B&B Tuesday Update 11/9/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/9/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Jackie tries to comfort Nick and tell him that Massimo would come back to them if he could. Nick wonders if Massimo is in a better palace now.

Maybe he is at peace now. Jackie would like to believe that, but Nick doesn’t believe her. Jackie wanted to be a good wife, and make the home. She wanted to give Nick a family and nothing has been more important than that to Jackie. Jackie assures Nick that she went back to Massimo after Deacon. Nick only knows that Massimo honored Jackie. He flipped his life over to make things right for them. The Maroni family was going to be back together again. The family always respected family and only tried to make the rest of the family better. Nick can see that Jackie changed all that.

Stephanie can’t believe that Amber wants her to put the fate of the family in Amber’s hands. Amber remembers some of the underhanded things that the family has done to her, and that can’t be good. Thomas can’t possibly feel safe and secure waiting for his family to sabotage his plans day in and out. Amber only wants Stephanie to think about this. They would all be together. She describes something that sounds something like a Norman Rockwell painting. Amber knows that they all could be great at bringing the family together. She really thinks that this is worth a shot. Doesn’t Stephanie think that too?

Nick remembers a night when Jackie didn’t come home. Massimo was frantic, and so was Nick. He guesses that Jackie with Deacon that night. She didn’t even call.

Deacon comes down the stairs and tries to help Jackie with the questions that Nick has been posing to her. Nick tells Deacon that he is to get out of the house immediately, and that he is fired. Nick wonders what is in all this for Deacon? Is it money? Deacon tells Nick that he is in love with Jackie. Nick doesn’t want to hear this. He orders Deacon out of the house. Deacon leaves.

Jackie knows that she is as much to blame for what has happened. What is Nick going to do? Throw her out as well?

Thomas and Rick discuss the relationship that Thomas has with Amber, and Rick has to admit that Thomas must be doing something right, as Amber is a different person from the Amber that he used to know. Normally, if he came on to her the way that he did, she would have taken him back and dumped Thomas in a second. She didn’t do that. She stuck by her man.

Stephanie explains why she is the way that she is and what her thinking process is over separating Thomas and Amber.

Stephanie reminds Brooke that she has helped Brooke many times, and hasn’t always been mean to her. She gave Brooke lots of chances to redeem herself where Ridge was concerned but it never worked. Amber wonders why Stephanie even gets up in the morning if she believes that nothing is ever going to go right? The perfect woman will never come along for Ridge in Stephanie’s eyes. Stephanie said that Taylor was the perfect woman for Ridge. Amber loved her too, but she is sure that Taylor got the way that she was by trial and error. Brooke wants Stephanie to admit that Amber has passed Stephanie’s stupid little test. Amber should have freaked out on Stephanie, but she didn’t. Amber remembers the things that happened in the past, and how she handled things. She could have come down on Stephanie for ambushing her that night but the bottom line is that she doesn’t want to push Stephanie away, and she knows that Stephanie loves her too. Stephanie admits that. She doesn’t want to lose Amber either.

Nick knew that his mother needed someone to be with her, and Deacon needed someone too. Nick has a drink in his hand now as he talks to his mother alone about what she has done, and how she has hurt his father.

Jackie cared for Deacon but she wanted to be with Massimo. Deacon was kind and thoughtful to her, and she needed that. Deacon needed that too. She didn’t want anymore secrets between herself and Massimo and that was why she came clean with Massimo. Jackie had no idea that Massimo was going to get ill over all of this happening. How could she possibly know that this was going to happen? She certainly didn’t plan it.

Amber can see that Stephanie hasn’t been totally won over. Stephanie says that she only sees that Thomas and Amber are wrong for each other. Amber is going to want a family and children, but she has to find an adult for that. That other man is going to want that same thing too. Thomas isn’t ready for all that and he won’t be ready for years. Brooke has to agree where this is concerned. Amber feels that she can wait for Thomas. Stephanie knows that is not true. Stephanie knows that she shouldn’t have tried to trick Amber earlier. She should have just tried to have a conversation with Amber. Stephanie knows that Amber wants to make her own mistakes and learn from them. Stephanie knows that Amber always learns, but that is only after the damage is done. Stephanie can’t let that happen to Thomas or Amber. She loves them both. she wishes that Amber were more of a sensible girl, so that Stephanie could take the chance with Thomas’s future. She wants things left at that. Amber turns to Brooke. Brooke feels for the girl, and touches her shoulder, feeling bad for the way that things have turned out for Amber.

Amber leaves the room. Brooke turns on Stephanie. “You had a chance to heal this family, and you refused to. I guess that Amber had a point. Some people really never change.”

Jackie wants Nick to see her point of view in all this. Nick can’t. Jackie had everything. A man that loved her, a beautiful house, so what else did she need? Jackie tried to tell Massimo that she needed a partner, but he wouldn’t listen. He even drew up divorce papers.

Nick only sees that his father tried to give Jackie the world. Jackie remembers that Massimo wanted her there, so that Nick could have a family again. that was her last chance to give Nick the home that he was missing. They were a family again and when she saw that look in Nick’s eyes, she knew that she finally got it right. Jackie wanted to be the honest person that Nick always thought that she was, but instead, she took Massimo away from Nick again, and this time… Jackie starts crying. She is sorry. She is so sorry. She is sobbing now. she holds her head in her hands. Nick feels badly for the way that he has treated her and holds her.

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