B&B Monday Update 11/15/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/15/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Thorne can tell that his brother isn’t being truthful when he says that he wants to have peace with the family. He tells Brooke that if she wants to see peace in the family, this is her chance to help attain it.

Caitlin is working when her father comes to see her. He remembers her being upset at the celebration after hearing that Rick is going away for a month. Caitlin knows that Rick will call her everyday, and they will talk. Her father could see that Caitlin didn’t even know that Rick was going on this trip. She is fine with just hearing the news. She is glad that her father cares for her. She will see him at home later. The two hug.

Thomas and Amber are in the Forrester building kissing. Thomas wants her to go so that they don’t get caught. Thomas takes her arms from his neck, telling her that they can’t do this right now. Amber isn’t happy by the way that he is treating her.

Rick is hard at work with the models doing alterations. Meagan is taking notes about the changes that are to be made on the dresses. Rick looks up and finds that Caitlin is standing in the doorway. He calls her in, but then immediately ignores her, following the models out of the room, shouting out more instructions.

Felicia and Spectra discuss with Brooke how Ridge has been forcing Nickís hand in the way of whose clothes Jackie M will sell. Brooke feels that Thorne has been trying to make her feel guilty about Forrester and the way that Ridge has been acting as their leader.

Brooke turns to Thorne telling him not to take the high ground with her. She remembers him breaking the law not long ago to get his way in the business. No one did anything to him because of what he did.

Thorne understands Brooke’s way of thinking, but he reminds her that his company will be torpedoed by Ridge’s stance with Nick. People will be out of jobs if Ridge has his way. Brooke finds Ridge’s action to be a sound business decision. Thorne knows Brooke and he knows Ridge and he knows that Brooke can see that this is more of a personal nature than a business move.

Caitlin and Rick finally get a moment alone, thanks to her persistence. He thinks that she is upset that he is leaving, but she says that she isn’t. Everyone has been asking her about the trip and how she is feeling. He assures her that the business trip is not a big deal at all. He offers to take her to dinner that night at Café Rousse. She agrees, and runs off to get ready.

Amber feels that Thomas is being uptight. He denies that he is uptight, but behind, having a lot of work to do. Amber knows that things have been hard on the both of them, but she is glad to be in the house. Thomas is clearly uncomfortable. Amber sees Taylor’s picture, and realizes that Thomas is uncomfortable kissing in front of his mother’s picture.

Caitlin has come into the hallway, and she hears Amber talking to Thomas. She listens for a while.

Amber sees that she can’t take Thomas’s attention from his work as hard as she tries, and she leaves him to it, offering to meet up with him later for fun and games. He agrees to see her then. Thomas is trying to be responsible, and doesn't want his family to find him messing around when he should be busy at work. He is trying to stay focused.

After Amber is gone, the door slowly opens. Caitlin hid while Amber was leaving, but she is back again. Caitlin is in the doorway, knowing that she can talk to Thomas now. Thomas smiles when he sees her standing there. She smiles back at him.

Caitlin comes into the office where Thomas is working, and talks with Thomas for a while. Thomas hasnít been talking to his dad in a while. Caitlin knows that Thomas must really be missing his mother right now. What would she be feeling about Thomas and Amber?

Thomas knows that his mother would listen before making up her mind. Caitlin knows that Taylor wouldnít be cool with the things that Amber has been doing lately.

Thorne reminds Brooke that Ridge is sabotaging his brother and sister. They all grew up together; but Ridge has always been stubborn and cocky, but never vindictive. That is something new. Thorne stole some designs, but he knew that he was wrong to do that. Ridge on the other hand is going to feel sick, and stay that way.

Felicia lives with Ridge and she sees how angry Ridge has become. Thorne hasnít been trying to take over Forrester; he has been trying to move on. Thorne thought that Ridge was on the right track and being sincere. Brooke believes that he was being sincere. Thorne can see that something has happened between Ridge congratulating Thorne for his success, and now. What has made him so bitter?

Caitlin thinks that Thomas has changed, and Thomas agrees. He feels like a man now that he has been in a relationship with Amber. Caitlin knows that Thomas isn’t a man because of the sex that he is having with Amber. Thomas feels that Caitlin is judging him and he doesn’t like it. Caitlin knows that things got messed up with them, but she would like to be friends. She knows what it is like to be cut off from family and friends. She knows now that her family was only concerned for her. Thomas is not in the mood for a lecture. She knows how he feels, and offers him something else to make him feel better. She throws her arms around Thomas’s neck and hugs him.

Thorne pleads his case. He shows Brooke the trophy that Stephanie and Eric gave him that day. They are not going to like the fact that Ridge has been working against them. The family will be divided again. Brooke knows that will be true, and that Stephanie will blame her for this. Brooke feels that the group is trying to set her against her husband. Brooke feels that she is making a business decision to side with her husband. Thorne knows that the competition should be over. They should be moving on. Ridge is holding a grudge, and Thorne feels that Brooke knows why. Thorne knows that this kind of jealousy and animosity can cause a lot of pain in a family, Brooke has lived it. Thorne stole from his family and lost all of his perspective, but Ridge has Brooke who can get him to back down and drop this vendetta. She begs Brooke to do this for Spectra, but if not, then she should do it for Ridge.

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