B&B Thursday Update 11/11/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/11/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

A rehearsal is taking place with the best fashions Forrester has to show now. The family and staff watches as the models show the wares, and then they clap at the end of the showing.

Eric jokes that he stole some of his ideas for the designs from Caitlin who is sitting with the group. Her parents are very happy for her as they watch the show. She has done a remarkable job, and has been learning a great deal. Eric has invited Thorne and Darla to the showroom. Eric is putting the past behind them and introducing Thorne and Darla into the family. They are already family. Eric is very proud of the work that Thorne has been doing over at Spectra Couture.

Nick gets a call from a frantic Jackie, who is afraid as Massimo is missing from the house. Nick did that himself. He thought that it would be better for Massimo to be somewhere else. Jackie is still Massimo’s wife, and she has rights, but Nick will not talk about this now. He hangs up on her.

Nick leaves his office and finds Sally waiting for him in the outer office. She decided to take the mountain to Mohammed instead of waiting for him to come to her. Nick hasn’t been around to see Sally because Ridge had come over to Nick and he had told him that if Spectra’s clothes are in Jackie’s boutiques, he will not allow Forrester Designs there as well. That explains why Nick hasn’t been jumping all over her with orders as she expected.

Brooke comes to see Jackie at her house. As soon as Jackie sees her, she knows why the woman is there. Brooke is very insistent on talking to Jackie. Brooke gives her regrets about Massimo’s stroke, but that is not the real reason for her visit. Jackie knows that Brooke is there about her relationship with Deacon. Brooke says that Nick is really worried about his mother. Jackie has been going through a difficult time, hell actually. Jackie hates seeing the man that she loves reduced to a shell. Massimo recognizes no one. Jackie prayed for something to bring the man back but there has been no change, and the doctors don’t expect a change. It is because of that, Jackie has been thinking about her relationship with Deacon.

Sally can’t believe her ears. Ridge is threatening Nick to keep Spectra down and out of the fashion world. Nick points out to Sally that if Forrester pulls out of working with Jackie, other designers will too. Sally knows that she has won her standing in the fashion world. She can’t believe that Eric would be okay with something like this. Would Nick allow Spectra fashions to sell to them, if Eric proved that he didn’t have the same feelings as Thorne did?

The Forresters give Thorne a trophy with the Forrester name and logo on it, and they have a cake and champagne set up to celebrate Thorne’s good fortune. Thorne make a toast. He may have moved to Spectra, but he still loves the people at Forrester.

Brooke doesn’t want to intrude, but she does have a thing or two to say about Deacon. She had had a history with the man, and Jackie is aware of that history. Deacon is very different from Massimo. Jackie loves her husband, but he can be quite rigid. He loves to have things a certain way. Brooke knows that what Jackie is saying is true. Jackie can be freer with Deacon. He can be very kind. Deacon helped her discover herself.

Jackie went from being miserable to be happy, and doing things that she never did before. Still, she went to Massimo again, but now he is gone. Deacon is now ready to fill the void. Jackie can see that Brooke thinks that Deacon is using her. Brooke actually thinks that Deacon and Brooke are using each other.

Deacon shows up at the house, and overhears Jackie talking to Brooke. He hears Brooke asking Jackie if she is in love with Deacon. Deacon asks Brooke, “Isn’t everybody?” Brooke watches as Deacon enters the room and walks over to Jackie planting a kiss on her cheek. That makes Brooke uncomfortable.

Caitlin talks to her father as they eat cake. He is still feeling a little negative about the Forresters, but she just ignores that. Her father sees that things are going god for his daughter at this time, but she isn’t really part of the family, and things could change for her at any time.

Caitlin gets up leaving her father, and sees Rick standing with his father talking, she waves to him, and he waves back briefly, but turning back to his father immediately. She feels slighted by his momentary notice of her.

Eric talks some more about the way that Forrester will be forging ahead. That is when the announcement comes that Rick will be traveling to Europe to promote the company. Caitlin had no idea. Rick tells the group that he only just found out.

Nick is not impressed about Eric disagreeing with Ridge, and how much pull that might have with Ridge. Ridge has more power at this time over at Forrester, and everyone knows it. Sally can see that Nick doesn’t understand how things work over there. After all these years, she has the goods to compete with Forrester, and that is being taken from her. This isn’t right. Nick has to know in his heart that this isn’t right.

Caitlin goes to sit alone in a corner with her cake.

Rick sees Caitlin alone, and he goes over to her and sits. Both seem very sad. He apologizes for not telling her about his trip. He was waiting for the right time to tell her all about the trip. She can see that this is a done deal. Rick says that he will be gone for only a month. If she wasn’t in school, she would go with him, she says, but Rick knows that her parents wouldn’t like that at all.

Caitlin’s father watches the kids as they talk.

Rick decides that he should talk to his brother before he leaves. He leans over to kills Caitlin, but her father is watching, and so Rick only hugs her.

Caitlin’s parents see Rick leave their daughter, and then they see Caitlin walk off in some other direction. What was that all about? It seems that Caitlin just got the brush off.

Deacon knows that Brooke is thinking that he is doing something wrong and underhanded with Jackie. Deacon says that this thing that he has with Jackie is real. Jackie is home to him. Wherever Jackie is, will be home to Deacon. Brooke asks Jackie if Deacon is home to her too. She admits that she feels the same way that Deacon does. She hopes that her son will be able to forgive her for this. Deacon wants Brooke to tell Nick that he has nothing to worry about because Jackie has changed him. Jackie deserves the best, and Deacon wants Jackie to be happy, and that can’t happen in the life that she has with Massimo at this time. This is love. Deacon kisses Jackie. Brooke watches this whole scene play out, but isn’t necessarily buying.

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