B&B Wednesday Update 11/24/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/24/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Thorne and Darla arrive at Ridge’s office to talk to him about the arrangements that Ridge wants to put in place. He had called them the night before to tell them that he will release his claim on Jackie M, and not force them to shun Spectra’s designs.

Eric and Stephanie arrive at Ridge’s office, and love seeing the two brothers hugging over their newfound friendship. They are going to break out the bubbly, but first Ridge would like to discuss business and make sure that everything is clear.

Nick is ready to look at the sales figures. Clarke and Sally reveal how they had a midnight madness sale the night before for Jackie M. Nick is surprised but not angry at the news.

Deacon brings Jackie breakfast in bed, but she canít have it now. She has to get to the boutique and fast. She got a call that something happened down there, and she has to get over there and see what is going on.

Deacon canít see what the big deal is. The discussion turns to Massimo. Jackie can only hope that whatever the doctors are doing will work.

Massimo is brought into the experimental room to have some work done in secret. The FDA does not approve the work, at least not yet. The staff working on the man, has to do their best to make things happen.

Nick has ordered this so the doctors will have to do their best to make sure that things go as expected.

Jackie and Deacon eat her breakfast leaning on the bed, kneeling. Deacon tells her agar that he loves her and he has a surprise for her. He shows her an appointment book. He has booked himself for dinner with her at 7pm every night for the rest of their lives. She wonders if he will ever get sick of her. He will not. No one has ever made him this happy in his entire life.

An assistant comes to deliver some papers to Nick and Clarke can’t help but flirt with the woman.

Nick stops Clarke in his tracks, and brings him back to the reality of explaining what the sale in the office the day before was all about. Nick has learned of the stunt that Sally has played on him, and he is not all that impressed with her sneaking around him. He is not that happy, but Sally is sure that he will be as she tested out the company’s clothes the night before with the impromptu sale. The sale of Spectra’s designs was a huge success.

Ridge unleashes the Spectra logo and shows it to his family and Darla. He points out that Spectra’s logo causes confusion because Thorne’s name is there and makes people think of the Forresters. Buyers and the general public have been confusing Spectra with Forrester, and that is something that Ridge would like to stop. Ridge would like Thorne to remove his name from the logo but Thorne will not do it. He will not do that one thing.

Jackie talks to Deacon about running the business. She will have to be so organized. At least she will have Deacon with her every night for dinner. She can look at the future now because of Deacon. He wouldn’t let her give up on them. She is the one that did this. Deacon only helped a bit. They start kissing and can’t stop. Deacon loves this.

Nick is discussing with Sally and Clarke whether they should approach Ridge or not about selling Spectra’s clothes.

The phone rings. It is the doctors alerting Nick that the procedure that they are to do is about to start.

Nick hangs up the phone quickly and grabs his coat. He has to go now. He has to see to it that Massimo will be okay and that everything will go okay. He doesn’t give any explanation as to why he has to go, he just goes. He leaves the office telling Sally and Clarke that they have to see themselves out, and that they will talk about this later.

Ridge feels that Thorne has to remove his name from the Spectra logo to let Forrester have their freedom from being accidentally lumped in with Spectra at any given time by the public. Thorne finds it funny that he should be asked not to use his name when he is a Forrester, and Ridge is a Maroni representing the Forresters.

Nick arrives at the hospital, and the procedure is about to start. Nick talks to his father’s body. Nick tells the man that it is time to turn the bow into the eye of the storm. He knows that his father is going to get through this. He has to know this. Of course he has to know this. He knows that his father is fearless.

Deacon is trying to get Jackie in a mood wherein she will be putty in his hands. He would like to make love to her, but she can’t do that. She can’t do that in this bed, in Massimo’s house. Well, at least Nick can see her later.

The procedure is about to start. Nick watches from the window in the door and sees as his father is put slowly into the big machine for treatment.

Eric hears that Thorne has spoken about Ridge as being a Maroni, and he takes offense to what Thorne says. He says that Ridge is their son as much as Thorne is. Ridge isn’t sure that is true anymore. Eric explains that Ridge is still a son to him. Ridge knows that the moment that Eric learned that Ridge wasn’t his biological son, he changed. Ridge has changed, and his life has changed. Ridge knows that his mother has deceived him, and she admits that. Stephanie doesn’t know if her secret was conscious or subconscious, but for years she gave Ridge attention but that was wrong. She didn’t love him more, but was overcompensating at Ridge’s expense. That was Stephanie’s mistake, and it was a big one. All of the problems that have come up are because of her, and she knows it. She wants the men in her life to stop blaming themselves for what she has done. Stephanie is sorry for the pain that her family has been feeling. Things are out in the open now and they have to deal with it. Ridge can’t keep this up. He can’t stay angry inside. This has to end. What is in a name? What is that? It is nothing but labels. The men are her flesh and blood. They are her children and she loves them. Eric loves them both equally. The past is finished. They have to heal now. Love is the most precious gift that they have. They have to stop the fighting and put an end to it. Stephanie begs Ridge to put an end to this. She hugs her son. “Please, please, please Ridge”. Stephanie apologizes to him. Stephanie hugs Thorne next. As she hugs Thorne, Ridge comes to hug them both.

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