B&B Wednesday Update 12/8/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/8/04



By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

So today we start the show off with Brooke re turning home the following evening . She recalls what Ridge said to her the previous day about the family coming in between them. So then Nick stops by. Nick and Brooke discuss her decision not to back Ridge’s CEO bid. Brooke still stands by her decision not to back Ridge. She hopes that in time he’ll understand.

Nick wonders how stubborn Ridge will be about this thing. Brooke just thinks this will be a bump in the road like in normal couples. She recalls that when RJ was born, Ridge said that nothing could shake their commitment. They will survive this. Good lord I hope so. It’s just one freakin’ argument!

So Ridge tells Eric he is taking an indefinite leave of absence (yay!). Ridge claims his house isn’t in order (Thomas, Amber, and Massimo). Eric tries to make Ridge understand that he has many responsibilities at Forrester and they need him. The two get into it about what happened the day before. Ridge points out that he doesn’t appreciate all the pressure they put on Brooke, but Eric argues Ridge did the exact same thing by expecting her to side with him no matter what. Eric thinks that Brooke made her own decisions to which Ridge agrees and says she’ll have to suffer the consequences. Stunned, Eric hopes that Ridge will not let this affect his marriage. Just then, Ridge gets a call from Dr. Ying. Apparently Massimo is asking for him. Massimo is pretty upset and incoherent. Ridge leaves.

Over at the hospital, Massimo keeps saying “get him” but he can’t get all the other words out. He recalls Deacon taunting him when he was incapacitated. Massimo seethes in anger. Later, Ridge arrives and finds an upset Massimo. He keeps saying “help me” and that he wants to go home much to Ying’s dismay. Mass argues but can’t get the words out. He tries to get up and says “get him” and then “reason.” Ridge of course doesn’t understand. Ying thinks that Massimo wants someone else. Ridge decides to leave so that Mass can calm down. After Ridge leaves, Ying calls in a sedative for Massimo, but he argues that he doesn’t want it. After he leaves, Massimo stands up, on his own (with a scary look on his face) and prepares to exit.

Later, Brooke and Nick continue to talk about how Ridge has forgiven plenty of people for the sake of family, including Massimo. The focus shifts to keeping Jackie away from Massimo not to hinder his progress. Nick wonders if her being there would upset his father. Nick then explains that his relationship with Felicia didnít work out.

Brooke tries to console Nick, who does the same, just as Ridge shows up. Uh-oh!

Ridge seems to get past seeing them together and discusses Massimo’s condition with Nick. He explains what happened and Nick deduces that Massimo must have been upset about Deacon. Nick heads back to the clinic to see what he can find out. After Nick leaves, Ridge and Brooke get into the vote thing…again.

Ridge doesn’t think Brooke understands what she has taken away from him, but she will soon. Uh, that sounds pretty ominous. Ridge then wants to discuss the status of their marriage. Bleh.

At the Marone house, Jackie packs some clothes for her stay with Deacon because she has run out of them. Deacon doesnít want to hang around their too long. He thinks the whole house is sucking the life out of Jackie. She remembers better times when they were all happy. Deacon wants her to move in with him permanently.

Jackie doesnít think that is a good idea, because she isnít ready for that. She doesnít want to think about more than one day ahead. Jackie thinks she will be abandoning her family if she leaves the mansion. Deacon tries to convince her that this is the best move for both of them. It almost seems to work. Jackie and Deacon make out for a while. Deacon encourages her to take off her wedding ring.

Then, we see Massimo taking a taxi to his house! He thinks to himself “I’m going home to save my wife from the devil.”

Exciting, exciting.

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