B&B Wednesday Update 11/17/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/17/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Rick goes home after telling Caitlin that he canít see her anymore. She ran out of the restaurant with tears in her eyes, not believing that Rick didn't want to see her anymore. She couldnít bear the hurt of sitting there with him and having dinner after what he had told her.

He bumps into Thomas on his way into the house. Thomas can sense that something is wrong with the man. He senses that this has to do with Caitlin, and asks Rick if what is wrong.

Caitlin is in bed and her face is wet with tears. It has been a horrible night. She has been crying ever since she got home. She remembers Rick telling her that he didn’t want to hurt her, as he was letting her go. She looks at pictures of them together.

There is a knock at the door and Caitlin rushes to hide the pictures in her hand. She also wipes away the tears from her eyes. Caitlin answers the door to her father. The door was locked and her father is concerned. When he sees his daughterís face, he can see that something is wrong. She tells him that things are over with Rick. She sees now that she was only a distraction to Rick. It is over now.

Her father takes her in his arms and holds her closely to him.

Rick tells Thomas that he is taking a break from Caitlin. They were doing well, but Rick says that they realized that they have different things going on. Rick has to look out for Forrester International, and he would like Caitlin to get on with Prom and things like that. Thomas doesn’t believe that for a minute. Maybe Rick has a different girl. Rick denies that. Thomas says that Rick should really think about this before Caitlin gets away.

Caitlin can see that her father was right about everything he said about the Forresters. Her father isn’t glad to be right. She wonders why her father wants to keep her around anyway. She used to cause such problems. Who did she think that she was anyway? She was hanging around with people at Forrester, and socializing with them. She took her family for granted, and she can see that now. Her father accepts her apology now. Her father feels more sorry for Rick than anyone else. He will never find another girl like Caitlin again.

Thorne is waiting to see if his parents will support him, and go against Ridge when it comes to having Spectra and Forrester have their clothes on the same rack at Jackie M. Stephanie and Eric feel that Thorne hears about what really has been bothering Ridge all this time, and making him act like such a jerk. They tell him that Ridge overheard his parents telling Thorne that he is their only son. Thorne finds nothing spectacular about that at all. He has been listening to them talk about Ridge this way for years. So what? Thorne would like to keep this meeting about business, and he asks his parents and Brooke again if they will stand with him and support his right to have Spectra designs next to Forrester’s on the shelves. He knows that Brooke knows that this is the right thing to do, although she is married to Ridge.

Brooke admits that she was impressed with Spectra’s showing, but in her eyes, Spectra hasn’t proven themselves yet. Thorne would like her to save not only him, but his brother from himself.

Caitlin wonders if Rick is losing any sleep over her this night.

Sam is walking by Caitlin’s room, and she hears the talk that Caitlin is having with her father.

Caitlin is wondering if she will find someone like her parents found each other. She is young, but still, she would like to be with Rick, and she misses him so much, it hurts.

Sam listens as Caitlin’s father comforts her, and she can’t help but be proud of the way that he has handled things.

Rick thinks that Caitlin might be waiting for him when he gets back. Who knows what the future might bring for them?

Thomas canít believe that Rick is being so ridiculous, thinking that Caitlin will be waiting when he gets back. Rick has to go. He has a trip to make.

Once alone, Thomas goes to the phone and dials Caitlin’s number which he still knows by heart. He pauses before dialing, but then goes ahead with it. When she realizes who is on the phone, she becomes very happy. She would have preferred to have heard from Rick, but this is okay. She is glad to hear from Thomas at this time when she needs to talk to a friend.

Sam is downstairs working when her husband comes down to talk to her. Sam admits that she knows what happened to Caitlin. She heard the girl talking to her father. She didn’t want to interrupt, and sees that she didn’t have to. She knows that Lorenzo is really glad that Caitlin has broken up with Rick. He is glad that the girl has realized that she was wrong. Lorenzo told the girl that Rick wasn’t good enough for her, and he was right.

Thomas explains that he has just seen Rick and that he knows what happened. Thomas knows that this was totally Rick’s loss. She finds Thomas sweet. Thomas hates being called that. She changes her adjective and calls him manly instead. She tells him that she is fine now. He offers to be there if she needs someone to talk to. They will see each other at work the next day.

Brooke feels that she is being put in a bad position. She only knows of this deal being made with Nick. Eric knows that once the other buyers hear that Jackie M is freezing Spectra out, then they too will not order from Spectra. Thorne reminds Brooke that he was a success and he was relieved because he thought that he did the impossible, and that now the family can heal. However, Ridge is making this situation go from bad to worse. Brooke can change all this.

The phone rings. Stephanie can tell from the display that Ridge is calling. Brooke answers the phone. She exchanges small talk with Ridge and then hangs up. She tells Brooke that she can’t make an executive decision, not now. Ridge will be back the following day. Brooke finds that she can’t blindsight her husband this day. Stephanie asks Brooke to remember the times when she asked Stephanie to accept that she always wanted to do the right thing for the family. This is a perfect opportunity for Brooke to prove what she offered to do so long ago. If she believes that this is a strong marriage, a good marriage, then Brooke has no choice but to stand up to Ridge and show him what is right. Stephanie is going to count on Brooke to do this thing for the family.

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