B&B Monday Update 11/8/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/8/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Jackie tries to make Nick understand what happened the night that she was caught by Massimo with Deacon. Nick will not understand it. She almost killed his father with this. Deacon tries to stand up or Jackie, but Nick will not listen to him either. Nick blames his mother for all this happening. She assures him that Massimo will get better, but Nick can’t believe anything that she says.

Amber is still trying to make the Forresters believe that she isn’t intentionally screwing things up for them. Brooke actually believes that, and Rick feels that Amber screws things up unintentionally, and that is what her problem really is about. Brooke knows that they shouldn’t have tricked her by making it look like Amber was getting back with Rick when she had the chance. It was a mean thing to do to Thomas too. Amber is glad for the chance to prove herself to the family. She would like to test Stephanie now.

Amber asks Thomas and Rick to leave while she talks to Stephanie and Brooke. It seems that Rick and Brooke have moved over to Amber’s side.

Amber can see that she is being treated much like Brooke used to be treated a while back. Stephanie denies that. She says that Amber’s behavior is what is causing the trouble here. Amber feels that Stephanie is discriminating because of where Amber came from. She tells Brooke and Stephanie about her family and how her father left her. She feels that she is being looked down on. Brooke tells Amber that she can’t win over Stephanie’s approval. Stephanie can clearly see that she is on her own, and can’t count on Brooke anymore.

Nick gets upset and almost starts a fight with Deacon. Deacon grabs him and restrains him until he calms down. Nick laughs madly when he realizes what he is dealing with. Deacon can see that the problem is that Nick can’t see his mother with Deacon of all people. Jackie says that her drinking and lying was what caused all this to happen. Jackie tells Deacon that Massimo found about her feelings and he forgave her for that. Deacon says that Massimo couldn't deal with the way that things were with his wife. Nick can see that Deacon is actually loving this. Deacon believes that Massimo actually did this to himself.

Nick would really like an explanation now as to how Massimo could have done this to himself. Nick realizes that Deacon has been coaching his mother all along. Deacon doesn’t know when to shut up. That gets him a punch in the mouth. While Deacon is down, and Jackie is screaming, Nick demands that Jackie come with him, so that he can get her out of the house.

Rick and Thomas have a heart-to-heart. Rick admits that Amber didn’t bite when he offered to take her back. Amber seems different and Rick is beginning to see that things might work out with Thomas and Amber.

Brooke is really in Amber’s corner now. Stephanie finds that funny. Brooke is supposed to be the adult. Stephanie used to be the one to accept Amber when no one else would. Stephanie knows Amber and well enough, not to trust her with Thomas. She knows that Amber can change, but they can’t change the deep core of their being. Brooke finds that to be a cop out. That is just Stephanie’s excuse. She should be thinking of changing herself. Stephanie is finding this all very funny. Brooke reminds Stephanie that she has very high standards that she uses against everyone. Maybe everyone should treat Stephanie the same way that she treats everyone else.

Massimo is in his bed sleeping in the dark.

Nick brings his mother crying into Massimo’s room and shows the man to her. He tells Jackie that he didn’t do this to Massimo. It was she who did this to him. He forces her to look at the man lying motionless in the bed with his eyes closed. Jackie looks for a moment, and then she closes her eyes.

Thomas and Rick worry when they don’t hear Brooke, Amber and Stephanie arguing. Amber could have lost it that night. She hasn’t though. Instead, she has been trying to make things work out for everyone.

Amber denies that she and Brooke are trying to push Stephanie out. Amber wants Stephanie to think about the things that Brooke has brought to the family. Stephanie sees that Amber is turning the conversation around. They should be talking about Thomas and Amber. Amber believes that this is about union. They should all feel safe and secure and they shouldn’t be setting up each other to fail. Amber knows that nothing is going to change unless Stephanie decides to change her behavior. If she could find it in her heart to give her and Brooke a chance, that would be a way to heal the family. That would be a healing move. Stephanie lives for her family and will do anything to protect her family and her grandchildren. Amber knows that, but Stephanie shouldn’t have to do that alone. Amber would like to help her, if only Stephanie would open he heart only a little bit. If she could do this, that would be all the chance that they would need. Stephanie might be surprised by what could happen. Stephanie is worried that there might be a surprise. Amber reminds her that Thorne did something that she didn’t think that he should, and he ended up being stronger and better than she thought that he ever could. Amber knows that she and Brooke are good enough. The three of them together could make the family stronger and tougher. All that they need is for Stephanie to give a one chance. Stephanie peers over Amber’s shoulder to see what Brooke is feeling about all this.

Nick asks his mother if Massimo lying on his bed the way that he is worth it. Why wasn’t Massimo enough for her? Jackie is sorry. Nick wants her to say that to Massimo. She should be telling her husband how she feels. Jackie isn’t even sure that Massimo knows that she is there. Jackie turns to Massimo who is lying on his bed. She leans to his faces, inches away from him, and she tells him that she is sorry. Nick sits by the bed and he talks to his father too. He tells Massimo that things are safe now. Nick says that he will be there to take care of everything, so Massimo can come back now.

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