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Marone Mansion:

Massimo finishes up his instructions with Heather. She is to only use half the vial in the first drink. Just to bring back the dependency. Heather worries that an alcoholic will be able to taste the alcohol in his drink.

Mass explains that this is a special alcohol that is completely odorless and tasteless. He tells her that he has arranged for her to work for Deacon as his assistant and wants her to start work tonight at the party. Heather agrees to everything and once she gets her instructions down pat, heads off to the party.

Nick comes by to check on his dad and isn’t happy when he finds out that Massimo is still watching Jackie so closely. He tries to tell Mass that he needs to move on. Massimo is still concerned about Jackie though. He knows what kind of man Deacon is and Jackie is headed down the wrong path. He knows that Deacon’s demons will rear their ugly heads again.

Nick reluctantly agrees to go to the party to keep an eye on things. After Nick leaves, Massimo toasts to his own success. He hopes that Deacon enjoys his party, because after tonight it will be all downhill.

Ridge and Brooke’s:

Brooke catches Bridget coming back inside from lying out by the pool. They change a bit of chit-chat about how nice the weather is in L.A. during the winter before Brooke tells Bridget that she saw her looking at Ridge earlier. Brooke tells her daughter that she knows what she was thinking. Brooke thinks that Bridget is upset with them because they are going to a party that Deacon is hosting. Bridget tells her that isn’t it at all, she is over Deacon. Brooke thinks that it still must be hard to see someone that she used to love be with someone else. Ridge enters and the two of the try to talk Bridget into going with them to the party. Ridge thinks it would do Deacon good to see that it doesn’t bother her that he is with Jackie.

Bridget tells them that she isn’t trying to avoid Deacon at all. It’s just that standing around making small talk with the entire fashion industry isn’t her cup of tea right now. Ridge tries to pull her in as a comrade, but Brooke realizes that Bridget has made her mind up. Thomas comes into the room and rushes Ridge and Brooke to get a move on. Once Bridget has convinced the two of them that she will be okay, they head off for the party with Thomas in tow.

Nick drops by with a late Christmas present for Hope and finds Bridget alone. He talks her into going to the party with him.

Beach party:

The place is filling up with beach clad party goers. Deacon notices that the Spectra crowd has arrived as Thorne and Darla approach him and Jackie to say hello. Sally and Clarke have found themselves a place at a table and made themselves at home.

Sally puts on her sunglasses and tells Clarke that everyone can just learn to indulge her eccentricities. Clarke comments that they won’t put up with it for long if their sales numbers don’t pick up. Sally assures him that they will now that they have Thorne’s name out there so prominently. Hector, Samantha, Caitlin and Jimmy enter. Eric sees them and quickly greets them all. He tells them that Stephanie won’t be there tonight as this kind of thing isn’t her cup o’soup. Darla, Thorne, Deacon and Jackie say hello to Clarke and Sally. Clarke asks Deacon if he has seen the latest numbers yet. Deacon tells him that he hasn’t, but he will be sure to let them know as soon as he does. Deacon pulls Jackie aside for a minute to tell her how wonderful she is. Eric greets the Spectra crowd and congratulates them on doing so well with their first numbers. He tells them that the second group of numbers will be coming out anytime now and wishes them luck. Clarke asks if he really means it and Eric tells him that he does. Nothing wrong with some good healthy competition, as long as it stays clean. Caitlin tells her mother that she is surprised that they were able to talk Hector into coming to the party. Hector comments that he at least doesn’t have to wear a tie. Samantha teases that he doesn’t have to wear his shirt either if he doesn’t want to and snuggles up to him. Caitlin complains about emotional scarring from her parents actions. Amber joins them and agrees that emotional scarring like that might never go away.

Jimmy is happy to see Amber and compliments her on her new blonde hair. Hector asks Caitlin and Amber to join them at the buffet, but Caitlin tells them that she should ‘network’ first. When she rushes off, Samantha beams that her daughter just got her promotion and already is ‘networking’. Amber is shocked to hear this and remarks that congratulations are in order then. Jackie approaches Deacon and asks if he has seen Nick. When Jackie reports that Nick said he would ‘think about’ coming, Deacon tells her that is pretty much a no. Jackie says she isn’t giving up on Nick just yet. Heather comes in and introduces herself to Deacon, telling him that she is his new assistant. Deacon looks very pleased at the news.  Deacon and Jackie are both pleased to meet her. Deacon tells her that tonight is all about fun, so she should grab some food and drinks and relax. She offers to get the two of them something to drink. Jackie doesn’t want anything, but Deacon thinks that a virgin pina colada will be good. Heather takes off to get the drinks. Jackie and Deacon stop to chat with Hector, Samantha, and Jimmy. Heather brings Deacon his drink.

Jimmy thinks the drink looks good so Deacon offers him his drink explaining that it is a virgin drink. Heather panics a little seeing the drink being handed to Jimmy and manages to make it look like an accident that she knocked it out of Deacon’s hand. She apologizes and offers to get them both another drink. Ridge and Brooke arrive just in time to hear Deacon call everyone to attention. Deacon and Jackie are both on stage and Deacon thanks everyone for coming out tonight. He knows that a beach party is a bit unconventional, but he wanted to thank the people that make Jackie M stand out. As he is thanking everyone, he is handed the list of the new sales figures. All he can say is ‘wow’. Everyone waits with baited breath to hear what the new numbers show. Deacon proudly announces that in the first quarter since the boutiques became Jackie M the sales have increased more than they had in the 30 years previous. A huge round of applause goes out. Deacon tells all that Forrester has pulled the same strong numbers they are known for and thanks them.

The real congrats go to Spectra though, they have shown a 23% increase in one week. Everyone is astonished. Huge rounds of applause from all. Jackie tells them it is a unprecedented increase and they are indeed due the congrats. The whole Spectra group go wild in congratulating each other. Thorne is beaming with pride. Eric and Ridge watch on somberly. Eric tells Ridge that it didn’t hurt their sales. Ridge comments that maybe their sales would have been larger. Thorne calls attention again, and makes his big announcement. He lets everyone know what a wonderful woman he thinks Jackie is and makes it clear that they are a couple now. Heather hands them both drinks.

As Deacon and Jackie toast each other and start to drink, Heather calls and announces to a pleased Massimo that her mission has been accomplished. Massimo tells her that he will be there in the limo shortly. Brooke sees Ridge and Thorne staring at each other and reminds him that he is there for fun, not work. As they are flirting a bit with each other, Bridget and Nick walk in. Bridget’s eyes immediately go to Brooke and Ridge. Nick thinks that she is watching Deacon and Jackie flirting around and tells her that it must be hard for her to watch. She tells him that she has learned to deal with it and has moved on. She continues to watch Ridge longingly as he walks away from Brooke and joins a small group for chit-chat. Brooke sees Nick and Bridget and at first is happy to see them. Then sees the look on Bridget’s face and follows her daughters eyes to see who she is looking at.

A look of realization comes across Brookes face as she realizes that Bridget is looking at Ridge.

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