B&B Tuesday Update 11/16/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/16/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Brooke comes to see Stephanie and Eric about Thorne and what she has just learned from the Spectra team. There is a problem that Brooke feels that needs to be addressed. No one is picking up the Spectra line.

Stephanie is sure that once Jackie M picks up the line, all the other buyers will fall into line. Brooke says that Nick will not pick up the line because of Ridge. Ridge told Nick that if he was going to pick up the Spectra line, Forrester wouldn’t put their clothes in the boutiques.

Caitlin and Rick are at dinner at Café Rousse. They are being seated. Caitlin is thrilled that the waiter remembered her name, as she doesn’t come there very often. Rick and Caitlin sit at their table and wait for the waiter to return for their orders. Caitlin says that in a month, things will be even better when Rick is back from Europe. She is sure that that they will be more in love than ever.

Rick seems to have something to say to Caitlin but he can’t seem to bring himself to get it out onto the table. They remembered the first time that Rick brought her there. She says that after the first few moments, all that Caitlin could think about was Caitlin. She waits to see if he will say the same to her. Rick is silent.

The waiter comes to take Rick and Caitlin’s order. They are speechless, with Caitlin searching Rick’s eyes to see what really is there.

Stephanie says that Ridge isn’t authorized to make decisions about who does and doesn’t do business with them. Eric is furious. Eric and Stephanie are shocked to hear that Thorne knows that Ridge has done this to him.

Nick discusses the exclusivity clause with Thorne that Ridge brought to his attention. Nick knows that this is all about risk. If he takes on Spectra, then he will lose Forrester. That is not good business. Thorne reminds Nick that this is personal, and that he is being used to make a point.

Nick feels that he is being threatened now by Thorne, but Thorne is only there to help. Thorne knows that Nick doesn’t do business this way. Ridge seems to be making Jackie M his turf. If Nick gives in now, Ridge will always demand more. Thorne wants Nick to throw Ridge out the next time that he tries this. Nick knows that this isn’t about running Jackie M, but about running Spectra out of business. Thorne could see if Ridge was trying to help Forrester, but this is just personal. Nick maintains that he is not anybody’s fool. Thorne would like Nick to do something, but Nick will not stand up and rally for Spectra. Nick likes what Thorne is doing, and what Felicia is doing. They are natural allies. They are the same. Their backs are against the wall, but Thorne is sure that they can change this.

Caitlin tells how she has this great idea of how she and Rick could call each other and make things still work out. Caitlin is sorry that Rick has to go, but Rick wants to go. If he has to worry about having to contact Caitlin at every turn, that will distract him from what he is trying to do for his father. Rick is sure that Caitlin can understand what he is saying here.

Thorne tells how he spoke to Brooke, and may have gotten through to her. Thorne may have the majority of the shareholders on his side. That would solve all his problems. Thorne knows that way could work, but it doesn’t have to come to that. Nick likes Spectra, but his position is very clear, and Thorne can see that. Nick will play ball though, if Forrester agrees to let Spectra play the game. Nick does like the dresses that Spectra makes. That is all that Thorne needs to hear.

Brooke stands up for her husband’s point of view. She can understand why Ridge would make a demand like he has on Nick. It is perfectly understandable to her that Ridge would do whatever he could to protect the identity of the company. She says that the buyers are going to get confused by Spectra working so closely with Forrester. Two Forrester brothers run the companies, and suppliers have already made the mistake of thinking that an order for Forrester was for Spectra. Eric understands Ridge’s point of view, but he really hates the tactics that Ridge is using to get things done. Stephanie sees that something must be bothering Ridge and she turns to Brooke for an answer.

Brooke agrees that something is bothering her husband. This is about Ridge overhearing what Eric said after the showing. Stephanie remembers this. Ridge heard Eric say to Thorne that he is the only son. Ridge wasn’t supposed to hear that, but Thorne needed to hear this. Brooke says that Ridge has been hurting over this. Ridge needs his parents support now as much as Thorne does.

Thorne enters the office, glad to find his parents there together. He tells them that he is going to need their support now, more than he ever has before.

Rick tells Caitlin that she is doing what most girls would do. She is planning when he will call her, and when she will call him. He isn’t going to be available all the time for her. He will not be available for her and will not put his life on hold for her. He doesn’t want her to put her life on hold for him either. She should be enjoying g more things in her life now.

She has to see that he works for Forrester International now, and will be busy. She has her job, and Forrester, and her family. Things have been moving very fast for them. She didn’t get to spend time with her family, and that is his fault, and he doesn’t want that for her. She is crying now. He asks her not to. He still cares for her, but he lost a lot of his life with Amber, and he will not let that happen to her. She says that she gets it, and he doesn't have to explain to her anymore. She gets it. They have to face reality. She can’t stay anymore. She wipes her face, and runs off from the table. Rick calls to her, but she is already gone.

Thorne talks to his parents about the way that Ridge has been acting. Thorne says that he went to Nick and tried to change his mind about the ultimatum that Ridge put on him. Nick had to pay attention. The other buyers will be watching this. Eric knows that there is nothing inferior about Spectra, and the people that work for that company are not inferior either. Nick says that he would carry Spectra, but only if Forrester gave him the green light. Eric and Stephanie would have to go up against Ridge to get this done.

Thorne would like to have Ridge see that this is over. Brooke loves her husband, but Thorne knows that Brooke doesn’t support this. There has been too much harm. Thorne has stood up to Ridge, but now it is his parents turn. Thorne needs his mother to show that the favoritism between Ridge and he is over. Stephanie looks over at Eric to answer this. Thorne asks his father next. “Will you do that dad? For me?”

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