B&B Thursday Update 11/4/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/4/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Rick pretends to have feelings for Amber to get her away from Thomas. She seems to be falling for it. He has positioned himself by the pool where he knows that Thomas will be watching them talking. Rick is sure that he can get Amber to warm up to him again. He brings up their marriage and how he hasn’t gotten over her. He tells her that she was the best thing that has ever happened to him. He says that he knows that she has been missing him although she has been moving on, and trying to replace him with Thomas. Amber can’t believe her ears. Amber puts her pad down, and turns to Rick to see if she can really believe what he is saying to her.

Unknown to Amber, Thomas is watching with his mother and grandmother from the patio above the pool. He has no idea what Amber and Rick are saying but he can tell that they are warming up to each other. He sees Amber touch Rick’s face, much like she touches his. That upsets him. Brooke suggests that Thomas stop watching the pair and come into the house. He will not do that. He has to do something about this first. As he watches, Amber and Rick hug each other.

Jackie and Deacon are out to dinner. He cannot help but stare at her, as she is so beautiful. He remembers all the good times that they had together. He wants to make sure that she is having as much fun, as he is with her.

Felicia and Nick are at another table, and they have seen Deacon and Jackie. Nick is not comfortable with Deacon and Jackie spending time together like this. Felicia reminds him that Jackie did not want to leave the house, and if he interrupts her dinner, she might not come out again.

Brooke tells Thomas that he does not have to watch Rick and Amber this way. She tries to move him from the patio, but he will not leave. Thomas suspects that Brooke and Stephanie brought him to the house to see this.

Rick tells Amber that he can protect her if they get back together. Rick says that he was angry before because she was getting close to Thomas. Rick lets Amber know that he knows about the pregnancy scare. Rick says that he is there talking to her for that reason. Rick tells Amber that she is making the wrong turn for herself and for Thomas. He tells her that she is very special. She will not go with Rick, as she feels that he can’t do better for her than Thomas can. Amber says that she knows where she belongs, and that is not with Rick. Amber loves Thomas. She does not want to hide her love for Thomas. He shouts out, “I love Thomas Forrester!”

Thomas has come down to the pool now, and he hears Amber telling Rick that she loves him instead. Thomas appears, and quietly says to Amber that he loves her too. Thomas and Amber rush to each other and hug. Rick looks on unhappy that his little trick didn’t work as expected.

Jackie is not eating. She seems to have something on her mind. It is her favorite place, or it was. She used to go to that same restaurant with Massimo. Deacon offers to take her some place else.

Nick and Felicia are at their table talking, but Felicia can see that Nick is preoccupied. Felicia would like a little more attention that she is getting. They have paid the cheque, and he offers to go and get the car.

Nick gets up, but instead of leaving, he goes to Jackie and Deacon’s table. Nick exchanges pleasantries, and then tells his mother that he will see her at home later on.

Thomas tells Amber that Stephanie was the one that invited him to the house. there was something that they wanted him to see, but things didnít turn out the way that it was supposed to.

Amber can see that this was a trick all along. Amber can see that Stephanie and the others feel that she is using Thomas. she asks them what they would do if they were right. what would that have done to Thomas? His own family was plotting against him. She can see that they would do anything to get rid of her. Thomas offers to take her from the house. Amber will not leave. She can take anything that they can dish out. she tells Stephanie that she should bring on whatever it is that she has to put on Amber. It seems to Amber that everyone in the family gets a chance to change, but she doesnít.

Deacon is upstairs at Jackie’s bedroom door with her. They are very close. She saying goodnight, but Deacon seems to dwindle, not wanting to leave.

Nick has come home and he walks into the empty sitting room. He looks at the pictures of his family. suddenly he remembers things that he has heard Deacon say in the past that didn’t come out quite right. A light goes on in Deacon’s head. He sees things a lot clearly now.

Thomas and Amber discuss her moving out, but Amber is going to make the family listen.

Amber goes to Rick telling him that what he did was lower than low. That made her really sad. Stephanie says that Rick did this to protect Thomas. Amber can see that the family is having a hard time with this relationship, but they have to see that they are right together. She knows that they are good for one another. Amber sees that they are not accepting reality. she always sees the best in people. She would like to make things better, but for the entire family, and not just for herself and Thomas. She points out that she and Thomas have already gotten Stephanie and Brooke working together. She knows that if they could all work together they could make the family really strong. She goes to Brooke a Stephanie and gets between them, holding their hands. She wants no fighting and no tricks, but only peace.

In her room, Deacon is now sitting on Jackie’s bed with her. She wishes that he would just leave and let the night end. He doesn’t want to be sent to his room alone like a bad boy.

Downstairs, Nick is looking at family pictures, and thinking hard.

Deacon is almost lying on Jackie’s bed. He is undoing his shirt. Jackie is horrified at his behavior. He only wants things to be the way that it used to be. He calls for her to come to him.

Nick is slowly making his way up the stairs. He is quiet and no one hears him.

Deacon tells Jackie that he only wants to make things okay for her. He asks her o trust him. He wants to help her get through her touch time.

Nick has made his way to his mother’s bedroom. He sees that the door isn’t completely closed. He hears nothing, but he pushes the door open ever so slightly, and he sees it. His mother lip locking with Deacon. “MY GOD!” Deacon and Jackie jump away from each other and turn to face a very shocked Nick.

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