B&B Friday Update 11/12/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/12/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Thorne goes back to the office to show off the trophy that Forrester gave him at the party that they had for him. Eric was supportive, but Ridge still isn’t. Sally tells how Ridge has been putting the screws to Nick. Ridge has been trying to control Spectra’s sales with Jackie M by threatening Nick. Forrester will not share shelf space with Spectra Fashions, at least that what Ridge thinks.

Brooke knows that Nick isn’t going to be happy with her telling him that Jackie and Deacon have real feelings for each other. Jackie didn’t act like this was a fling. She is very thankful for everything that Deacon has done for her. Nick has taken care of Massimo, moving him somewhere where Jackie doesn’t know. Nick can’t even believe that Jackie has allowed Deacon to be near his father for all this time. He will not let Jackie anywhere near Massimo.

Deacon is happy that Jackie is with him now. They have had the big discussion with Nick and the story is finally out. Jackie has told Brooke the truth, and he is sure that Brooke will go to Nick and tell him the truth as well sealing what Deacon knew all along, that Jackie and he were going to get together at some point, and that everyone is going to have to deal with that. Jackie is still worried about Massimo, but Deacon only sees that Jackie is free now for the rest of her life. He continues to tell her that she owes Massimo nothing.

Nick thinks that Deacon is a con man, working on his mother. Brooke is not sure that Deacon is conning Jackie at this time.

The buzzer goes off, and Nick learns that Felicia is on the line. Nick tells the secretary that he will call her back later. Brooke offers to go, but Nick doesn’t mind talking to her right now.

Felicia goes to Thorne and Darla and tells them that she tried to reach Nick but she couldnít. The team is worried that Ridge has gotten to Nick and maybe he will not buy Spectra fashions.

Thorne says that this will not stand. Eric will not have it. Ridge is going to have to get it through his big head that he canít play these stupid tricks anymore. The days of Thorne taking it is over, and the days of Ridge dishing it out is over too.

Sally told Nick that Eric wouldn’t agree with what Ridge tried to play out, and because of that, it won’t happen unless Eric says that it will. Thorne says that it doesn’t matter what Eric thinks. Ridge is the power player over there. Eric is just a figurehead. Clarke supports that. He knows that to be true.

Felicia finds that it is very rude if this is true. Ridge shouldn’t overrule Eric ever. Brooke would have to go along with this too. Would she go against Ridge and do this? Sally feels that Brooke will stay out of this. Sally really thinks that they might lose this one.

Brooke finds it very strange that Nick didn’t take Felicia’s call just now. She knows that they are good friends, so why did his avoid her call? Nick says that Ridge ordered him not to deal with them for the good of the business. Brooke makes it known that this wasn’t a family decision. She uses Brooke’s phone, and calls Ridge.

She gets Ridge who just tried to reach her at home. Brooke puts Ridge on speaker with Nick. Brooke asks Ridge if he did in fact tell Nick that he wouldn’t get his fashions if he dealt with Spectra. Ridge admits that there are contract obligations. Brooke sees that Ridge is putting his brother in a very bad position. Ridge says that he is only protecting the name Forrester at any cost. Ridge said that he tried to get another supplier and that person on the phone thought that Forrester was somehow affiliated with Spectra. Ridge had to set that straight. Brooke knows that Spectra could be put out of business over this. Nick finds this ludicrous. He is screwing his brother and sister over. Ridge points out that companies like this usually fail. Ridge feels that he is doing Nick a favor. Ridge heads out to a meeting.

Brooke says that she will be the one to go to the family about this. Nick didn’t mean to put her to any trouble. She assures him that she will be fine. Dealing with angry Forresters is her forté.

Felicia calls over to Nick’s office again but he is gone for the day. The team at Spectra is trying to read into all this. Darla knows that Ridge loves Eric and respects him. He might back down when he realizes how much his parents want Thorne to succeed. This might all come down to Brooke.

There is a knock at the door. Thorne opens up to Brooke. She comes in. She announces that she is there because of Ridge’s decision not to share shelf space with Ridge. She only found out about this a few minutes ago. Felicia can’t believe that Ridge thought that he would get away with this. He didn’t even tell his family. Brooke tells how the image of Forrester has been getting tied up with Spectra’s, and that is what Ridge would like to avoid. This statement offends Felicia. Thorne never wanted to close anyone else down. He just wanted to compete. Thorne has to sell his clothes to the high-tiered boutiques. If not, then he will be shut down. Thorne wants her to tell him that she will not let Thorne do this to Spectra. She is the only one that can stop Ridge. They are depending on her.

Massimo is in the hospital, and the doctors discuss his case at his bedside.

Nick comes in and is introduced to the specialist from China. Massimo has been responding very well with his new treatments. They turn to Massimo. Nick searches the man’s face.

Jackie is pacing back and forth, very upset. Deacon wants her to stop this. Jackie wanted to bring her family together. She did but not the way that she expected. She expected excellence, as that was what people always expected from her. Deacon tells her that she is free now, and she can be funky, spicy Jackie. Jackie tried to handle the family, but the harder she tried, the harder it got. It doesn’t matter what she does; she just causes them more pain. That is why Deacon wants her to stop this and don’t do it anymore. She has been living most of her life for everyone else. It hurts, but it is okay. Deacon tells Jackie that she is his now, and that he will never let her go.

The doctor calls to Massimo. “Your son is here”. Massimo opens his eyes, and looks directly at his son. He seems to be trying to mouth the word, ‘Nick’. It is very hard for him.

Nick waits patiently for him to finish making his first word. Nick jumps back a bit when he hears the word that Massimo has tried his best to say… “Jay…Jay…Jaqu……e…lin.

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