B&B Friday Update 12/10/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/10/04



By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

So Deacon continues putting the moves on Jackie though she tries to protest. Just then, she hears something from the study. Deacon jokingly thinks the house is haunted and tries to get Jackie out of there right away.

Nick calls the house and Massimo picks up. Nick realizes that Massimo is probably going to do something terrible and tries to get him to wait.

However, Massimo emerges from the study to find a stunned Jackie and Deacon. Jackie is overjoyed and amazed that Massimo is talking and walking. When asked why she didn't visit, Jackie admits that she didn't know where he was.

Feeling out of place, Deacon tries to excuse himself, but Massimo pulls out the gun and stops him! Massimo yells that he trusted Deacon into his life (I never understood why he did that). Well, tonight is payback time. He remembers all the things he saw and what Deacon did, including drugging Jackie. Deacon denies all that and says that he loves Jackie for who she is. Jackie tries to get Deacon to stay out of it, but the two men continue to fight.

Stephanie is surprised to hear about Ridge's leave of absence and figures Ridge is punishing Eric. Eric thought that at first, but believes that Ridge is focusing on his family right now, which should be a priority. Stephanie admits that she was surprised that Brooke did what she asked her and both she and Eric wonder if Ridge will get past this.

Eric hopes Brooke's decision doesn't affect her marriage to Ridge, but realizes Stephanie wouldn't be all that sad if it did. Eric thinks Brooke knew the risk (as does Stephanie), but believes that if Ridge lets this affect their marriage, he is not the man he thought he was.

At the Ridge mansion, Ridge is shocked that Massimo "escaped" from the clinic. Isn't it amazing that a man who had a massive stroke could put clothes on, sneak out of a clinic, AND hale a cab?

Just then, Nick shows up and says they have to go to the Massimo mansion to stop their father from doing something horrible.

Stephanie dropped by Ridge's to "thank" Brooke for her vote again. Brooke, being smart, realizes that Stephanie is there to find out if she and Ridge are still together. Brooke admits that Ridge was mad, but they worked it all out. On a more important note, Brooke informs Steffers that Massimo is on his way to a full recovery, but left the clinic by himself.

They both figure that Jackie will be in for a huge response when/if he shows up at home. But Stephanie is confused about why Jackie wouldn't have known about his recovery. Brooke explains about the affair and what caused the stroke. Stephanie thinks that something even worse than another stroke could occur if Massimo remembers what happened.

So here's the climax, both Jackie and Deacon try to talk the gun out of Mass' hands, but to no avail. Just then, Nick and Ridge show up! Screams ring through the house as the gun goes off (more than once!)!!

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