B&B Wednesday Update 11/10/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/10/04


By Boo

Brookeís office:

Brooke is relieved to see Nick when he comes to visit. She was just getting ready to dive into some very involved work. Nick is giving her a good excuse to procrastinate.

Nick tells her that he found out last night what caused his father to have a stroke. Brooke is confused and asks him if the doctors ran more tests. Nick tells her no, his mother told him what caused the stroke. Brooke doesnít understand. Nick explains that Jackie told him that she and Massimo were arguing. Brooke doesnít think an argument would cause a stroke. Nick explains that they were arguing because Jackie had just told him that she was seeing another man. Brooke is shocked to hear this and asks how long it was going on. Nick tells her that the only thing he knows for sure is that when Jackie told Massimo about the affair, he collapsed. Nick tells her that the real reason he is there to talk to her, is because she is the only person that can give him the information that he needs. Brooke is confused again, until Nick tells her that the person Jackie was having an affair with was Deacon Sharpe. Brooke asks if he thinks Deacon is pulling some kind of scam on Jackie. Nick tells her that he doesnít know what is going on.

When Brooke asks what Deacon and Jackie have to say about it, he tells her that Deacon claims he is in love with Jackie. Nick remembers that Brooke once told him that Deacon takes advantage of vulnerable women. It is clear that he is very worried about his mother. Brooke tells him that her and Deacon were both very different people back when they were together. Deacon has stopped drinking now, and she knows that he really does adore his daughter. She wonít say that Deacon has made 180 turn around, but she knows that he is capable of real feelings. She canít assure him though that Deaconís feelings for Jackie are real. She asks if Jackie is in love with Deacon. Nick doesnít know, she didnít say. That could have been because they were in the same room with Massimo. Nick just canít believe that his mother and father fought so hard to be together, and now it may end like this. He gets a call from Massimoís doctor and takes off for the mansion.

Marone Mansion:

Audrey lets Dr. Whittman in and takes him to Massimo. Audrey tells him that she tried calling Nick at work, but he wasnít there. Dr. Whittman tells her not to worry about it right now, he will get ahold of Nick if there is something to report. He asks her to repeat to him what she saw Massimo do.

The doc sets up some machines and starts running all kinds of tests. He is very pleased at what he finds. He calls Nick on his cell phone and asks him to come to the mansion as soon as possible. When Nick shows up, the doctor explains that he has been running some test including an EEG. An amazed Nick watches as the doctor tells Massimo to open and close his eyes, and Massimo does as he is told. The doc explains some of the test results as Nick goes to his father and holds his hand. He asks Massimo to give him any kind of sign that he is in there and knows what is going on.

Massimo squeezes Nickís hand. Nick reports this to the doctor. Dr. Whittman tells Nick of another doctor, a specialist, that is town now, and recommends that they take Massimo to him for treatment. Nick agrees quickly and the doctor goes to use the phone to make the arrangements. Nick talks to Massimo and tells him that they are going to do everything they can to help him. He begs Massimo to come back to them because he misses his father.

Thorne and Darlaís house:

Thorne is on the phone talking to someone about Spectra Couture. He tries to assure the potential buyer that their whole line is original. When the call is over, he is frustrated that the news got out that their whole first line were knockoffs and worries that they will never be able to get the respect that they need to make a go of it. Darla understands that they need a buyer like Jackie M. One that is respected in the fashion world. As always, Darla goes into her little pep talk to pull Thorne out of his down mood. She tells him that even if the line never makes it, he accomplished a great deal when Eric told him that he was proud of him. Thorne tells her that Ridge had that approval all of his life, that is why Ridge was able to accomplish so much. Darla tells him that it makes his accomplishment even more amazing because he came from behind. She tells him that the hard part is over now. Now he can forge ahead without all those wounds from the past. She understands that when Eric gave Thorneís his approval, it must have been one of the most important moments in Thorneís life. Thorne agrees that it was a big one, but the most important thing in his life is her. He tells her that even if he fell flat on his face, he is the luckiest man in the world. He is very thankful that he has her to come home to. Darla teases him by starting to unbutton her shirt. Thorne playfully objects that he needs to get to the office, but then gives in and proclaims that Sally can handle the meeting.

Coffee Shop:

Jackie sits at a table as Deacon approaches her. He admits that he followed her there because he was worried about her after what happened last night with Nick. Jackie wishes that Nick understood that she never meant to hurt Massimo.

Deacon tells her that Nick does understand, he was just in a bit of shock and was lashing out. Jackie asks Deacon if he is okay. Deacon tells her that he is fine. He tells her that he is kind of happy about what happened last night. Now it is out in the open and they donít have to sneak around anymore. Jackie thinks he is getting ahead of himself. He tells her that he knows that she thinks that she has to stay true to Massimo, but she really doesnít. He knows that Nick will forgive her because he loves her and doesnít want to lose her. Some day she will wake up and discover that she has forgiven herself. Jackie is very confused about her feelings. Deacon doesnít believe that. He thinks that she knows exactly what she wants and is just afraid to go after it. Jackie is uncomfortable talking about this, but Deacon continues to try to convince her. He knows that she remembers the wonderful days they spent on the beach and the nights they spent making love. He believes that she wants all of that back as much as he does. He tells her not to worry about what someone writes up in some society column. He only cares about what Jackie Payne thinks about him. She reminds him that her name is Jackie Marone. She is shocked when he tells her that he has been thinking about changing that and starts to slip her wedding ring off of her finger.

 Jackie asks him what he is suggesting. He puts the ring back on her finger and tells her that it is all up to her. She can do whatever she wants to in this world, and she can do it with whoever she wants to do it with. He knows that she thinks she needs to be there for Massimo, but he thinks that she has done a wonderful job taking care of Massimo already. He tells her that her guilt will only make her waste her life away, and that wonít bring Massimo back. Nothing will bring him back.

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