B&B Thursday Update 12/9/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/9/04



By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

So Brooke and Ridge continue with their discussion about the vote. Brooke once again defends her actions and I think she was absolutely right. She points out that to agree with Ridge becoming CEO would have completely divided the family. She also adds that a CEO shakeup would not look good to the buyers, whom Ridge had just tried to calm down with his one day international trip. Without anything else to say, Ridge just wishes that Brooke had agreed with him. Brooke asks if Ridge wants a wife (like Darla she adds) that will blindly accept what her husband does. Surprisingly, Ridge says yes. Then, he does this strange game where he asks Brooke to say “Yes Ridge” to the next four questions.

They’re all simple things and it leads to the two making out. Ridge apologizes for being such an insensitive jerk. Wait a minute, time out. Yesterday, Ridge said that Brooke would have to accept the consequences of her actions, now he’s apologizing? That just makes no sense. Anyway, he’s sorry the way it turned out, but understands where Brooke came from. They both vow to be completely honest with each other in the future.

Meanwhile, Nick makes it to the clinic only to find Massimo missing. Dr. Ying looks for Mass, but comes up empty. Ying says that they are just a research facility and Mass could have left on his own or with anyone. Upset, Nick calls Ridge for information. Ridge mentions that Massimo had said he wanted to go home. Nick realizes where Massimo has gone.

Deacon continues to sweet talk Jackie into taking off her wedding ring. She decides not to, but promises that it doesn’t mean they are over. She also says she wants to take things slow and physical contact in the mansion is out of the question. She feels it would be an insult to Massimo, wherever he is.

However Massimo is near home. He manages to tell the cabbie where to stop and as payment offers his watch.

 Sweet Jesus, that nice watch for a 25 dollar ride?! Massimo walks right in the door (although clumsly) and finds the house unlocked. Jackie and Deacon are still upstairs.

Massimo makes his way into his study and recalls some more bitter moments with Deacon after his stroke. He wonders where Jackie is. Just then, Jackie and Deacon come down the stairs. From the study Mass can hear Jackie telling Deacon to back off. She was doing it playfully in the living room, but from the study it sounds like she is getting upset. Angry, Mass tries to get up to go help her, but knocks over something that is on his desk. Oh no!

It’s a gun! Mass slowly bends over and picks up the gun, vowing to save Jackie. Is Deacon gonna get shot again??

See ya later.

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