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(this party has lasted three days now, wowÖtalk about a New Year's celebration!)

Jackie M beach party:

Heather watches as Deacon starts to freak a little bit. All he sees when he looks around is the drinks in everyoneís hands. Jackie approaches him and is really wound up about having such a wonderful party. Deacon tells her that he wants to get out of there. He tells her that they need to go home, start a fire and get naked. Jackie thinks that sounds wonderful and the two of them take off. Heather watches them leave.

Ridge is still dancing with Amber and watching Caitlin and Thomas talking on the patio. Amber tells Ridge that she knows that he asked her to dance as a way of apologizing to her. Ridge tells her that she is right.

She tells him that she thinks his taking a leave of absence is a good thing. Ridge says that he wants to spend more time with Thomas. Amber thinks that is a good thing. Ridge comments that it is already making a difference as he continues to watch Thomas and Caitlin talk. When the first song is over, Amber thanks Ridge for the dance and starts to take off to find Thomas. Ridge stops her and tells her that he wants another dance with her. Amber grows suspicious. One dance with her shows Thomas that he is being more open minded, but two means he is up to something. She tells him that she now knows that he is trying to keep her occupied so that she wonít be smoozeing with the Jackie M people. Ridge pretends heís busted and explains that it is just habit. Amber agrees to a second dance.

Samantha and Hector watch the two dance and figure out what he is doing when they follow Ridgeís eyes and see Thomas and Caitlin together on the patio. After the second dance, Ridge canít keep Amber busy any longer and tells her that he saw Thomas go out front sending her in the opposite direction. Samantha and Hector join Ridge and tell him that they know what he is doing. Ridge tells them that he hopes it is working as all three now watch Thomas and Caitlin.

On the patio, Caitlin tries to get away from Thomas without telling him anything. Thomas thinks he has figured it out though. He thinks that his father put her up to telling him that she is still madly in love with him and thinks she made a mistake when she dumped him for Rick. Caitlin confirms that is what Ridge wanted her to tell him. Thomas gets angry and thinks that they tried to set him up the same way that they set Amber up. He apologizes to her for his dad wanting her to lie. Caitlin quickly corrects him and tells him that he is wrong. She isnít lying. She does still love him. Thomas is shocked to hear this and doesnít really know what to say. Caitlin tells him that she was never going to tell him. She knows that he has made a commitment to Amber now and she believes it is wrong to come between any couple. She apologizes to him and tells him that she really respects his commitment to Amber.

Just then Amber comes out looking for Thomas. She drapes herself on Thomas and asks what is going on. Thomas and Caitlin exchange knowing looks.

On the beach, Nick tries to wrap his mind around the idea of Bridget being in love with Ridge. He is angry that Ridge took advantage of her. Bridget tries to explain that it wasnít like that at all. She knows that Nick is angry at Ridge for taking Brooke away from him. Nick tells her that Brooke is a grown woman and she made her choice. Bridget was a kid, and Ridge crossed a line that should never have been crossed.

Bridget again tries to explain to Nick how wonderful things were when she lived at the house and helped Ridge through Taylorís death.

Ridge comes out and hears all that she is saying. Bridget nor Nick see him. Bridget goes on to explain her feelings for Ridge and how things were for her back then. Nick listens quietly and tries to understand her feelings. Bridget wonders when she will be able to get passed it. Nick tells her that he canít answer that question for her. Bridget sees Ridge and tries to cover the conversation up. Ridge lets her know that he heard her talking and he had no idea that he is the reason she is in pain. She tries to explain that it isnít his fault, it is all her fault. Ridge goes to her and tells her that he wants to be there for her. Nick steps away to give them some privacy, but stays close enough that he can hear what is going on. Ridge apologizes to Bridget for causing her pain but tells her that he will make everything okay. She was there for him after Taylorís death and he couldnít have made it without her. He holds her close and promises that it is his turn to be there for her. Nick looks as if he doesnít know if this is the right way for Bridgetís problem or not.

Deaconís house:

Jackie and Deacon return from the party with Jackie still very excited about how wonderful the party is. She goes on and on about how perfect everything was and how happy she is. She notices that Deacon isnít sharing her excitement and wonders what is wrong. Deacon tells her that he doesnít understand what is going on with him right now. He admits that he really wanted a drink tonight for the first time since he stopped drinking. He tells her that the urge is always there, but he can deal with it. Tonight was different. It was like every drink in the club was calling his name. He doesnít know what is wrong.

Jackie suggests that maybe he needs to go to a meeting. Deacon tells her that he has already called his sponsor. He knows that people fall off the wagon all the time, but that usually happens when they have lost their jobs or something else happens that they canít deal with. His life is really good right now and he doesnít understand why this overwhelming urge hit him tonight. Jackie stands by her man and tells him that he has her now to lean on too. She promises him that the two of them will make it through this.

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