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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/29/04



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Todayís whole show took place at the Jackie M beach party:

Deacon calls everyone to attention again. Ridge rejoins Brooke for the announcement. Deacon toasts Jackie and thanks her for all she has done for the company and for him. All applaud. After the announcement, Ridge takes off to roam again and Brooke greets Bridget and Nick. Bridget explains that Nick nearly dragged her out the door, and didnít give her much choice but to come to the party with him. Nick takes off to get them some drinks. Brooke excuses herself to say hello to Thorne.

Ridge finds Nick at the bar and asks why he is there. Nick tells him he only came as a favor to Massimo. Ridge asks if he is still pinning away for Jackie. Nick tells him that he just thinks it is as simple as Massimo is still in love with Jackie. They both watch Jackie and Deacon and comment on how they donít like the two of them together. Nick tells him that Massimo wonít let Deacon get away with this.

Heather sneaks out to meet Massimo in the limo and gives a full report. Massimo is pleased with her and gives her another vial of the alcohol with more instructions to do this slowly. Heather returns to the party with vial in hand.

The Spectra group toast to each others success as Ridge and Eric watch on. Eric tells Ridge not to spoil this moment for his brother. Ridge harshly tells Eric that he hopes it is only a Ďmomentí and not a trend. Ridge thinks that the line between the two companies will get so blurred that their customers wonít know what they are buying. Amber talks with Thomas and Caitlin and tells them how wonderful her life is now. She has a great job and  she has Thomas.  She tells them that all she is missing is family.

Hector, Jimmy, and Samantha join the conversation and Hector thanks Thomas for his help with the outreach program. Amber is surprised to hear that Thomas was involved. She tells them all that she would have loved to see Thomas with a bunch of little kids. Thomas looks a bit embarrassed and Caitlin looks a uncomfortable. Deacon sees Bridget and tells her that she is looking good. Jackie approaches and asks if she is interrupting anything.

Bridge explains that Deacon was just telling her how happy he is now. Ridge sees the three of them and offers and escape for Bridget. The two of them go outside to get away from the party as Brooke watches on. Eric asks her if she knows what is wrong with Bridget; he noticed that she was awful quiet at the Christmas celebration. Brooke tells him that Bridget is here at the party and she is going to go check on her.

Jackie finds Nick and is very happy that he made it to the party. She asks him to sing a song for her. Nick refuses until she starts to tell him that she is in love with Deacon. He agrees to sing if she will just stop that kind of talk.

After toasting Thorne and Darla, Amber overhears Thomas talking to Caitlin. He tells her that he babysat for Brooke for the weekend and that it was a huge mistake. He loves the kids, but taking care of them is a different story. Caitlin tells him to think if that were his own kids that he had to take care of. Amber is really disappointed when she hears Thomas tell Caitlin that isnít in the picture for a long time. Jackie and Deacon are having their picture taken. Jackie tells him that she is going to put the picture on her desk so that she will always remember tonight. Deacon tells her that he feels like he has something running through his veins tonight. He feels great.

Jackie runs off to find Donatella as Deacon longingly watches the bartender pour a couple of glasses of champagne.

Outside, Bridget thanks Ridge for rescuing her. Ridge is surprised she even came. She tells him that she shouldnít have, but Nick talked her into it. Ridge thinks it is good for her to get out and have some fun.

She admits that she hasnít felt much like having fun since she ended things with Oscar. She tells him that she feels isolated. Ridge tells her what a wonderful person she is and that she is beautiful inside and out. Bridget tells him to stop. He tells  her that he canít stop caring about her. He meant everything he said. She thanks him but tells him that it isnít really good for her to hear it from him. He asks her what he can do to help. She tells him that she really needs a drink of water and doesnít really want to go back inside. He takes off to get the water for her. While he is gone, Bridget daydreams that Ridge brings the water back to her and then asks her to dance. She pulls away from the dance saying that she canít. Ridge pushes her as to why and she finally admits that she knows it is sick, but she has feelings for him. She canít stop thinking about him. Ridge is shocked when he realizes the truth in what she is saying. He tells her that she didnít do anything wrong, and that she isnít Ďsickí. She thought that if she saw Ridge and Brooke together, and how happy they were that she would be able to get over him. She admits that she canít. Ridge tells her that he still cares about her too, and starts to kiss her. Brooke interrupts her thoughts and brings her the water that she asked Ridge for. Brooke can tell that she has been crying and asks what is wrong. Bridget tells her that she will be fine and just wants to be alone. She runs behind a bush and goes to her knees. She starts to cry and wonders what is wrong with her.

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