B&B Wednesday Update 12/1/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/1/04



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie reads the proposal that Ridge has prepared for the next board meeting. He would like to take over as CEO of the company. Stephanie crumbles the paper in her hands. Brooke enters the room and finds Stephanie upset and tossing a piece of paper away.

Brooke already knows what Stephanie must be upset about. Stephanie tells Brooke that she has to stop this. They have to keep this information from Eric.

Eric takes Sam out for caviar for a break. She hasn’t had a lot of time to pamper herself lately, but she hasn’t been complaining.

She has been having a hard time getting used to her new family. Eric’s family is in transition too. Things are getting better, but it is difficult. Eric had to make a difficult decision, and Ridge is against his father on this. Eric had to overrule Ridge. Sam makes a toast to reuniting families.

Nick is hard at work when the phone starts ringing. He slowly goes over to see who is calling and can barely pull himself away from his reading, but does.

It is Thorne. He gives the good news that Jackie M is allowed to sell Spectra designs after all. The call is ended.

Nick looks up in time to see Ridge entering the room. Nick puts the phone back in its cradle. He learns that Nick thinks that it is okay to sell Spectra with Forrester at Jackie M. Ridge says that isn’t going to happen. Ridge says that he will be taking a hard line and stopping the plans that his father has put in place.

Darla comes to her husband who tells her that things are in the works for them with Jackie M. He has just sealed a deal with Nick and they will iron out the details later. Darla loves that and wants to have a private celebration with her husband before celebrating with the staff later. NO one deserves success more than Thorne does.

Ridge tells Nick that there is no way that Forrester will be on the shelves with Spectra at Jackie M. It doesn’t matter what Thorne is telling people. Nick says that Thorne says differently. Ridge says that Nick should wait until the next board meeting. Ridge says that he will be making himself CEO at that meeting.

At lunch, Eric and Sam discuss their families and their problems. Sam says that Hector doesn’t want to give up the house that he lives in, and that is just the problem. It is his house and not hers.

Eric can relate. The house that he lives in is his castle and that makes him feel secure. Hector only wants security for his family. Hector can depend on that. Eric has the same feeling for his company.

Brooke explains Ridge’s point of view and she ends by saying that she agrees with Ridge’s way of thinking. She really didn’t at first, but now she feels differently about things. She says that Eric isn’t thinking straight. Thorne should have agreed to remove his name from the Spectra logo in Brooke’s point of view.

Stephanie will not have this. Brooke has screwed up before by not helping Stephanie with the way that the family should be run, and Stephanie isn’t going to let her get away with that again.

Ridge tells Nick that Eric has been going too far lately. Nick thinks that this is stupid. Ridge is fighting over dresses and with his brother. Massimo wouldn’t allow this too take place. Ridge asks about Massimo, and learns that he has been doing okay. Ridge would like to see the man. A Maroni reunion is just what Ridge might need right now.

Eric continues to praise Hector and explain what he might be feeling so that Sam can understand. Eric says that what Brooke took over his company, he was sure that he would die. Now he has control back and he gets to watch his family help run it. He can see his family’s creativity and can see them thriving.

Brooke explains that Eric will be removed as CEO, but he will still have a part in the running of the company. Brookes says that Ridge was really hurt by what he heard his parents say about him. Stephanie knows that Ridge was upset and she feels that it was her fault that Ridge ended up feeling that way that he does. Ridge can’t hold Thorne responsible for this. This shouldn’t be revenge. Stephanie says that Brooke has to stop this or the love and respect that Eric and Ridge have for one another will be gone forever. Eric will lose his company and his son.

Nick takes Ridge to the hospital so that he can see his real father. Ridge isn't sure what to expect. He and Nick are in the hospital room waiting for Massimo to be returned to his room.

Ridge’s jaw drops as he watches his father walk into the room with the assistance of doctors and aides. Massimo recognizes his son, and slowly calls to him. “My son…”

Ridge and Nick are pleased as ever to see that their father is walking. Ridge can’t believe what he is seeing there. He knew that his father was getting better, but he wasn’t expecting this. The doctors say that if Massimo continues the way that he has been, he will be able to go to the gym soon. Ridge knows that soon Massimo will be back at his desk at Maroni’s. Still his progress will take time. The treatment was experimental, but Massimo’s recovery was unbelievable. The doctors leave.

Ridge apologizes to his father for not being around more. Still he should have known that his father would get himself better. A man like him wouldn’t do any less. Massimo turns to Ridge, “A man like you…” Massimo turns to Nick, “…and a man like you…” Nick and Ridge kneel before their father and they all hold hands. There are tears in Massimo’s eyes now. Massimo tells his sons. “Nothing can …stop…a …. Maroni!”

Thorne and Darla have finished their private celebration in bed, and look forward to meeting with the staff to give the good news.

Eric and Sam discuss business. Eric tells Sam that he hopes that things work out well for her family and herself. He worries about her, and can’t lose anymore good people at his company.

Stephanie puts everything on Brooke’s shoulders. She wants Brooke to stop this takeover from happening. Stephanie tells Brooke hat they share a family, and they have sat back and watched this thing get totally out of hand. If Ridge sticks his father out on a limb; things will not get better for the family. Stephanie knows that Brooke is the only one that can fix this. If Brooke can’t fix it, no one can. Ridge will not listen to Stephanie anymore. Ridge loves Brooke and she is the one that has the power with Ridge now. This is for the good of the family. Stephanie warns her that the future of the family is in her hands.

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