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Spectra Couture:

A bubbly Darla enters Sallyís office to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. When she is greeted by Sally, Clarke and Thorne with bah-humbugs she is concerned about their mood. Thorne explains that the new sales report isnít exactly what they expected and shows her the report. Sally doesnít understand how they were doing so well, and then they just dropped. Darla explains that it is because they all just stopped doing anything while they were waiting for the go ahead to use Thorneís name on the logo. Thorne agrees, and tells them all that they need to get their name back out there in the publicís eye.

Sally offers to take on that project after reminding everyone that she has a tendency to do things in a broad way.

A little later, Clarke comes in with the new press release and tells Sally that she has some explaining to do. He points out the difference in the logo now. Thorneís name is bigger than Spectra Couture and is in the same font that Forrester uses. Sally pretends that she didnít notice. Clarke knows what she is up to and thinks she is a genius. Sally pats herself on the back and tells him that they are holding the crown jewels now. She has a tiara and puts it around her neck. She tells him that they are going to de-thrown king Eric and Queen Stephanie and it will all be theirs. Clarke shares in her dreams.

Darla enters Thorneís office and asks him if he is still upset by the sales report. He tells her that he knows they are headed in the right direction. Darla is sure that Ridge is bragging about the sales report to everyone. Thorne tells her that Ridge has a lot on his plate right now. He knows that this blow-up between Ridge and Eric has really taken itís toll on Ridge.

Darla comments that it will be a very interesting Christmas. This prompts Thorne to call and cancel Christmas plans with his parents. Amber takes the call and promises to tell Stephanie and Eric. Darla is proud of Thorne for making such a sacrifice. She knows that he enjoys Christmas time with his parents. Thorne thinks that Ridge and Eric need this time together so they can start to heal.

Eric & Stephanieís:

In the front room, Stephanie has hired someone to tune their piano. As the man gets to work, Eric takes a taste of the eggnog and complains that it doesnít have enough nutmeg in it. Stephanie teases that what he really means is that there isnít enough rum. She tells him that she doesnít want to hear any complaints this year about the dressing as she used his motherís recipe. Stephanie shows Eric some ornaments that she found, she thought they had gotten broken long ago. They are picture ornaments of Thorne and Ridge when they were little. Eric remembers that the picture of Ridge was taken the year he decided he didn't believe in Santa anymore.

Stephanie remembers that it was the same year that Eric decided to dress like Santa and fell off the roof. She claims that it was because there was too much rum in the eggnog. The two of them talk about how wonderful Christmas will be this year with the whole family together. Bridget being home, and both of their brand new grandbabies all in their home. Ridge arrives with R.J. explaining that he knows Eric wanted to talk business but Brooke took the other kids out for some last minute shopping. Eric offers for R.J. to set in with them during their talk, but Stephanie is more than happy to spend some time with her grandson. She shows R.J. the tree and the ornaments while Eric and Ridge take off for the study. Stephanie gets R.J. settled down in his carrier for a nap. Amber comes in and asks if Ridge is there. Steph confirms that he is in the study with Eric. Amber starts to take off, but Stephanie tells her to come and take a look at R.J. Amber is thrilled to see the adorable little R.J. and jumps at the chance when Stephanie offers to let her hold him.

She cuddles the little guy close to her and tells him that he smells better than heaven. She then tells Stephanie that she knows what Stephanie is up to. She knows that Stephanie is trying to make her realize that she is ready to be a mother and Thomas isnít. She tells Stephanie that she can definitely wait to be a mother. Stephanie doesnít believe it. Amber explains that she can wait until Thomas is ready because she loves him. She admits that she thinks about it all the time, she is aware that she will be an older mother and not have the energy she would be now. She is willing to wait though.

Stephanie tries to convince her that she shouldnít have to wait. She should be looking for a mature man that is willing to commit now.

In the study, Eric shows Ridge the latest sales figures and points out that their sales havenít gone down at all as a result of them letting Thorne use his name. In fact they have gone up. Ridge asks if Eric called him over there just to say ĎI told you so.í Eric admits that he did, but he also called him because he wants Ridge to come back to Forrester. Ridge doesnít understand why Eric wants him back if their sales are doing just fine without him. He tells Eric that it could be just because of the Christmas season that their sales are up. Eric admits that might be true, but it also could be because their customers have now seen both Forrester and Spectra fashions and have concluded on their on that Forrester is the better product.

Ridge hopes that is true for Ericís sake. Eric tells him that he needs Ridgeís designs. Ridge thinks that Eric can do fine on his own. Eric tells him that he can keep Forrester competitive by himself, but when the two of them work as a team they are unbeatable. Ridge thinks about it for a little bit. He sits down and picks up a press release from Spectra. He is enraged again when he sees the new logo. He canít believe that Eric isnít upset about this. Eric points out that Thorne is their biggest selling point, Spectra is just doing what they have to do. He again pleads with Ridge to come back to work. Ridge tells him that he would do anything for him, but the reasons he took the leave of absence havenít changed. He still has family things going on that he needs to take care of. Eric finally accepts that Ridge isnít coming back just yet and tells him that the offer will always be there. Ridge tells him that he just might take him up on it. He thinks that Spectra has fired the first shot now, and he expects a lot more where that came from.

Ridge and Eric rejoin Amber and Stephanie in the front room. Stephanie tells Ridge that Amber was just saying how beautiful R.J. is. Ridge asks Amber if she is going to make a play for R.J. now too. Amber leaves the room. Ridge asks Stephanie why she still allows Amber to live there. Steph tells her son they arenít going to get into it right now. She reminds him to bring the swing for the baby tomorrow.

Eric and Stephanie are both shocked to hear that Ridge and Brooke have decided to have their own Christmas celebration at home. He tells them that they are welcome to drop by, but he thinks it is best all the way around this way. This will give them a chance to spend time with Thorne and not have to worry about the tension between their two sons.

He takes R.J. and heads home after wishing them a Merry Christmas.

Back in the study, Amber answers the phone to find Thorne on the other end. He tells her that he wants her to explain to his parents that he and Darla are going to have Christmas at home. They are going to throw a little Christmas celebration of their own for everyone at Spectra at their house. Amber knows that Stephanie and Eric arenít going to be happy, but offers to deliver the message.

Amber joins Eric and Stephanie again in the front room and gives them both the message. She tells them that she is sorry, she knows they were looking forward to a full house. After she leaves, Eric offers to call both the boys and straighten this thing out. Stephanie stops him and tells him that she understands. Ridge and Thorne are both grown men now with their own families. She knows that they want to start traditions of their own.

Eric can tell that Steph is hurt and just trying to put up a good front. He promises her that this will still be a wonderful Christmas. Steph smiles bravely and tells him that she is sure they will. She will even add a little extra rum in the eggnog for him.

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