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Not a whole lot happened today. It was a beautiful Christmas episode.

Thorne & Darla’s:

Thorne, Darla, Clarke and Sally are anxiously awaiting Amber’s arrival. Sally thinks it is a great thing that Thorne is doing, allowing Ridge to spend Christmas alone with Eric and Stephanie. Thorne thinks it would have been a sad Christmas if they all spent it together, as they would have been talking about Spectra’s sales reports. Sally reminds them that this isn’t a ‘company party’ and that they all agreed not to talk shop. When there is a knock at the door, they all think it is Amber. Thorne is shocked to see Ridge there.

Ridge asks him why he isn’t at Eric and Stephanie’s. Thorne and Ridge figure out the misunderstanding and realize that their parents are alone for the holiday. Darla, Sally and Clark think that Ridge is there to cause trouble, and are surprised when Thorne announces that there has been a change of plans.

Eric & Stephanie’s:

Stephanie returns from the kitchen and sadly informs Eric that the turkey is doing great, it’s just about 20 pounds too big for the two of them. Eric decides to try to cheer her up and tells her that they need to do this thing up right. He starts to look for the Christmas CD’s, but Stephanie tells him she would rather he play the piano and sing for her.

It’s the reason she had the piano tuned. Eric starts to sing Silent Night, but sees that Stephanie’s mood isn’t improving any. He apologizes for not doing a very good job of cheering her up. She tells him that she needs to stop being so wrapped up in self pity and again tells him that she understands the boys wanting to start their own traditions. There is a knock at the door and Stephanie is shocked to see first Hope and then Thomas bringing in gifts.

She is even more shocked when one by one, all that were at Ridge’s start filing through the door. They are both happy to see Bridget also. Bridget tells them that there are more to come as Massimo and Nick enter also. Eric can’t believe Bridget is really there. Eric asks Thomas what he did to cause all of this. Thomas tells him that it wasn’t him.

Thomas and Amber sneak away for a little kiss. Thomas tells her how proud he is of her for finding a way for them to spend Christmas together. Stephanie is even more surprised to see Darla and the baby come in. Darla tells her that Clark and Sally are out in the car wrapping a present. After everyone gets in the house, they all help in setting up tables and putting out all the food they have brought with them, along with what Stephanie had prepared.

Eric lights the Christmas tree lights and everyone oohhs and ahhs over how beautiful it is. Steph takes a glass of eggnog to Sally and asks her if Thorne came with them. Sally reports that Thorne came with someone else. Just then, Stephanie looks up to see both her sons arrive at the same time.

She rushes to welcome them to her home. They tell her that they couldn’t let her spend Christmas alone. Eric tells them that they thought the two of them didn’t want to see each other. Ridge and Thorne both tell their parents that they couldn’t stand the thought of their parents being sad and alone on Christmas. Eric asks them what changed their minds. Ridge tells them that Amber did. She called and told him what was going on. Ridge thanks Amber. Stephanie tells her that she will some day understand what an incredible gift Amber has just given to her. Amber reminds her that she told Stephanie that she would bring this family together. Stephanie remembers and is very thankful to Amber. All go about the business of opening presents and drinking eggnog. Eric tells his sons how proud he is of them both.

Stephanie asks Bridget about Oscar. Bridget tells her that he couldn’t get away from work. Steph offers to talk to Massimo about it, but Bridget says that Ozzy wouldn’t want any special treatment just because he is the boss’ nephew. When Bridget makes a quick exit from the conversation, Stephanie looks concerned that there is something wrong. After everyone has their tummy’s full, they all sit down for a little more chit-chatting. Massimo and Sally talk about miracles. Sally thinks Mass is a walking – talking miracle. Mass tells her that all miracles come after a lot of hard work.

Hector, Samantha, Caitlin and Jimmy arrive to help celebrate the holiday. They report to everyone what a great success the toy drive was.

Nick pulls out his guitar and treats them all to a song.  Brooke and Darla watch from the balcony and comment on how they hope this cheer stays with the family for a long time. When Nick is done playing, everyone calls for an encore, but he tells them the band is retiring. Ridge and Thorne tease Eric about how much rum is in the eggnog. Eric tells them that is the way ‘their mother’ likes it.

Stephanie calls everyone attention so that she can give a little speech. She thanks everyone for coming there. She knows that there has been a lot going on over the last year and she knows what it took for all of them to be together tonight. She is very appreciative. She reminds them all to validate everyone in their lives while they can. She welcomes everyone in the room as part of her family, even if they are not related by blood. She also reminds them to keep those less fortunate than themselves in their prayers and then wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas. All applaud her speech as Ridge and Thorne hug their mother and tell her how much they love her.

Stephanie tells them all that her and Eric have a song to finish. (I think Jackie and Deacon are the only ones not there.) Everyone gathers around the piano and sings Christmas songs.

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