B&B Monday Update 12/6/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/6/04



By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

Quick Update today folks...

So the board meeting rolls on. Stephanie pleads her case once again, prompting Ridge to take Brooke over to his office to talk. Over there, Ridge calms down and does seem to make some very valid business points and remarks that he would really love to have Thorne return to Forrester one day. Brooke still seems conflicted. Eventually they return to the meeting. Still at an impasse, Ridge calls Megan in to hear a motion. He will be taking over the CEO position. The roll is called and we hear nay's from everyone, but Ridge. Of course, Brooke is last. After some hesitation, she votes nay as well.

Ridge is stunned and can't believe it. Brooke tries to explain that while she agrees with his point of view about the label, she doesn't agree Eric should be ousted because of one decision.

Meanwhile, Deacon pays Nick a visit to try to make some headway in getting Jackie her family back. No progress is made. Jackie heads back to Deacon's house and is very happy when he joins her. The two seem to really be in love with each other.

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