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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/16/04



By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

At Forrester Creations, Caitlin and Thomas nervously enter Eric’s office. Caitlin thinks Eric was a little too serious on the phone and wonders if because Ridge has left the company, even temporarily, her line is next to go. Thomas doesn’t think that will happen, but isn’t sure what this is all about. Eric joins the young teens and seriously says that he doesn’t have time to be their mentor anymore. Caitlin is ready to be fired, but is overjoyed to hear that she is being thrown right into the designing arena as Forrester Creations new junior designer. Thomas wonders what is in store for him. Eric makes sure that he still wants to work there, even after what has happened between him and his father. Thomas wants to do that and is given some of Thorne’s old responsibilities. Thomas still doesn’t see what the big deal is with Spectra using Forrester’s name. Eric doesn’t think there will be any problems with it either. Anyway, Eric knows that he can’t expect them to put more time into the company, since they are both in school, however if they work harder while they are there, they can accomplish the task at hand.

After Eric leaves, Caitlin and Thomas share their joy in the opportunity. The two don’t really talk about anything specific except maturity levels and how much they have changed lately. Caitlin warns Thomas not to get too caught up in fantasy (I guess she mean’s his relationship with Amber) like she did. In a weird design metaphor thing she basically says her relationship with Rick didn’t fit, but then hints her relationship with Thomas has always worked. The two gaze at each other for a second. Uh-oh!

However, trouble is brewing over at Spectra. Clarke likes the new logo (which we haven’t seen), but knows Thorne might have a problem with it. Just then, Thorne, Darla, and Amber enter.

We are all shown the new logo and basically what has happened is that the “By Thorne Forrester” part is much bigger than it was and is now in the same font type as the Forrester Creations logo. At first Thorne protests because he doesn’t want to make his father angry at giving him permission to use the name, but seems to avoid an argument because he has a meeting. Darla and Amber head out to lunch leaving Sally and Clarke alone, again. Sally wants to lock the door and sneak out the back to Jackie M. to do some heavy promoting with their new logo. Oh boy!

On a small note, Darla mentions to her babysitter (Erin) that she is taking out Alexandria to see Santa this afternoon. Yay! A mention of Christmas!

As Darla and Amber get ready to head off to lunch, Amber laments that she hasn’t seen much of Thomas lately because of their hectic schedules. She also says that their families don’t understand their relationship, even now. Amber is hopeful that things will turn around very soon. Wanna bet?

At Jackie M., Deacon is still a little uneasy about being VP, but Jackie insists this is the right thing to do. Business wise, Deacon has good sense, she trusts him, and maybe this will help prove his true character to Nick. Deacon relents and promises to do a very good job. Jackie says he was born for this position. Born to be a VP? That’s kind of an insult isn’t it?

Over at Marone industries, Nick eyes the press release naming Deacon VP of Jackie M. The head shot for Deacon is one I saw on the internet where I thought Sean Kanan had been in the sun way too much and hadn’t gotten much sleep. Not his best picture. Anyhoo, Nick vows to make Jackie see Deacon for who he really is. With perfect timing, Andrea, Nick’s secretary, shows Paige in. Apparently they haven’t seen each other in a long time. Opening update: today they did a fade out to the theme (almost like a commercial break, but not quite as slow), instead of hopping right into the opening theme.

We find out that Paige had been living in Singapore, where her husband (a rich boy) passed away recently. Nick must have still be sailing around when it happened because they lost touch. So anyway, Nick explains how his mother is having an affair with Deacon and how it triggered the stroke. Paige is horrified. She agrees to do whatever she can to help the situation. Nick wants her to put the moves on Deacon to basically show Jackie that Deacon cannot be trusted. Paige agrees to help, but hates to do this to Jackie. Nick thinks she will doing it for Jackie. The two head over to Jackie M.

So Deacon heads out on the floor to talk to Sally and Clarke who have entered. Clarke leaves to show Jackie the new Spectra logo.

Sally asks if their better shelf space is a go. Deacon is reluctant to take advantage of his position just as a favor. After all, as VP he has to look out for the company’s best interests. Sally agrees to give Jackie M. a higher profit margin (hence lower the whole sale price, while keeping the retail price the same). The two shake hands on it.

Nick and Paige arrive at Jackie M. Nick points out Jackie and Deacon to Paige. I guess tomorrow she’ll put the moves on El Deacon. Fun fun fun.

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