooke tells him that there is something that they must talk about - something they havenít talked about in a long time, and even though she does not want to, she feels she must. She says, "I need you to make a promise to me right now...and God help us all if you cannot keep it."

Bridget goes over to Chuckís Bar where Nick is devouring a plate of ribs. His secretary clued her in on where he was and he asks her if she is hungry. She says no - she says that she wants to apologize to him for last night. "Nick, you took me to some swanky party and then I ruin everything by having a total meltdown, and now you are involved in this whole mess with Ridge. I am so sorry and I just wanted to let you know that I am going back to Copenhagen."

Nick asks her "why are you running away, instead of staying here and working things out?" Bridget assures him that this is not her reason; she feels that she can return there and make a perfectly happy life for herself - with or with out a man in her life. She believes that her mom and Ridge need to be left alone, but Nick suggests that she is trying to measure every man she meets by Ridge and they all seem to pale in comparison. "You are afraid you will feel this way the rest of your life," Nick tells her as he leaves her to think this over.

Later, Bridget chastises Nick for getting all "Dr. Phil" on her, but he has very simply put into perspective what she has been trying to figure out for months. She has put impossible standards on the men in her life - all based on Ridge. Nick assures her than she can make the change and she thanks him for helping her to see things straight and for helping her see that she is not a total lost cause. Nick says, "does that mean you arenít leaving?" But, she still believes that is the best thing to do as she does not want to cause her mother any trouble - and she is afraid that she is doing just that.

Over at Spectra, Sally is checking out the sales charts when Thorne and Darla come in. She is excited to share the new figures and adds that they are up another 15% - and still donít have the Jackie M sales.

Thorne mentions that he wants to see the ad she has been playing with, "you know Sal, the ones you were supposed to have already shown me; you wouldnít be trying to pull anything over on me, now would you?"

Sally plays all innocent, commenting that she would never do such, but at that moment Eric walks in and asks if Thorne is responsible for...." Heís holding a magazine with ads for Spectra and notes that the words "by Thorne Forrester" are twice the size as the words Spectra Couture. Now, Sally plays dumb, saying, "no way." But Clarke comes strolling in and unaware that Eric is there says, "Sally, wait til you see the new logo, the printer did just what you asked...wait til Eric Forrester geta a load of this." OOPS - busted!

Thorne tells Sally that sheís got some explaining to do. Sally tries to put the blame on the printer and when she sees that theyíre not buying that, she tells them, "ok, I made an executive decision, and I didnít ask everybody permission, but I do still own this "joint" and thus I have the authority - besides Eric gave me permission to use the Forrester name and he never made any stipulations about size." Eric stops her babbling, and says that this was exactly what he was worried about - Spectra taking advantage of them. Thorne apologizes to his father for both himself and Sally and says that he will stop the ads immediately. Eric wants to know if heís gonna stop Sally also. "Excuse me," she butts in, but Eric says this is exactly the kind of stunt she is famous for and their worst fears that the Forrester trademark would be abused appear to be coming true.

Thorne apologizes again and gives his word that this will never happen again, and Sally chirps in that she never meant to attempt to topple the "House of Forrester", only to compete. Thorne tells her that it has to be on their own merits without any dirty tricks. "Are we they are clear on that?" he asks. Clarke tells him absolutely and Sally says right, "do you want us to swear in blood?" Taking that as a yes, Thorne and Darla walk Eric out as Sally tells Clarke that they have Forrester running scared. "The numbers donít lie; we are jabbing away at the champ and thatís what brought him over her in the first place; the tide is turning; I can feel it. After all these years of struggle, this old horse is about to step into the Winnerís Circle for the very first time!"

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