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By Linda
Pictures by Boo

Itís after the big Jackie M party and we find Brooke at home, setting the mood for a romantic evening with her hubby. She is all decked out in a beautiful black and taupe negligee as she begins to light tons of candles. As she looks at a picture of her and Ridge, she thinks aloud, "Ridge will be home soon; the kids are all tucked in, and itís time for a little romance." Flashbacks dance through her head as the song "Unforgettable " plays. We are treated to scenes of memorable moments in their long, and many times rocky romance.

Outside Stephanie walks up to the door, where a note is attached, meant for Ridge, saying, "Come on in!" So Ms. Stephanie does just that! Brook is standing with her back to the door and begins talking as though it is Ridge standing there. She says, "come on in, Iíve been waiting for you; Nick will probably be bringing Bridget home late and we have the house all to ourselves." She continues, "I am just trying to figure out all the things we are gonna do with one another, beginning with a nice long massage."

Stephanie sticks the note on some statue and walks right over to Brooke, placing both hands on her neck as if beginning a massage. This totally startles Brooke, who turns around and wants to know just what her mother in law is doing there. Steph remarks, "you asked me in, there was a note on the door." "My goodness, if you carry on like this when the children are home, I hate to think what you do when you are alone." Brooke defends herself saying, "Thomas is at a friends, and Hope and RJ are asleep."

"What do you want, Stephanie?" Brooke asks. Stephanie proceeds to ask Brooke if she has spent very much time with her daughter since she has come home. "Further more, has Ridge spent any time with Bridget?" Stephanie inquires. Brooke assures her that she and Bridget had a very long talk when she first arrived, and yes, Ridge does spend time with Bridget, after all she is staying there. Brooke adds, "whatís your point?" "I am wondering how you would handle it if anything came between you and Ridge again," Stephanie rudely informs her. Brooke becomes indignant and warns Stephanie not to "go there." Stephanie points out that Bridget is not herself, but Brooke only blames it on the fact that she has been living away from her family in a foreign country.

Steph wants to know if thatís all, and Brooke adds that she and Oscar had been having some problems, but they talked about that. "Of course, too little too late," Steph comments, "you do not even know that she has broken off her engagement with Oscar." "That canít be," Brooke screeches, "she is still wearing his ring." But, Stephanie is as always, one step ahead of her, as she has already called Oscar and gotten the whole lowdown. As Brooke thinks back to the first night when Bridget arrived and the hug she shared with Ridge, she comments that Bridget is going through some tough times right now and just needs the support of her family. "Well, " Stephanie says, "she certainly needs support from you, but she does not need it from Ridge."

Brooke cannot believe that Stephanie could actually be serious, "after all, " she adds, "they may have crossed the line before, but it was only a few kisses, and that is not going to happen again." Brookes adds that Bridget was confused at that time, and Stephanie points out that she certainly is confused now also.

She tries to tell Brooke that she is "on her side" in this matter, but Brooke is not falling for that line again. Steph says "thatís fair enough, but I just want you to be aware that she may be in more trouble than you thought; she is a kind, loving, and wonderful young woman, traits she got from her father, but like her mother, she sometimes gets swept away with her emotions and her feelings when it comes to men." Brooke still isnít buying all this, as she and Ridge are now married and Bridget is a grown woman. "She respects our marriage, she is happy for us, and our relationship is stronger than ever," Brooke adds. Stephanie pretty much gives up and warns Brook to keep her eyes open as she goes to leave. "I will keep my eyes open, but I will not let you try to play on my insecurities here - we are all fine - that ugly chapter of our lives is over," Brooke defends herself. As Stephanie leaves, she shakes her head in disbelief at the entire conversation.

Over at the Jackie M party, Bridget is still wrapped in Ridgeís arms. Nick is close by. Bridget cries, "I did not mean for all this to happen; I never meant to drag you into this." Ridge understands what she is saying and apologizes for the part he had in making her so unhappy.

Bridget tries to take full responsibility for her own heartache and says, "Ridge you have everything you want - a marriage with my mother, a beautiful baby boy." Ridge tries to assure Bridget that she is a part of all that, but Bridget does not want to screw things up again. Ridge thinks that they should openly discus all their problems and Nick steps in and says, "sheís asking you to back off, Forrester."

Of course, the two brothers who do not get along, begin to argue. Finally, Nick insists that itís been a long night and he should be getting Bridget home now. But, Ridge argues that he will take her home. "That is a mistake," Nick says, "being alone with you is the last thing she needs right now."

They continue to butt heads over what Bridget needs, and Nick cannot make Ridge understand, so he suggests that she stay at her fatherís house. Bridget warms to that idea, but Ridge wonít hear of it. Nick says, "look, she needs breathing room here; she has a lot of things to sort out." Of course, Ridge will help with that. Bridget finally whispers to Nick, "itíll be ok." He tries to convince her that it will not be ok - not for her and not for Brooke either. "Brooke is just as concerned about Bridget as I am," Ridge argues. Bridget finally assures Nick that all will be fine and she agrees to go with Ridge.

They leave to go home and Nick heads back to his boat, where he receives a phone call from Stephanie. "Nick, I am sorry to bother you, but I understand you and Bridget spent the evening together; can I speak to her, please?" Nick tells her that Bridget is not there - she is with Ridge, as he hangs up the phone. Of course, Stephanie hotfoots it straight over to Nickís boat. She questions him about the party and wants to know why Bridget ended up going home with Ridge.

Nick suggests she ask her son, and Stephanie finally asks, "Nick, what is going on here?" He tells her that it is none of his business, but she persists, asking if he is aware of all that took place after Taylor died. "Yes, Brooke told me," Nick replies. Stephanie admits that she is scared of something happening again, and Nick agrees that Bridget is indeed in trouble - big trouble. He proceeds to tell Steph about the meltdown Bridget had earlier in the evening and that Ridge walked in right in the middle of the whole thing. Stephanie says, "that is the reason he took her home; she should not be living in that house as it is a bad idea for everyone involved." Nick suggests that Stephanie take a good look at her "golden boy" because if he really does love Brook then he will leave her daughter alone and keep his sappy support to himself.

Bridget and Ridge arrive home and she promptly thanks him for the ride and heads off to her room. "Wait a minute, hold up, donít you want to talk?" Ridges asks her.

She tells him that there is really nothing to talk about as she will be leaving tomorrow. Ridge continues to apologize, as Bridget begs him not to. He tries to convince her that she has so much going for her, "you are young and brilliant; you have med school and a family here that loves you very much." Bridget doesnít feel that she really has much of a life right now, but Ridge assures her that is about to change. "I should have realized that you were hurting when you left, I should have made sure you were allright, just as you have always done for me." He calls her his "princess" and says that she always will be that to him.

We see Brook lurking in the background now, as Bridget breaks down into tears and Ridge takes her in his arms. A dazed and shocked look crosses Brookeís face.....

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