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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/30/04



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Ridge is at work and keeping himself calm. Stephanie comes to see her son in his office. He has calmed down now. She would like to know what Ridge meant when he said that he had no choice anymore.

Ridge has been writing at his desk, and he shows his mother the pad and what he as been drafting. She sees that. Ridge is asking for a resolution so that he can become CEO of Forrester and in fact fire his father.

Sam is looking at a brochure. Her husband arrives and calls out for her. She quickly hides what she is reading under the bed. She tells him that she has been working from home. He offers to get out of her hair, but she likes his attention and she falls on the bed with him.

Eric talks to Thomas about the meeting that he just had with Ridge, but he doesn’t go into as much detail as he could about it all. Thomas senses that something is wrong, but he doesn’t pry. If Eric wanted to tell him the details, he would do that. It hasn’t been easy being CEO of Forrester for Eric. Sometimes, the things at he has to do Is heart wrenching, but someone has to do it. Eric has had to make a strong decision, but he will stand by it. There are times when you just have to do what you think is right, without letting other factors affect your decision. Caitlin knocks and then walks in the office. When she sees that Thomas and Eric are talking privately, Caitlin offers to leave.

Eric stops her from leaving, telling her to stay in the office. Eric has a project that he would like Thomas and Caitlin to work on. He is CEO of the company, and therefore, what he says, goes.

Ridge denies that he is firing his father by trying to make himself C.E.O. Ridge says that he is just moving him to other duties. Stephanie can see that Ridge is only doing this to get back at Eric for letting Thorne continue to work with the Forrester name. Ridge will do anything to secure the future of the company. If that means that Eric has to step down, then Eric will have to step down.

Sam and her husband bask in the glow of their lovemaking now that they are through. They discuss their daughter and how she has been doing better now that time has passed since Rick ended things.

Sam is glad that Caitlin is happy talking to her father about her relationship. Maybe time will allow Caitlin to feel better about coming to her mother to discuss her life. Sam is the new kid on the block in this family. Sam wishes that they had room for everything that they wanted. She takes out the brochure that she had been reading. She shows her husband the house that she had been looking at. He loves it, but says that he canít afford it. She knows that, but she can afford it. She offers to get it for their family.

Eric explains to Thomas and Caitlin what he wants from them. He wants them to work on a project to reach the younger crowd. Caitlin thinks that sounds like fun. Thomas says that he will need an expense account to smooze a little. Eric can see that Thomas is just like his father in this regard, and he smiles at the boy. Eric will work something out for Thomas to do business.

Stephanie tries to make her son see things differently and consider not trying to take over Eric’s company; but Ridge will not listen to her. He has his mind made up. He has to take over he feels to protect the company for the family. Eric will just have to see that.

Sam is upset now. Her husband will not let her buy a house for them. She can see that his pride is hurt. He doesnít mind her being the breadwinner, but the kids are the most important for him. He doesnít want to move the kids now. She feels that the kids might find the move to be a great adventure. They would be moving to Beverly Hills for heavens sake. Sam was okay growing up there. She turned out fine.

The concern though seems to be that the Forrester will be closer to Caitlin. Caitlin almost forgot her values. Hector is fine with renovating or adding on to the house they live in now. That is not good enough. She would like to feel a part of the household. Hector has put his foot down. He was born in this neighborhood, and he will die in this neighborhood. Sam has nothing more to say about this. She gets her shoes and leaves the room.

Stephanie tries her best to make Ridge see that the Forrester name on Spectra’s logo is not enough to bring down the Forrester company. Ridge sees that his mother is just trying to be a good mother, but he also sees that Thorne is using his parents to get what he wants. Ridge sees a company that he loves floundering, and in need of a leader. Ridge feels that he can fix things. He wants to do what he needs to do. He is only trying to help after all.

Caitlin and Thomas are alone now, and they are brainstorming on how to go about their new project. Thomas knows that he is getting this chance because Rick was sent to Paris. Caitlin is upset when Thomas says this. Thomas apologizes for what he has said, but Caitlin is fine with that.

Caitlin can see now that her father was right about her not being involved with Rick. She almost let something happen that she wasnít ready for. That is fine now. She knows that she should wait and get together with the right person, and that will be perfect for her. Thomas wonders if Caitlin is ready for the right person to come along. Caitlin is fine with having a break for a while. Thomas tells her that Amber came along when he least expected it, and now things are great for him. Thomas tells her that she shouldn’t’ worry about the way that she feels. He used to feel the same way, but now he has matured a little bit. She can see that he is a super person. She sees that Eric thinks that Thomas is pretty special too. She knows that Eric would be great running the company one-day. Caitlin looks at some pictures that Thomas has been doodling with. She loves them. Thomas really has a talent at drawing. Caitlin feels that he should show the pictures to the family, but Thomas says no. He knows that he would be forced to start designing, and he isn’t sure that he wants to do that.

Sam tells Eric that Hector didn’t agree with her about the new house. She is upset, but tries to rise about it. Eric decides that he is going to take Sam out and get her feeling good again. He can see that she needs a dose of 91210. He is going to pamper her for the afternoon.

Stephanie begs Ridge not to do this to his father. She knows that Eric will lose his dignity if Ridge ousts him from the CEO chair. Eric can’t work in any other capacity than what he has been used to. He will not walk through the doors of Forrester and face the people that he has hired and that have respected him over the years after they find out that his own son fired him. She tells Ridge that if he does this, he will kill his father.

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