B&B Friday Update 11/19/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/19/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

At the mansion, Brooke and Ridge discuss their differences. Ridge is upset to see that his wife thinks that he is jealous of Thorne. Brooke only knows that Thorne isn’t getting treated the same as the other competitors. Ridge admits that Thorne is treated differently. He stole designs, and wasn’t prosecuted for that.

Jackie is in the house with a roaring fire.

Deacon shows up in the room. Jackie isn’t happy to see him there. Nick would walk in at any moment. Deacon has papers with him. He is urging Jackie to make some moves legally. Jackie is afraid that she will be expected to take her own son to court. Deacon looks through the papers in the envelope that he has with him. He comes across a purchase agreement. He is stunned. The company is in her name. All of it. She had no idea.

Eric and Stephanie are upset that Ridge is pointing his anger at Thorne, and using the company to do it.

Thorne and Darla arrive at the house and they learn that there has been no news yet about Nick selling Spectra clothing.

Ridge tells Brooke that Thorne is the one that has been making things personal. Ridge says that the clause that is in Nick’s contract is standard, and other buyers have the same clause in their contracts. Brooke would like him to make an exception for the whole family. They just got over one family crisis, and don’t need another one.

Stephanie really believes that Brooke will not go against Ridge for Thorne and Spectra. She would be protecting Ridge, but Stephanie doesn’t believe that she will go against him. Darla really thinks that Brooke will do the right thing. This will not be easy for Brooke. Thorne would like to go over there, but they can’t do that, as they have no idea if Brooke has even broached the subject yet.

Jackie is beside herself with the information that she has just gotten. She can’t believe that Massimo has done this wonderful thing for her. Deacon wants Jackie to rejoin the living and stop moping. He grabs her hands and leads her from the room. He has a surprise for her.

Ridge hates that Brooke is confronting him with all of this stuff. Brooke has to talk to Ridge about this, as Ridge didn’t talk to anyone about this decision that he was going to make. He says that he did that because he knew that she would be with him on this. He will not have Spectra associated with Forrester.

The doorbell rings. Brooke wonders who is there, but is glad for the break in the conversation. Brooke goes to answer the door and finds the family there. She is not happy about this. They didn’t even give her enough time to talk to Ridge properly. Thorne and Darla, and Eric and Stephanie enter the home. Stephanie is sure that she read Brooke right and that she hadn’t done what she said that she would try to do. Thorne asks Brooke if she has spoken to Ridge yet.

Ridge is in the room but no one seems to notice yet that he is there. “Did Brooke talk to me about what?”

The family says that they wanted to know how Ridge’s trip went. Ridge says that he had to make people aware that Spectra is not in cahoots with Forrester. Ridge says that Jackie M is for Forrester, and therefore, Thorne will have to find another distributor for his designs. Eric says that this isn’t how Forrester does business. Thorne tells Ridge that Nick would like to carry Spectra designs, but that means nothing to Ridge. Brooke was trying to help with this, but she had no time to talk to Ridge about this. Ridge can see that he is the odd man out. Eric understands why Ridge has made this decision, but that will not stop Ridge from sticking to it. Thorne tells Ridge that this competition has gone too far. Thorne warns that if necessary, a vote will be taken on this issue.

Deacon takes Jackie to the boutique to have a look around. A man who works there tries stopping them from entering, but once he realizes that he is talking to Jackie M, he backs up. The assistant manager greets Jackie and Deacon, offering to get them tea.

Once Deacon and Jackie are alone again, Jackie expresses that she shouldn’t be there. She would like to go now.

Jackie feels terrible being at the boutique. Massimo gave her the company as a show of faith, and she feels that she has betrayed him. Deacon says that Massimo gave her the boutique because he knows that she is a good businessperson.

The assistant manager returns with Jackie’s tea. Her associate has a question. He would like to enter sizes into the computer, but he isn’t familiar with the European codes. Jackie is right on it. She walks off to the computer to fix the problem, with Deacon smiling after her.

Ridge feels that Thorne is playing a guilt trip on the family to get what he wants. Eric tells that he knows that Ridge overheard what was said about Thorne being the only one. Ridge is clearly disappointed in Brooke for telling the family this personal thing. Eric is sorry that he has hurt his son’s feelings. Ridge denies that this has anything to do with his being jealous of Thorne. Ridge asks the family to leave, so that he can talk to his wife about this. Thorne will leave, but only if Ridge will give up his vendetta. Thorne feels that they should have a vote right now as to what should happen with Jackie M. Ridge reminds Thorne that the last time that he called a vote, things didn’t exactly go his way. Thorne addresses Brooke, telling her that she knows what is right, and he knows that it is hard to go against her husband, but she has to know that what Ridge is doing is wrong. Thorne knows that Brooke knows what he is saying is true. Thorne would like Brooke to show Ridge that he can’t do this. He implores her to tell Ridge that she will not accept Ridge’s decision. Brooke moves away from her husband and stands before him, searching his eyes…

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