B&B Friday Update 11/5/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/5/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Nick has just caught Deacon kissing his mother in her room. He slowly walks up to Deacon demanding to know what the man was doing. Deacon doesn’t answer.

Nick grabs the man by the collar, and asks the question again.

Amber is facing the family. She admits that she used to use people in the past, but Stephanie taught her another way. Now being with Thomas is something that she thinks could be something good for everybody.

Felicia goes to see her father after her dinner with Nick. She seems worried about Nick. He is worried about his mother.

Eric knows that Jackie has to worry about Massimo, but he had no idea that Jackie was turning into a shut-in. That is just it. Felicia tells Eric that Jackie was in fact out that night, having dinner with Deacon.

Stephanie and Brooke are not buying Amber’s pity speech. Brooke is especially rude, accusing Amber of trying to worm her way into the family again. Amber admits that she would like to be a part of the family again. However, she sees that what Stephanie and Brooke are doing is tearing the family apart.

Eric wants to know about this dinner that Deacon had with Jackie. Eric suggests that it was just a simple business dinner. Felicia says that she isn’t sure that is all. Deacon has been living at Jackie’s house for a while now. Eric finds that interesting but he doesn’t exactly understand it. Felicia hopes that nothing funny is going on, cause Nick will kill the man.

Nick is angry with Deacon for kissing his mother. Deacon says that he was only trying to help the woman get out for a few hours. Deacon admits that he did flirt for a minute, but he knows that he shouldn’t have. Deacon will go and is willing to be even fired over this. Nick has to admit that his mother has been broken down for a while now. Nick also knows that Deacon likes his women weak. Nick reminds his mother that she told him that she didn’t trust Deacon. Jackie starts to deny this, but Nick sees right through this. Deacon spoke of a man before that Jackie was involved with, but he didn’t name the man as himself. He walks to his mother demanding to know if Deacon was the man that was spoken of before. Jackie is backed into a wall and she knows it. When Nick asks her again if she and Deacon had a love affair before, she admits it.

Amber tells Stephanie that she is a danger to her family. Stephanie seems to resent everything. She can see now that Stephanie wants to have things done her way all along.

Rick denies that this is true. Amber reminds Rick of the little stunt that he just played on her. She knows what they are feeling, as she used to be the same way. Amber would like to find a way to work all this out. She knows that this could have a good effect on the family, if they all could just accept each of other for the way they are. People can change, and Amber feels that good things should start with them.

Eric feels that Jackie needs rescuing if she has been involved with Deacon. Felicia knows that, but knows also that Jackie is going to need help if Nick finds out that she has been cheating.

Nick is furious with his mother for denying that she was seeing another man. Deacon says that Jackie did this for Nick. Jackie said that she tried to please her husband, but Deacon says that is only when she did what he told her to. Nick wonders now if Massimo knew about this. Jackie admits that he did. Nick asks his mother when it was that Massimo learned about Jackie’s relationship with Deacon.

Amber knows that her relationship with Thomas is a tiny part of what irks Stephanie the wrong way. Amber used to care what people think, but now she doesn’t. She loves Thomas, and she will let him go when he wants to. Thomas assures her that he will not be letting her go anytime soon. She wouldn’t blame Rick if he hated her for things that she had done in the past. Rick has in fact forgiven her for things that she did in the past.

She used to be trouble in the past, but now she is another type of girl. Stephanie will not accept Amber until she breaks it off with Thomas. Brooke can see that Amber has made some good points that day. Stephanie hates that Brooke is siding with Amber on this. Stephanie has wiped the slate clean repeatedly, but Amber always disappoints her. Stephanie remembers Taylor, and how that woman was her best friend. Stephanie promised to take care of Thomas for Taylor, and that is what Stephanie is going to do.

Jackie tries to explain her position with Massimo before he became ill. Nick has learned that Massimo knew that his wife was having an affair. He overheard them. Nick draws the correct conclusion. He learns that Massimo was out of control, and then he grew very quiet. He told Jackie that he only wanted to make her happy, and that she had been the love of his wife. Then he just collapsed. Nick sees that the stroke that his father had was directly related to her actions.

He asks Jackie if she was the one that did this to his father. Jackie starts crying. She admits that she was the one that did this to Massimo. “I did it.”

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