B&B Thursday Update 11/18/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/18/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Thorne and Darla discuss stopping Ridge in his tracks with Brooke. They want her to help them have a chance at being successful.

The phone rings, and Brooke answers to Ridge. She talks for a moment, then ends the call.

Ridge will be there in a minute. Thorne and Darla decide that they shouldn’t be there when he gets home and they leave.

Thomas comes to see Caitlin at work first thing. He remembers what her favorite snacks used to be from the time when he used to see her, and he presents them to her. She can’t believe that he remembered this, and has done this for her first thing. He is really thoughtful.

Thorne and Darla are with Stephanie talking about Brooke and her decision to help them stop Ridge fighting with Spectra. They know that she is the only chance that they have to win against Ridge. Darla is hopeful, but she and Thorne can see that Stephanie is happy that Brooke is putting her head on the chopping block for the family. They wonder about why that tickles her fancy. If there is anyone that Ridge will listen to, that will be Brooke, and she knows it too. She is also a senior officer of the company, so that will make it very hard for Ridge to overrule her.

Ridge arrives home and thanks the chauffeur for his assistance at the door. Ridge is clearly glad to be home.

Ridge enters the house calling out for his wife.

Brooke arrives to greet her husband, and she is carrying their baby. The other kids are out of the house.

Ridge has presents for his family, but he is glad to have his wife to himself right now. They have a lot of catching up to do. She likes the sound of that.

Thomas is talking to Caitlin when Amber arrives and hears them in her office. Thomas is telling Caitlin that if she needs someone to sped time with because of what happened, he will be there for her. Caitlin likes that and asks Thomas to give her a hug. They hug. Amber wonders what this is about, but she says nothing and walks off.

Thorne and Darla really believes that Brooke will put up a good fight for Spectra when she talks to Ridge. Stephanie would like to believe that too, but she is beginning to have her doubts.

Ridge and Brooke put the baby down and start kissing, as they have missed each other very much.

The nanny comes into the room, announcing that she has to take the baby as there is a play date down the street. Ridge and Brooke watch as the nanny takes the child out of the room.

Ridge fills Brooke in on his meeting out of town. The questions all had to do with Spectra and why Thorne left Forrester. Spectra seems to be getting more and more press, and that bothers Ridge to no end. Ridge made this trip to do damage control, but did he really do that? His parents have been playing games with Thorne and Ridge isn’t going to allow that to go on anymore.

Amber goes to see Caitlin after Thomas has left. She just drops in and Caitlin isn’t really used to Amber doing that. Caitlin thinks that Amber is there to rub it in, since Rick and she are not together anymore. Amber had no idea. She really thought that Caitlin and Rick had something special. Amber offers to be a friend to Caitlin if she really needs one. She will be there for the girl.

Thorne and Darla hope that Brooke will be able to convince Ridge to drop his vendetta against Thorne and Spectra. If not, there might have to be a vote.

Brooke tells Ridge that his ultimatum to Nick has the office bussing. She points out that not everyone at Forrester agrees with the way that Ridge is handling things. Nick feels that he is being put in an unfair position. Ridge respects his brother but Nick has no idea what the fashion industry is all about. Brooke tells Ridge that this has to do with his parents. They seem to think that Ridge is doing more harm than good with all this. Ridge is more interested in what Logan thinks. Does she think that he is doing more harm than good?

Caitlin reminds Amber that they are not friends, so why would Amber want to be friendly to her? After all, Amber threw coffee on her. Amber says that was wrong and in fact there is no reason to fight. They have a lot in common.

They are both talented, and they were raised with very little money. They also are involved with the Forresters, and they both care for Rick and always will. That is why Amber feels that if Caitlin needs to blow off steam, she should call Amber, and she and Thomas will be more than happy to escort her places. Caitlin thanks Amber for her support. Caitlin knows that she needs all the friends that she can get right now.

Amber leaves the office, and once outside she tells herself that they will all be great friends, as long as Caitlin keeps her hands off Thomas.

Stephanie is afraid that Brooke might not be able to stand up to Ridge. Brooke has been waiting years to be married to Ridge, and that is the most important thing to her. Brooke has surprised Stephanie before, but never in a way like this.

Brooke starts her rant. She loves working with her husband, but in this instance, she really thinks that Ridge is overreacting. Thorne is his brother, but Ridge sees that Thorne was disloyal by walking out, and stealing designs. They would have sued anyone else that did this. Ridge will not budge on his stance. He will take the distribution of Forrester elsewhere if Nick will not do what he is told. Ridge will not hand over the keys to the fashion industry to Spectra. Brooke reminds Ridge that the product that Spectra has put out is really very good, and Ridge said so himself. She sees no threat, but this ultimatum may get to the press. This could be a bad business move. This in fact is personal. Brooke knows that this started when Ridge heard Eric tell Thorne that he was the only son. Ridge denies that what he heard wasn’t a big deal. Thorne is in fact their only son.

Brooke knows that Ridge’s self-esteem has been hurt. Things have change. Thorne has found his way at Spectra, and he is being accepted in the fashion world. Ridge denies that he is just doing this to get even. Brooke tells him that is exactly what she thinks.

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