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The whole show is at the Jackie M party again:

Jackie and Heather both see Deacon staring at the champagne glasses. Jackie thinks that he is thinking about what a good idea the party was. Heather calls Massimo to tell him of the progress of their plan. Deacon tells Jackie that he is very pleased with the way the party has gone.

Amber shows no shame in trapping Thomas against a wall and making out with him. Caitlin watches uncomfortably from a table. Jimmy tells them all that there is a bonfire out on the beach and offers to get them all some smores. Samantha is the only on to take him up on his offer. Ridge joins them all at the table and tells them that Brooke had to go home because R.J. was having trouble going to sleep. He asks Hector for some advice on how to get Thomas out of Amberís grip. Hector agrees that it is hard to see someone you love with the wrong person. They all turn to look at the display that Amber and Thomas are putting on. Thomas sees Caitlin watching them as Amber asks him what he is looking at. He covers and tells her that he is only looking at her. Caitlin is even more uncomfortable and gets up to leave the table.

Ridge follows her to the bar and tells her that he saw the way she was looking at Thomas and knows that she still has feelings for Thomas. Caitlin claims that they are just friends, but Ridge doesnít buy it. He tells her that she should tell Thomas how she feels. The only reason he is with Amber is because he is on the rebound from her. Caitlin says that he Ďisí with Amber now and it isnít right to try to come between two people who love each other. The two of them watch Amber and Thomas dance for bit while Ridge continues to try to convince her to tell Thomas how she feels. Caitlin tells Ridge that she needs some fresh air and makes her exit. Ridge approaches Amber and Thomas and asks to dance with Amber. Amber is shocked but happy that Ridge is finally starting to accept her. Ridge tells Thomas that Caitlin wants to tell him something and that she is waiting on the patio for him. He then starts dancing with Amber and tells her that he wants to bury the hatchet with her because he wants Thomas to be happy.

On the patio, Thomas approaches Caitlin and asks what she wanted to talk to him about. Caitlin is confused at first but then figures out that Ridge set her up. She tries to get away from Thomas telling him that it is no big deal but Thomas stops her. He is concerned and she is his friend. He tells her that she can tell him anything.

Nick finds Bridget alone on the patio and asks her what is wrong. She tells him nothing but Nick can see that there really is something wrong. He tries guessing what it is, but doesnít get close to her real problem. She tells him to go back inside, when he starts to leave she stops him and apologizes for being rude. He tells her that he understands and he is a bit older and a bit wiser. She tells him that the whole situation is complicated, she canít even wrap her own mind around it, let alone explain it to him. He tells her that she is thinking too much. She needs to hit the off button now and then and just relax and have some fun. He tells her that he is going to be singing a song in a few minutes and hopes that she will come in to hear it. He jokes with her a bit about how bad his singing is and manages to get a bit of a chuckle out of her. He is happy to see that she can still laugh and tells her again that he hopes she will come in to hear him sing. He promises to put a smile on her face if she does. He heads back to the party as Bridget smiles after him.

Jackie takes the mic and thanks the band for all the wonderful music, she then introduces Nick and tells everyone that he has agreed to sing for them. Nick takes the stage and sings Dancing in the Moonlight for everyone.

All enjoy the song and dance along with it. Bridget does step inside the door and sings along, enjoying the moment just a little.

Heather sees Deacon without a drink and offers to get him another one. He turns it down and introduces her to the Spectra crowd.

Thorne and the group all give their praise to Deacon and Jackie for supporting them.

Nick finds Bridget back outside again and asks if she enjoyed the song. She admits that she did. He again tries to get her to open up to him and tell him what is going on with her. He admits to her that he knows that she and Oscar broke up and tells her not to blame herself. Bridget tells him that isnít what is bothering her. She is over that. She explains that she still wears the engagement ring so that she can avoid questions. Nick continues to probe and finally Bridget breaks down. She wishes she was more like her mother and stronger. She tells him that she canít get Ďhimí out of her mind. Every where she goes, he is there. Even when she goes out with her friends to have fun, he is still there. Nick is confused and asks if this Ďhimí is someone that she met in Copenhagen. Bridget grows more frustrated and explains that she came home because she thought that if she saw him again it would change everything. It hasnít changed the way she wanted it to change. Now it is worse. She canít get rid of him. Nick asks who she is talking about.

Bridget breaks down in tears and falls into Nickís arms. She tells him it is Ridge that she canít get out of her mind. Her motherís husband. Nick is speechless as he holds her and listens.

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