B&B Tuesday Update 12/14/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/14/04



By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

So we left the previous day's show thinking ol' Jackie was going to reconcile with Massimo. Massimo reiterates that he did all of these things for her. You know, getting better and all but wants to punish Deacon. Jackie defends Deacon little by little, which upsets Massimo and then later infuriates him.

Inside the study at the Massimo mansion, Ridge and Nick ponder what will happen with Jackie and Massimo. Ridge isn't all that concerned with Jackie and just wants to protect his father.

Massimo becomes so angry with Jackie for defending and admitting her feeling for Deacon that he screams and kicks her out again! Lord, it's like hot and cold with this man! One second he loves her and the next he hates her. Jackie, dump that old loser all ready. Please, just save us the misery. Nick and Ridge come out as Jackie runs away to calm their father down.

Ridge wonders if Jackie was ever good enough for Massimo. Nick promises to take care of his mother.

Eric and Deacon continue to rehash the past about Deacon's involvement with women. Eric doesn't think he is fit for any woman, but admits he never saw the Jackie/Massimo connection. They both agree that Jackie would be suffocated with a man like Massimo.

So after Eric leaves, Jackie shows up. At first Deacon thinks that she is there to say goodbye, but in fact she is there to start a relationship with him. Deacon is so overjoyed. Jackie explains what happened in the house.

Deacon wonders if Massimo will come around in a week and want her back, but Jackie thinks the likelihood of that is small and doesn't seem to care. Deacon is happy that for once there is no dark cloud over their heads. They can enjoy each other and not be ashamed. The two kiss and hold each other close.

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