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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/3/04



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Brooke pours coffee while Ridge sits at his desk worrying about what he is going to do to his father. Ridge feels that he has no choice. He feels that this has to be done for the well-being of the company and the future of it. Brooke wonders about Eric’s well-being. Ridge says that he doesn't want to hurt Massimo, but Brooke is sure that Eric is going to see this as an attack on his person. Ridge is looking long-term at what could happen.

Why is he the only one that sees this? Ridge knows that Eric will have trouble accepting this, and that is why Ridge will talk to him before the meeting, alone. He will explain why this has to be done.

Eric tells Stephanie that he has learned that the board meeting that Ridge set up is still on. He was sure that it was going to be canceled. Stephanie almost guaranteed that. Eric is surprised at this, but will still attend the meeting anyway.

Thorne and Darla enter the office and join the conversation with Eric and Stephanie. Eric still talks supportively of Ridge in spite of their disagreement. The family has had ups and downs, but they always end up together.

Felicia talks to Nick who tells her that the orders for clothes from Spectra have been canceled by Ridge. Felicia says that she has no idea how this could happen as Eric is the CEO.

Ridge come to the meeting and finds the family waiting. Ridge would like to speak to Eric privately before the meeting. Eric is fine with that. The rest of the family leaves the room.

Eric turns to his son. “What is this about?” Eric feels no tension in the air, but knows that this has something to do with his decision to allow Spectra to sell their designs to Jackie M.

Stephanie has a chance to talk to Brooke for a moment before the meeting begins, and she tells that she has been trying to chance Ridge’s mind on things, but she isn’t sure that he will do that.

Thorne and Darla are listening and they don’t understand all this talk. Eric made the decision to share space at Jackie M, and that is that. Isn’t it?

Eric talks to Ridge about his talent and how he brings passion to every one of his designs. He knows that Ridge is not happy with his father overruling him, but that is no reason for there to be anger in the family. Ridge would like to talk about the meeting, but Eric decides to first level the field before they delve into that. It has really been fulfilling for Eric to work with Ridge. Ridge has to understand though that Thorne is also Eric’s son. Thorne has inspired Eric greatly. That is frustrating to Ridge and Eric can understand that. Eric will listen to Ridge’s concerns but the decision is still Eric’s, and he will make it. Eric hugs his son. Ridge tries to get to the meat of the matter, but he is cut short.

The door opens and the family enters unannounced. Eric is not happy to see them all yet. He was having a heartwarming moment with Ridge and he wasn’t finished saying all that he had to say. Thorne steps forward. He tells Ridge that he knows what the man is about to do, and he will not let Ridge do it. Ridge quickly searches the faces of the others, resting lastly on his wife’s face. It is clear that they all know what he is about to say to his father, and do to him.

Felicia tells Nick that she will be going away, ad thus ending their relationship such as it was. He is saddened by this news. They were not a hot item, but he will miss her though. She is sad to give him this news. She hopes that there are no hard feelings between them. He can’t believe that she really wants this. She would like him to eventually marry the woman of his dreams. She wants him to have the happy ending that he wants, but she knows that the ending will not be with her.

Thorne says that the meeting shouldn’t happen as Ridge has requested. Ridge says that he only wants the company to be a success and so he has to make the toughest decision that he has ever had to make in his life. He knows that everyone in the room will be affected by this meeting.

Eric questions that decision. Ridge says that the company means a lot to him, as it does to Eric. Eric has put creativity and energy into Forrester. He has met everyone’s expectations but his own. Eric smiles when he hears that. Ridge says that he would like to honor his father by putting his father off the throne as CEO. Eric can’t believe what he is hearing. He asks who would be working as CEO in the company. Thorne answers for Ridge. “Ridge would then be CEO dad.” Eric can’t even react to what he is hearing yet. He puts his hands on his hips and leans forward to have Ridge confirm this for himself. Eric doesn’t wait for an answer to his question. He poses another one. “You want to take away all the power that I have in this company? The company that I started and ran all this years? You want to take my position as CEO?”

Felicia and Nick talk some more but they can both see that this really is goodbye. He doesn’t want to say the words, and she stops herself from crying. She wants him to miss her but not too much. She kisses him and heads to the door. He calls out to her, telling her that he already misses her. She returns to him and throws her arms around his neck. This time she lets the tears freely flow from her eyes. “So long Captain.” Then she is out the door.

Nick finally exhales at the loss of her.

Eric can’t believe that Ridge is stripping him of his power and calling it an honor. Thorne asks Ridge to confirm this. Ridge says that Eric will still be part of the company but someone else has to make the tough decisions. He blames Thorne for that. Ridge says that he is only taking his father out of the line of fire. Eric seems to think with his heart, but Ridge feels that emotions shouldn’t cloud decisions at work. Ridge has different ideas on how to do things. Eric can see that Ridge was only buttering him up before. He was trying to make things sound nice, but Eric can see better. Eric says that Ridge is really the enemy. That angers Ridge. Eric reminds the man that he has come to his father and stabbed him in the back. Eric is becoming more and more aware of the fact that Maroni blood runs through Ridge’s veins. Eric did all this as a gift for Ridge and the other children, and it seems that Ridge can’t wait to rip this out of his hands. Eric will not stand for this. He will fight Ridge with everything that he has. Ridge says that Brooke will be standing beside him on this. He says that he will be the new CEO. All he has to do is make the motion and then Brooke will second it.

Stephanie says that Brooke will not support Ridge on this. She knows that this is the wrong thing to do. Stephanie turns to Brooke. She knows that Brooke loves Ridge, and that Ridge will eventually be CEO. She wants Brooke to stand up to Ridge and stop him. Brooke has to know that this is the wrong decision. Stephanie reminds her again that she is the only one that can save the company and the family. It is all up to Brooke. She is the controlling vote here.

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