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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/22/04


By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At the mansion, Thorne presses Brooke for an answer. He demands for her to stand up to Ridge and tell him that she won’t tolerate hiss behavior. He goes on to demand that she tell her husband that she wants both Spectra Couture and Jackie M. Brooke looks Thorne as though she is shocked at what he is saying. Ridge stands up for her and tells everyone there that the decision has already been made. Thorne makes sure his brother realizes that without the support of Brooke, Ridge’s idea is not going to work. Ridge tells his family that he already has his wife’s support.

Stephanie speaks up and asks Ridge is he is sure he has Brooke’s support. Brooke tries to keep Stephanie quiet and wonders if they have to do this all right now. Brooke informs everyone that Ridge just got home and that they’ve barely had a moment alone to talk. Stephanie tells her that she’s had enough time to ‘do the right thing.’ Ridge asks his mother what she expected Brooke to do.

Inside Jackie M., Jackie reminds one of her workers, Jeff, about dress sizes. She is walking around making sure everything is running smoothly. She tells someone that she wants her clientele to make sure they are treated well. Deacon walks out from behind a counter and backs Jackie up. He tells everyone that no matter what people look like when they walk through the door they will leave looking like movie stars.

He compliments Jackie on looking beautiful. Jackie gives Deacon a look as though she wants to spend time with him alone and tells her staff that they can go home. Deacon smiles.

Inside Sally’s office, Clarke holds up a dress and asks what Sally’s opinion is. She tells him that if he’s planning on wearing the dress he has some serious waxing to do. He informs her that it’s out for the Jackie M. boutique. Sally seems skeptical and reminds him that they don’t know if they’re ‘in’ yet. He reminds her that if anyone can get through to Ridge it’s Brooke.

Sally lets Clark know that regardless of if Brooke gets through to him or not, that they cannot allow Ridge to ‘win.’ She tells him that they have to think and he lets her know he’s not sure scheming is the best idea. He tries to convince her that they simply need to wait. He warns her not to lose her patience because when she does she goes crazy. He tells her they can’t come up with an insane scheme as they’ve gone legit. Sally fears that if they wait, Spectra Couture will go ‘belly up.’

Ridge can’t believe that his family tried to get Brooke to agree with them. Eric tries to explain to Ridge that they simply wanted Brooke to think about what her decision could do to the family. Stephanie warns her son that his vendetta is not good for anyone. Ridge defends himself, telling them that Thorne is free to try and sell his collection anywhere, except Jackie M. Ridge declares that he doesn’t want to discuss the matter anymore. Brooke tells them all to leave. Ridge tells his father that he can’t believe that the family is bending over backwards to accommodate Thorne. He tells them that he’s trying to protect the company, while all everyone else wants to do is to protect Thorne. Darla reminds Ridge that he’s the one who is constantly bringing Thorne up. Ridge tells them that if they want to end the debate now that they simply should have a vote. He presses Brooke for her vote.

Jackie tells Deacon she needs to double check some things and then the two of them can go. He tells her how much he admires how well she is doing with the boutique. He reminds her of her success. She tells him how Massimo thought she could do well with the stores and that’s why he gave them to her. Deacon tells her that he saw it in her well before Massimo saw it. Deacon tells her that he hopes to see more of her strength.

Clarke tells Sally that they will be fine. He reminds her that Spectra have been in a few jams before. She tells him that they were nothing like this. She tells him that waiting to see if they will pass or fail is not something that has happened before. He tells her that their collection has never been as good as it is now. She reminds him that it’s not simply about business anymore. She tells him that it could become a disaster of ‘biblical proportions.’ She tells him that they need to prepare for the worst. She looks like she has gotten an idea. Clarke looks worried.

Brooke tells them that what she thinks is that everyone should leave. She reminds them all that Ridge has just gotten home from a long flight. Thorne tells her that tomorrow may be too late. He reminds her that the grand opening of the Jackie M. on Rodeo Drive is tomorrow. Darla tells Thorne that perhaps Brooke is right. She tells him that they are going around in circles, which isn’t helping. Ridge goes upstairs. Thorne pleads with Brooke to stop Ridge and they leave. Eric tells Brooke that he will listen to her. Stephanie shakes her head and reminds Brooke that they are all counting on her. Brooke sits on the couch, looking like she is deep in thought.

Sally is searching for a phone number. Clarke walks in and asks what she is doing. She tells him that if their plan is going to work that they need to get a hold of Gladys. He tells her that she is making him more nervous. She tells him not to worry as she has it all figured out. Darla and Thorne arrive and tell them that Brooke has yet to stand up to Ridge. They tell them that they’re not sure that she ever will. Sally tells them that she and Clarke have some work to do. She tells them not worry that Sally is ‘on the case.’

Ridge comes out of the shower and wants to know if everyone is gone. She assures him that they are. She goes on to tell him that they are simply concerned about him. He tells her that he almost though she was ‘buying Thorne’s victim act.’ He tells her that she can’t deny the negative impact it is having on the business. She reminds him that it’s not simply about Forrester. He gives her a hypothetical situation to think about. He asks what she would do if she were still running Forrester. She turns away and tells him that she’d rather pretend something else. The two make love.

As Jackie is leaving they say goodbye to the night guard. She tells the guard that she will see him in the morning and he informs her that he won’t be there as he only works the night shift. Gladys sneaks around the corner.

Clarke is following with Sally dressed up as Massimo in a wheelchair. The two walk into the boutique and are stopped by a security guard. Clarke explains that Massimo wanted to check out the shop. Gladys warns that she doesn’t want to have to call the security guard’s boss. She tells him that all he is doing is upsetting Massimo. The guard welcomes them into the store. The guard goes outside to wait. The three agree that the store is posh and just what Spectra Couture needs. Sally tells them that she informed Amber to bring the designs to the back door. Clarke wonders if they can truly pull it off. Sally assures them that they can. She tells them that tonight there is going to be a midnight madness sale on Rodeo Drive.

At home, Darla asks Thorne if they should be worried about what Sally is up to. He tells her that his only concern is Brooke. He tells her that he thought she was the key. She tells him that she could still change Ridge’s mind. She reminds him that a good wife would help her husband relax before dropping a problem in his lap.

He tells her that he’s still disappointed. She tells him that she thought Brooke was going to stand up to Ridge as well. Thorne asks if Darla would stand up to him if it ever came to that. She tells him that she would if it would make a better life for her children and ultimately her husband. She tells him to never underestimate the powerful motivation of a woman.

In bed, Ridge tells Brooke that they’ve always been a team, even before they were married. He thanks her for standing beside him with his family earlier. She looks uneasy. He pulls out a present and shows her a pendant that he bought for her in Paris.

He tells her that it means ‘more than yesterday and less than tomorrow’ which is how much he loves her. She smiles and they hear RJ crying. Ridge gets up to get him. Brooke stares at the pendant and answers the ringing phone. Stephanie is on the other end and tells her that she had the opportunity to make peace in the family earlier and that she blew it. Stephanie reminds her that Brooke wants to be a part of the family, but that her actions earlier were not indicative of that. Brooke tells Stephanie that the timing wasn’t right. Stephanie tells her that if she is a person of real substance that she will stand up to Ridge.

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