B&B Tuesday Update 11/23/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/23/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Ridge and Brooke are in bed making love by candlelight. He can’t seem to get enough of her. He suddenly stops. He feels like she is somewhere else, and not with him. She was hoping that she would be able to concentrate on Ridge, but instead she has been concentrating on other stuff. He knows that she has been worried about all this stuff about Thorne. She feels that she is in the middle. She turned off the phones, but she knows that Stephanie would like her help with Ridge and Thorne.

Darla is moisturizing her body when Thorne comes home. He comes over to her at the bed, and kisses her shoulders. She is always glad to see him.

Thorne and Darla discuss his moping around and how she understands what he is going through. Things are out of Thorne’s hands now, and Darla knows that has to be frustrating for him. They have to hope that Brooke will be able to turn things around for them. Thorne is more upset over the situation with Ridge. What did Thorne do wrong there?

Sally is dressed as a man, and sits in her wheelchair. Clarke and Amber marvel at the woman. She is trying to pull a fast one to save her company. Sally is disguised as Massimo, and she will fool the public into thinking that she is the great man himself. Sally explains what her plan is going to be, in order to promote her clothes, as if Jackie M boutique is selling them. Clarke opens the doors announcing that there is to be a midnight madness sale. The public stops and listens. Some enter. The public thinks that the clothes are from Forrester, but Amber assures the crowd that the clothes are from Spectra.

Gladys is there helping with the sale of the clothes. She has put together Sally’s disguise, and is only too glad to stay and help with the sales of Spectra designs. She is happy to be helping her friends out. Clarke gets some catalogues for the adoring public, so that they will have something to look at after they leave.

Some ritzy guests appear to look at the clothes in Jackie M’s boutique, and Clarke is only so kind as to get them drinks as they look the items over at their leisure. Spectra can only be thankful that the caliber of clients that they are having this night is available to them exclusively. Sally can see that things are going as planned. She sits in her wheelchair in disguise watching it all go down, knowing that she is getting one over on Forrester finally.

Brooke and Ridge discuss Ridge’s stance on the situation with Spectra and Forrester. Ridge doesn’t like everything that Thorne has done, but he is not out gunning for the guy. Ridge actually misses Thorne. Brooke can’t help but think that things are never going to be the same again.

Amber overdoes it when she tells a customer that Forrester had their clothes made by people that were not respected regarding the labor laws. The woman listening is mortified to hear this. Amber assures her that Spectra uses only well-paid employees to get their designs to the public.

Thorne remembers times when he and Ridge worked together as children. Ridge was a good sports player, who gave up some of his good times as a child, to help Thorne feel more like a winner. Thorne always loved Ridge for helping him out over the years. Darla knows that Thorne doesn’t need Ridge to be a winner. Thorne has everything that he needs to be winner inside. Thorne couldn’t be happier about his parents acknowledging him, and Darla’s support really puts things over the top. Thorne worries that things may have gone too far with Ridge and Thorne may regret all of this one day.

Ridge says that he has only been trying to save the Forrester name and reputation and nothing else. Brooke reminds Ridge that Thorne deserves his success. Thorne only needs a little push in the right direction. There is so much at stake for him. Thorne gives up. He will not have Brooke put this decision to a vote. He will surrender. He will do anything for Brooke. Brooke thanks him for doing that.

The customers at Jackie M are finished shopping now, and Clarke ushers the shoppers out. Sally checks the receipts and announces that Spectra can in fact compete with the biggest designers on the planet.

Thorne and Darla are in bed when the phone rings. Ridge is calling Thorne. Darla wakes when she hears the phone ringing. Thorne talks to Ridge who says that he is going to give Jackie M the green light to sell Spectra designs in the morning. Ridge loves his brother and he would like to see things get back to the way that they used to be.

Thorne is glad to hear this. Ridge would like Thorne to come over to Forrester in the morning and iron out some terms. Thorne is fine with that. Thorne agrees that they will meet in the morning. Thorne tells his brother that he loves him as well. They end their call. Darla can’t wait to hear the news. Thorne tells her that they hit the bulls eye, and that their designs will be in every store that Jackie M owns soon enough. He and Darla will be going over to Forrester in the morning to solidify things.

Brooke returns to the bedroom and learns that things went well with the call that he made to Thorne just now. Ridge is feeling really good now, better than he had for the last little while. Family means a lot to Ridge. Brooke knows that being distant from Thorne didn’t seem right to Ridge, and that wasn’t the person that Ridge wanted to be. Brooke will not take credit for what has happened. Ridge is the man that she loved, and she only had to remind him what kind of person he really is. Brooke is really grateful to have Ridge in her life, and she leans into the bed to remind him how much he does mean to her.

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