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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/2/04



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie tells Brooke that Ridge is making a terrible mistake and she expects Brooke to stop Ridge. Brooke turns to her in horror. She can’t be held responsible for what Ridge does at this point. She isn’t happy that Stephanie has put the issue in her hands solely. The whole family is depending on her to do this.

Jackie has finished a very important meeting with a client, and she announces to the staff that it is time to close up. They have been doing wonderful business and have to close the door now. There are more sales at the boutique than they could have ever imagined, and it looks like the same thing is going to happen in the following days to come. The grand opening is a great success. Jackie knows that Massimo would be proud of the staff and the work that they have done. He is the major investor of the company, and is definitely going to be proud. Deacon says that the success is because of the staff and the work that they have all done, and they can handle the business by keeping the momentum up. Jackie M is going to be the most successful and profitable boutique in the world.

Massimo talks to his sons, though his speech is limited. He asks for Jackie, but Nick tells him that they will talk about Jackie later. The doctors have a treatment ready for him to partake of, and they hustle him out of the room.

Ridge can see that something is up with Nick because of the way that he wouldn’t’ explain to Massimo where Jackie has been. He wants to know what is up. Has Jackie even been to see Massimo lately? Nick tells Ridge that the has no idea where his mother is, and that he doesn’t care. He will not let Jackie near Massimo.

Stephanie tells Brooke that if Ridge forces his father out of the company, there will be no peace in the family ever.

Ridge demands to know more about what has been going on with Jackie. Nick explains that Jackie was involved with someone, and Massimo found out and then he got ill. Ridge demands to know who the man is that Jackie is involved with. He learns that the man was Deacon. Ridge canít believe his ears.

Nick says that he has thrown Deacon out of the house. He will not let Jackie near Massimo. He will not lose his father again.

Jackie smiles as she walks around her beautiful boutique alone.

Deacon comes to Jackie. He has a present for her. He knows that the transition to be with him has been difficult for her. She has dreamed of making the boutique work, and being the boss. Deacon has made that happen for her. Now everything is coming true, and as a bonus she has Deacon by her side.

Stephanie knows that Brooke wants to do the right thing, but the truth is that Brooke doesn’t want to go against her husband. The company is like a second home for Eric. He has brought his kids into the business and played with them in these very offices. Ridge will do the same, but not now.

Brooke and Stephanie hear Eric talking to one of the staff. There is a problem and some times have to be changed for the staff to accommodate their ability to get to work for a while. Eric tells the employee that he will make whatever changes are necessary to accommodate the staff. They are very important to him.

Stephanie and Brooke listen quietly as Eric shows his compassion and the kind of leader that he is. He loves his work and his company. Stephanie whispers to Brooke that she has to help with this. She has to stop Ridge from pushing the takeover through.

Eric has finished talking to his employee about the changes in start times for the employees, and he faces Stephanie and Brooke wondering what it was that they were talking about. Brooke smiles at him and leaves the office. Stephanie turns a forced smile in her husband’s direction.

Jackie opens her gift and sees that Deacon has bought Jackie a sexy, lacy little black number that no one else should see. He asks her to put the outfit on. She can’t believe him. What if someone comes into the boutique? He is sure that no one will. It is after hours now, and they are all alone.

Eric and Stephanie discuss what has been going on with Ridge and his request. Eric wants this all over with so that the family can heal. Eric will take a stand on this. He is CEO of the company and he will make the decisions around here. When Ridge is CEO, he can be the one to make all the decisions. Eric sits at his desk and sees a memo on the desk. He reads it and wonders what it means. Why would Ridge be calling a meeting?

Ridge is at home when Brooke comes to him. She can see that he is downtrodden, and she learns that he knows about Jackieís affair. Brooke knew about this already but she didnít mention it to Ridge as he had so much on his mind already.

Ridge is really upset. Jackie got everything from Massimo that she could ever want. She had everything from this man, and yet she turns around and betrays Massimo. Ridge has to wonder what kind of woman would do a thing like that to a man that she supposedly loves. Brooke thinks quietly to herself about what Ridge has just said.

Massimo is back in bed and he has many questions about Jackie, but Nick will not answer them. He tells his father to get back to sleep and rest. They will talk later.

The candles are lit. Deacon waits for his lovely to come out of the dressing room in the outfit that he has bought her.

Jackie comes to him. She looks beautiful. He canít stand to be far from her and he moves over to her and takes a closer look at the outfit and her body in it.

He removes the robe and kisses her shoulders. He wants her to celebrate with him and make the day a perfect one. They kiss and get more passionate than they really should in the boutique. Deacon removes his jacket.

Stephanie tells Eric that she has only found out about the meeting that Ridge wants to have. Eric is sure that the meeting is going to be a place for Ridge to vent and make more noise about Eric’s decision. Stephanie is careful to skim around the real reason for the meeting. She was just talking to Brooke about this. Stephanie feels that they shouldn’t worry about this meeting, in fact, she feels that the meeting will not even take place. Eric believes that she may be right. He leaves.

Stephanie looks at the memo. She really hopes that Brooke will be able to help with this. Stephanie is counting on her.

Brooke hits on the issue of Ericís decision to let Thorne keep his name on the logo for Spectra. Ridge will not be moved. If Eric will not change his decision about Thorne, Ridge will force the man to stand down.

Ridge says that he is afraid that both he and Brooke will have to make a stand and take Eric out of the equation. Ridge kisses his wife and leaves the room.

Brooke can’t help but replay what Stephanie told her earlier. “If Ridge forces Eric out of the company, that will ruin him forever. You have to do something.”

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