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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/29/04



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Thorne has just spent a great time with his parents and Ridge. They have decided to put their differences aside and behave as a family.

Stephanie begs Ridge to give up on his vendetta with Thorne. Thorne waits to see what Ridge is going to do.

Nick waits in his father’s room to see what the results of his examination are going to be.

Thorne has just spent a great time with his parents and Ridge. They have decided to put their differences aside and behave as a family. Stephanie begs Ridge to give up on his vendetta with Thorne. Thorne waits to see what Ridge is going to do.

Nick waits in his father’s room to see what the results of his examination are going to be. he thinks back to when he and his father used to be able to hug each other boisterously, standing up. The nurse comes to see Nick in his father’s hospital room. She tells that his father will be out of the examination room soon. Nick wants to know the results of his father’s experimental work. The nurse says that the doctors will talk with him about that soon.

Deacon and Jackie enjoy their time together. They are in her room looking at outfits that she has in her closet and laughing at the old items. She is loosening up and starting to feel like she deserves a chance with Deacon after all. She has been feeling guilty about Massimo, but now she seems to be getting over all that. Jackie hasn’t seen Massimo for a while. Nick has been careful to hide the man from his mother for fear that she will hurt him some more.

Ridge tells his mother that family means a lot to him, as it does to Thorne. He says that he wouldn’t intentionally hurt the family this way, but he also knows that the company needs to protect themselves. Ridge is sorry that he came on too strong with his brother. That is the way that he usually deals with competition. Ridge will have to change that. Ridge is firm with his feelings about Thorne using his name as part of Spectra’s logo though.

Ridge will cooperate in other ways, but not as far as using the Forrester name goes. Eric reminds Ridge that Forrester is a family name first and foremost. The fact that Forrester is a company name as well has to be looked at as secondary. Ridge feels that Eric has given Thorne too much as it stands. He would like to see his father finally say, “Enough!”

The doctors come to see Nick who is waiting for news on his father’s condition. They will run an MRI later to see if there is any change in Massimo’s condition. All the patients that have had this procedure have reacted differently it. The doctors assure Nick that his father will be back in his room soon.

Nick decides to wait for his father to return to his room. There is nowhere that he would rather be than with his father to give him the support that he so desperately needs. He knows that he is the only one that his mother can count on now.

Jackie and Deacon lay on her bed and talk about how wonderful it is to really be together. She believes in fairytales again. She knows that she can’t force herself into a role that she isn’t ready for. Deacon was the one that told her that. This has made her feel so comfortable. The two kiss passionately.

Eric says that they shouldn’t’ be treating Thorne like any other competitor. He is family. Thorne wants to use his name because that is his right. It is his name. Thorne is as responsible for the success of the company as much as anyone else at Forrester. Brooke is siding with her husband now. She knows that the problems with the confusion of the Forrester name could cause problems. Thorne says that Ridge signs his name on his designs, and that is a symbol of pride in his work. Thorne has that feeling too and he wants to use his name on Spectra designs. He is going to use his name on Spectra designs.

Ridge says that Thorne can be proud without having his name on his designs. Ridge makes his position clear. Eric will not have it. Ridge is CEO, but Eric and Stephanie are the ones that made this company, and they would like to give Thorne the preferential treatment that Ridge has enjoyed all his life. Eric agrees that Thorne should be allowed to use his name for his success.

Eric says that the name Forrester will stay with Spectra designs. Thorne and Darla thank Eric for his support. Eric knows that this will not sink Forrester. Eric is not worried about this. Ridge feels that he is the one that has been busting his butt for years for Forrester. He is the one that made Forrester, and now Spectra is going to profit from it. Ridge put his heart and soul in the company too. The company isn’t to be run as a family therapy session. Ridge feels that he has no choice now. he heads to the door and leaves the room.

Thorne and Darla look at each other, not sure what exactly is going on.

Deacon helps Jackie get dressed. She looks beautiful. She trusts Deacon so much. He has been the only person that she has been able to depend on now. He loves being there for her. she thanks him for being there for her.

He takes her in his arms and holds her. She tells him that she loves him. He asks her to tell him that again. She complies with his request. She really has fallen in love with him. The two seal the deal with a kiss.

Nick is lost in his thoughts of the past.

Nick remembers his father giving him a ring that he held dear, and telling him that he has every right for it. Nick loves that old man.

Massimo is wheeled into the hospital room where his son is waiting for him. Nick is happy to see his father. He is sure that in time his father is going to feel as good as he looks. Massimo’s eyes open wide, and then close again. Nick sees this while the nurse doesn’t. Nick can’t believe his eyes, but says nothing.

In Ridge's office, he shocks Brooke when he tells her that he is making a move to remove Eric as C.E.O. of Forrester Creations. He is going to make himself C.E.O.

Nick talks to Massimo and is very happy when Massimo's eyes turn to him. Massimo tries to talk and gets 'Ri--' out. Nick realizes that his father is asking for his ring and quickly puts it on Massimo's finger. He then holds his own ring up with Massimo's ring so that his father can see both rings on their fingers.

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