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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/27/04



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Ridge & Brookeís:

Ridge and Brooke sit on the couch talking about how quiet it is. They are both happy that Bridget is there. Brooke mentions that she is sure that Oscar must be missing Bridget though. She knows that Bridget is going through something right now. Ridge tells her that Bridget has all the support she needs.

Bridget walks in unnoticed by Ridge and Brooke. The two of them talk about how happy they are. When they start to kiss, Brooke suggests that they have a little time before going to the party at Jackie Mís. She tells him that she will run upstairs and wait for him. When she goes to leave, she realizes Bridget is there. Bridget explains that she didnít want to interrupt. Brooke makes a quick exit and tells Ridge that she will meet him upstairs. Concerned, she glances back at her daughter and her husband as she heads upstairs. Bridget tries to make a quick exit also, but Ridge tells her that he has a question for her. She is interested and sits down for the question. Ridge asks her if she has told her mother about breaking her engagement to Oscar. Bridget realizes that she has put Ridge in a bad spot by confiding in him and not her mother. Ridge isnít worried about that at all. He wonders if she will tell Brooke before she goes back to Copenhagen. Bridget wonders if he is trying to get rid of her. Ridge explains that he would rather her stay there with them for a very long time.

The two of them reminisce about when Bridget lived there with him and the kids after Taylor died. She would take care of the kids for him while he worked, and then once the kids were in bed they would stay up all night talking. Ridge knows that everyone else thought their relationship was strange, but Bridget knows everyone else just didnít understand. Bridget gets a bit uncomfortable and wonders why Ridge is bringing all this up now. Ridge tells her that she helped him through a very rough time. He doesnít think that he could have made it through Taylorís death if it hadnít been for her. He tells her that he will always hold a very special place in his heart for her. He knows she is going through something right now, and he wants to be there for her like she was there for him. Bridget looks as if she really wants to talk to Ridge, but canít just yet. Brooke comes bounding back into the room in her nightgown asking what is taking Ridge so long. Bridget apologizes and says it was her fault and quickly leaves. Brooke asks Ridge if Bridget was talking to him about Oscar. Ridge tells his wife that her daughter is definitely having some kind of problems. He had hoped that she would open up to him a bit more, but she didnít. He explains to Brooke the same thing he told Bridget, that he wants to be there for her like she was there for him.

Deaconís house:

Jackie wakes up and tells Deacon how nice it is for her to be with someone that makes her feel so good. She tells him that she still cares about Massimo, and will always remember the good times that they had. She would have stayed with him till the end too, if he hadnít thrown her out. Even so, she is happy with the way her life has turned out, and she owes it all to Deacon. She tries to make love to him again to show her appreciation, but Deacon stops her. He reminds her that they have the big Jackie M party to throw. She thought that he took care of everything and all they have to do is to show up. He tells her that he did, but he wants to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect. He tells her that he is throwing this bash for her. He wants the world to see the woman that he knows and loves. He is so proud of her. He tells her also that he is a different man because of her. He tells her: ďGod help anyone who ever tries to mess with what we have.Ē

Marone Mansion:

Mass stares at Jackieís picture and talks about how lost she is. Thomas comes in tells Massimo that he has a new yearís resolution. He is going to spend more time with Mass now. Having Mass and Nick there for Christmas made him realize how much family means to him. Thomas thanks him for coming to the Christmas dinner, even though he knows it was hard on him. Thomas tells his Mojo not to give up on Jackie, then asks Massimo not to tell his father that he said that.

Massimo laughs a bit, and tells him that Ridge is very happy to see Jackie out of his fatherís life. He asks how much Thomas knows about the situation. Thomas tells him that he knows that Jackie is hung up on Deacon, but doesnít think that means much. He knows what kind of person Deacon is, and he is a total loser. Thomas asks if Jackie knows about all the things Deacon has pulled. Massimo confirms that she does. Thomas tells him that he guesses that Jackie is the kind of person that is just going to have to see for herself. Massimo tell him that he thinks that is exactly what needs to happen.

Later, Massimo has called Heather to his home. He tells her that he is pleased with the work she has done in Angola. He has another job for her to do, right here in L.A. He fills her in on the situation with Jackie and Deacon and tells her what kind of a man Deacon is. He gives her a pretty good size vial of clear liquid. He tells her that it is alcohol and is tasteless and odorless. He wants Heather to get that into one of Deaconís drinks. Since Deacon is such an alcoholic, he thinks that is all it will take to push Deacon off the wagon. Heather agrees to the task.

Jackie M:

Jackie is pleased to see how Deacon has decorated the place. It looks very Ďbeachyí and open. Deacon tells her that he did it on purpose. He wants all the big wigs from the fashion world that he is flying in from Paris and New York to feel the balminess of L.A. He also wants them to see that Jackie M isnít ran by a bunch of stuffy Ďsuitsí. He wants them to see the beautiful, classy lady that he knows. He promises to keep her secret that she has a bit of a bawdy streak in her. He also tells her to be prepared because he plans on making the announcement of a lifetime tonight. Deacon sidesteps to instruct the bartender to make sure to let everyone know that they can either have alcoholic drinks, or non-alcoholic drinks. He also makes it clear that he drinks are to be alcohol free. Jackie comments to Susan and Jeff that they did a wonderful job with the gift bags. She commends them for working so hard over the holiday.

They both tell her that they were glad to do it, after the generous Christmas bonus they received from Deacon. Deacon joins the conversation and drops in that the bonuses came out of his share of the profits. When Susan refers to Jackie as Mrs. Marone, Jackie tells her to just call her Jackie. After the two workers head off to take care of some more details, Deacon tells Jackie that he noticed her attempt to separate herself from the name Marone. Jackie agrees that is what she was doing. She wants to move on. Deacon is happy to hear this and confides in her that the Ďannouncement of a lifetimeí that he plans on making tonight is that the two of them are together. He explains that people will want to know where things stand with her and Massimo, and since Massimo seems to be doing okay with it, everyone else should too.

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