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By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

So Nick is waiting around for Jackie to show up for their date at Café Russe. Suddenly Paige calls and says she is in the lobby of Café Russe and that Deacon is parking the car.

She repeatedly asks Nick if he wants to do this or not. Nick doesn’t want his mother to be hurt, but she needs to see Deacon for who he really is. Except for being a temptress, Paige seems like an okay gal. Deacon and Paige make it upstairs and are seated as Nick watches.

Just then, Jackie shows up. She wants to put all the tension behind them. After they are seated, Jackie inquires about Nick’s love life. He says it doesn’t exist which Jackie feels is the problem. He wouldn’t meddle so much in her life if he did. They get into another row about Deacon. All Jackie asks for is a chance.

Deacon orders drinks for he and Paige. Paige just wants what he wants and when he gets sparkling water, she is surprised. How come no one ever just gets water? Deacon explains his sobriety, which Paige thinks is awesome. Paige explains that she hasn’t dated much since Dennis died because no one has really interested her.

Deacon asks Paige what she would do if he knew a guy that could make her very very happy. Right on cue, Paige picks up Deacons hand and wants to know more. Deacon backpedals and says there has been a misunderstanding. Across the room, having had enough Deacon talk for one night, Nick grabs his mom and yanks her over to Deacon’s table. Everyone seems really surprised!

Deacon tells Nick this isn’t what it looks like. Even Paige says that. Jackie chimes in that both she and Deacon brought Paige to meet Nick. Get it? That’s why she was inquiring about Nick’s love life. Nick seems confused then upset. However, Jackie gets upset when she learns that Nick and Paige were trying to set Deacon up! She grabs Deacon and heads home telling the other two they can have dinner on them. Nick and Paige both order double whiskey’s after they leave. That’s the spirit! They toast to Deacon being his new stepfather.

At Ridge’s pad, Brooke hangs up Bridget’s stocking. Ridge gets home and explains he already mailed all of Bridget’s presents. D’oh! He’s overjoyed to hear that she has returned and is staying with them. Brooke discusses the Bridget’s “problems” with Ridge. Ridge thinks it could stem from being so far away, but Brooke thinks that might have actually helped her to really figure out what her feelings are without the family drama. But she may have come home to get space from Oscar.

Ridge doesn’t get that since they seemed so in love before, but says they will all help her. Brooke says that Bridget is convinced she could never have a normal relationship with a guy because of Deacon…and Brooke. Brooke says that Bridget says she is over that, but Brooke thinks she has internalized her pain. Ridge says that there is no quick fix for this and they just have to help Bridget through it as best as they can. He vows to have the whole family help Bridget through this. Speaking of the kids, the “little ones” are asleep so Brooke suggests a romp. She runs up to have a warm bath. Right after she leaves, Bridget strolls in and greets Ridge. Oh lord, Ridge is already calling her kiddo. He hugs her and welcomes her home. She seems more at peace in Ridge’s arms. Look out!

So now it’s Bridget and Ridge’s turn to talk about her problems. I’m gonna skip all the same stuff that she talked about with Brooke and get to the interesting stuff. Ridge blames himself for Bridget’s confusion considering their “odd” relationship. Bridget took care of them after Taylor died and probably should have been out with her friends instead. Bridget denies she wanted to do that, but Ridge feels like he relied on her too much. He never comes out and says they had a romantic encounter, but c’mon we all remember. Then the big news comes out. Bridget broke up the engagement to Oscar!

Bridget doesn’t want anyone to know at this point, but she plans on telling Brooke after the holidays. Ridge tries to give Bridget some advice on love. You can’t plan on when it will happen you just have to take the plunge into a relationship. After Caroline died, Ridge didn’t think he could love anyone again, but then he found Taylor. And although she died young as well, he wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything, especially his kids. So any good things you can get out of a relationship far outweigh what you could potentially lose when the relationship is over. I think that’s a good attitude. The two embrace…just as Brooke came down for her bath. She eyes them suspiciously. Meow!

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