B&B Wednesday Update 12/15/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/15/04



By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

Ridge sleeps late because he has nothing better to do. Brooke finds him in bed and wonders what is up with him. At first Ridge seems to be upset about Eric’s decision to let Thorne use the trademark, but the real problem seems to be inherent to Ridge’s identity. Ridge realizes that he doesn’t feel like he fits in with either of his two families. He’s not as cutthroat as Massimo, but is gutsier than Eric. Brooke thinks that one day the two men will see what Ridge has to offer and that he has the best of both of them in him. She also points out that Ridge’s immediate family loves him and doesn’t care what his last name is.

Brooke and the kids love him for who he is. She adds that Ridge can always have faith in her. Ridge admits that he questioned that when Brooke voted against him. Brooke says she never lost faith in him, but simply had a disagreement. She thinks he should let the family come for him and that Ridge shouldn’t have to fight for their approval or trust. Brooke also says that Ridge could lose all his family, except for Brooke. She will always be there. Aww, how sweet.

Sally has Deacon drop by Spectra to discuss shop. Turns out that she has heard about his affair with Jackie and is interested in exploiting any use out of it and the Forrester name. She wants Deacon to talk to Jackie about getting Spectra top billing at Jackie M.

So Nick drops by Deacon’s place, where Jackie is alone. She inquires about Massimo. He’s angry and hurt right now. Jackie then offers her ring to Nick to give back to Massimo. He agrees to keep it, but thinks she’ll need it soon. Nick questions if Jackie loves Massimo. She wonders why he didn’t ask her this before and if he thought she loved Massimo, why would he keep them apart like that when he was at the clinic. Nick explains that he thought Massimo would remember the affair and it would trigger yet another stroke. Nick badmouths Deacon, but Jackie defends him saying their feelings are genuine. She also says that she has a divided heart and she knows Massimo would not be satisfied. Nick moves on and says that Massimo wants a divorce but not at this exact moment. Nick then asks for her to have a little faith in the marriage and to give them a little time to work it out. Jackie doesn’t care and agrees with Massimo’s decision. She agrees not to fight the divorce terms. Nick admits that Massimo wants to give her his stock in Jackie M. Shocked, Jackie can’t believe he would do that. Nick says Massimo wants to be from far away that as possible. Jackie hopes that one day Nick will be able to forgive her for what she has done. Nick hugs his mother.

Later, Deacon arrives home to Jackie and Nick has apparently left. She explains what happened when he came by and how Massimo gave her all his stock. Jackie then offers a VP job to Deacon. He says that he doesn’t have to have a job like that, but she insists. The two get lovey dovey. Then, Deacon pumps the Spectra line. Jackie doesn’t even care to talk about it. She trusts him completely. Okay, is that the smartest thing to do?

Back in his office, Nick calls an old friend of his, Paige. She’s a voluptuous red head who is town. Nick asks to “hook up” with her that afternoon. She agrees. Okay, what is going on now?

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