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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/20/04



By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

Christmas week!

So Bridget is having some problems, and Brooke presses her for answers. Bridget’s pretty upset whatever it is. Bridget is reluctant about explaining her problems. It isn’t about school. Brooke wonders if it is about Ozzy. Bridget says it isn’t his fault. She’s the problem apparently. Bridget explains she can’t feel love for a man and she doesn’t know how to fix it. Whoa, back up. She seemed pretty in love back last January. Anyway Bridget tried to be happy with Ozzy in Copenhagen, but she realized it wasn’t going to work. She wants to experience love and intimacy, but she can’t for some reason.

She can’t even relate to her friends at school. She doesn’t belong anywhere and doesn’t know what to do. Brooke thinks this has to do with her past relationships with men and her relationship with her (Brooke). Brooke knows all the apologies in the world couldn’t fix that hurt and she wonders why she didn’t see this sooner. Brooke has always been so caught up in her own life and her own drama that she didn’t take care of her daughter. Bridget explains that she is afraid of getting hurt and that what is stopping her from progressing in her relationship. Brooke then goes into a tender moment by showing her an ornament that Bridget made back when she was 6. Bridget made the ornament and cried that it wasn’t good enough back then. Brooke helped her back then and the result was a beautiful ornament. Brooke promises that they’ll solve the problem together once again.

Nick paces around his office waiting for Paige to call back. Suddenly, Hector drops by and introduces himself in uniform. Apparently, Nick donated a lot of money to the fireman’s charity thing. Hector thanks him and offers his sympathy for Massimo’s condition. Anyway the two talk and Nick finds out the Sam is Hector’s fiancée. Hector invites Nick to stop by the firehouse one day to hang out. Okay, what is the point of this?

Over at Jackie M.’s, Deacon continues to try to zip up Paige’s try on dress. He’s obviously enjoying himself a lot and what man wouldn’t. Paige was looking smokin’ in that dress. Paige apologizes for holding him up especially considering the holidays. When Paige inquires about his marital status, Deacon says he is single, but mentions NOTHING about Jackie! So both Paige and Deacon are big ol’ whores in my book. Anyway Deacon gets it up…and I mean his zipper for all you pervs out there. Paige explains that her husband died recently and that it is still hard for her. His name was Dennis. Anyway, after Dennis died, Paige hopped on her yacht and sailed around. Ahh, the poor thing. When I get upset I just take a bath, but that’s just me I guess! Then, Deacon invites Paige out to dinner even though he says he has plans! What a bitch!

Over at Deacon’s house, Stephanie and Jackie continue their heated talk. Jackie says that Massimo wants nothing to do with her and fails to understand why Stephanie felt it necessary to threaten Jackie into staying away from Mass. Stephanie says that she now knows what kind of a woman Jackie is and as soon as Deacon is done with her, she’ll want to go back to Mass. Jackie doesn’t think that will happen and marches into the kitchen, but Stephanie continues and describes all of Deacon’s past relationships where he was a user, including Amber and Bridget and talks about how he cheated on Bridget with her own mother! Jackie gets some ice cream and angrily eats it as she listens to Stephanie. Jackie says Deacon has changed and the two continue to give it to each other back and forth. Jackie kicks out Stephanie and warns her to be nice to her since Jackie M. buys a lot of Forrester clothing. Stephanie scoffs at the notion and says they need them more than the other way around. Still she can’t figure out why Massimo left Jackie the business. But then she realized why Jackie kept it: to hold’s Deacon’s interest. Jackie scowls after Stephanie leaves.

So as Jackie is about to call Deacon, he strolls in the door and they kiss. He gets out of his quiet evening with Jackie by telling her to call Nick and invite him to dinner. Oh boy!

So then Paige heads over to Nick’s office and explained what happened. Deacon was a gentleman but did ask her to dinner. But before she can explain the plans for the evening, Jackie calls Nick and asks him to dinner at Café Russe at 7. Apparently, Deacon made reservations for Paige and himself at Café Russe at 7 as well. Nick thinks that okay though cause then Jackie will realize what a scumbag Deacon is.

I’m a little confused about the time of day here. Jackie M’s has been closed for a while now, but it’s light outside and doesn’t appear to be close to sunset. What does the sun set at 8PM in the winter in LA?

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