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Ridge & Brooke’s place:

Ridge and Brooke are adding last minute decorations to the tree with Hope and R.J. Brooke has R.J.’s first Christmas portrait ornament to hang.

The two of them talk about how lucky they are and promise each other to never forget that. They sit on the couch and help R.J. and Hope go through their presents. Steffy and Phoebe come in with the plate of cookies that they decorated after Bridget made them.

Bridget calls Hope to the tree so she can show Bridget what all she got for Christmas. Brooke notices that Ridge is a bit distracted and asks if he is rethinking not spending Christmas with his parents. He tells her that he was actually thinking about Massimo. When he asks if she minds if they invite Massimo over for Christmas day, she asks him what he is waiting on.

Marone Mansion:

Nick comes in with presents and tells his father Merry Christmas. They both bah-humbug around and try to convince each other that they are happier here by themselves. It is much better than having screaming kids climbing all over them and trying to show them their gifts.

They are so happy with their quiet little day that when Brooke and Ridge come in to ask them to join them, they both jump at the chance to go.

Stephanie and Eric’s:

Eric asks Stephanie if he should turn on the lights for the tree. She tells him to do it later. Eric thinks they should call the boys, but Stephanie doesn’t think so. Eric tells her that Ridge thinks Thorne is there with them, and Thorne thinks Ridge is there. Neither of them would be happy if they knew their parents were alone. Steph tells him that they are not alone. They have all the memories of all the wonderful Christmases that have been spent there. She again tells him that she understands her sons wanting to start making their own traditions and memories. She thinks they should drop by the toy drive and when they get back home she will add some rum to the eggnog for him. They can sing Christmas songs and will not fight over the drumsticks. Eric agrees with her and again promises her that they are still going to have a wonderful holiday.

Community center:

Hector, Samantha, and Caitlin are helping with the toy drive.

Caitlin is surprised to see Thomas show up in a Santa hat with a bunch of toys. All are passing out toys to the children and serving up some food. Hector helps put some bikes together for the kids and plays a game of foosball with some of them. Eric and Stephanie come in with a bag of toys to donate also. Eric talks with Samantha for a little bit and asks if things have gotten better for her. Samantha tells him that she is starting to understand why Hector likes living in this neighborhood. She likes how they have all pulled together and donated money and time to give some of the under privileged kids a better Christmas. She watches Hector play with some of the children and her heart swells with pride. She goes into the kitchen to start cleaning up a bit and Hector joins her. They both talk of their happiness and what a wonderful Christmas it is.

Eric and Stephanie’s:

They return from the toy drive and Stephanie starts to run off to check on the turkey when Eric stops her. He again offers to call Ridge and Thorne. Stephanie holds her ground though. They sit in the living room. Amber sadly listens in as Eric tells Stephanie that he understands and he is so sorry that they couldn’t have all the kids together like she wanted. Amber decides to take matters into her own hands and calls Ridge.

Ridge and Brooke’s house:

Steffy, Bridget, and Phoebe are all excited to see Mojo and Nick come back with their parents.

Massimo sits on the couch as Brooke and Ridge hand R.J. to him. This is the first time that Massimo has met his youngest grandson. Thomas comes home from the toy drive and is also happy to see ‘Mojo’ there. He reports that he had a wonderful time helping out at the toy drive. He thinks about making it a yearly thing.

The twins join Massimo on the couch and he admits to them that he got up that morning feeling very sorry for himself. Now that he is here and surrounded by those that he loves, he tells them that he is the happiest he has ever been in his life. The phone rings and Ridge goes to answer it. He isn’t too happy to hear that it Amber on the other end of the line. Amber tells him that his parents are all alone. Ridge is shocked that Thorne isn’t there. Amber explains that Thorne wanted to give him and Eric a chance to start to heal and stayed home. She tells him that Thorne is throwing a party at his house for all the Spectra people. That is where she is heading now. When Ridge hangs up, Brooke can tell that something is bothering him and asks what is wrong.

Ridge tells her that they are about to take this show on the road.

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