B&B Monday Update 12/13/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/13/04



By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

So after all that commotion on Friday, Massimo's gun had blanks in it! Obviously freaked out, Deacon curses Massimo and says he is crazy. After taking control of Massimo and the situation, Ridge and Nick kick both Jackie and Deacon out.

Massimo is upset that Jackie left, but is shocked to hear that Nick knew about the affair. He wonders why on earth Deacon is still there and why Nick didn't protect his mother. Nick slowly admits the affair isn't one sided. Massimo can't believe it. He thinks Deacon has tricked all of them.

Outside, Deacon and Jackie argue about whether to leave or not. He wants her to forget about Massimo and points out that Massimo is crazy and will do whatever he wants to stay in control. Jackie still seems taken aback by Massimo's recovery. She is torn about what to do.

Jackie is disappointed to hear that Deacon taunted Massimo while he was in his chair. Deacon apologizes and says he was just so angry at Massimo at the time. However, he says he never drugged Jackie. It seems at one point that Deacon convinced her to leave with him because they passionately kiss, but when Deacon turns to start to car, she has skidaddled out of the car. Frustrated, Deacon leaves.

At Forrester Creations (I actually saw a BUS go by outside the building...tour bus, school bus, public transportation? Maybe that's how the employees get there), Stephanie and Eric discuss the current situation with Jackie and Massimo.

Eric is shocked to hear that Massimo is up and walking around after only a couple of months (more like a few weeks to real people) but is stunned to hear that Jackie is fooling around with Deacon! Eric thinks Deacon is using just like he did with Bridget and Brooke. But Stephanie says Brooke thinks his feeling are genuine. Eric is dubious and decides to take matters into his own hands!

At home, Deacon gets an unexpected visit by Eric. Eric warns Deacon to stay away from Jackie. Deacon pleads his case. He loves Jackie and wants to be with her. He reminds Eric of how controlling Massimo can be and how Jackie isn't a woman who can be controlledl like that. Hmm, will this all be moot if Jackie decides to stay with Massimo?

Back at the Marone mansion, Jackie enters the house again. Ridge and Nick both tell her again that they don't think it is a good idea that she is there, but Massimo tells them that he needs to talk with his wife. Nick and Ridge excuse themselves to the study to give the couple some privacy. Jackie tells him how sorry she is about everything. She is so happy to see him up and walking and talking It is more than she ever dreamed of. Massimo tells her that their love brought him back to her. He doesn't blame her for anything. He knows she was grieving and that Deacon took advantage of her. He gives her a hug. Jackie looks resigned to accept her future with Massimo.

In the study, Nick just doesn't understand why Massimo would take Jackie back. Nick explains that she never meant to hurt Massimo. Ridge can't believe that Nick is defending her now. Nick explains that Jackie has feelings for both of the men in her life, he thinks Ridge should understand that. Ridge says even so, she needs to make a choice now. Either her loving, faithful husband; or her lying, cheating boy-toy. 

See ya later!

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