B&B Wednesday Update 11/3/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/3/04


By Glynis

Rick is ready to play his trick on Amber at the pool for Thomas’s sake. Brooke is worried that Rick is getting involved with Amber again whether he believes that he is or not. Rick says that they have to do this for Thomas’s sake. Thomas is on his way over, and so Rick gets into position and heads to the pool to play his trick for Thomas to see.

Brooke cannot help the feeling that doing this to Amber just feels wrong. She does not like Amber, but feels that this is just taking a step too far, and her son used to be involved with Amber, what if he falls for her again. Brooke could not relive that experience.

Thomas arrives at his grandmother’s house, hoping that meeting with his mother and grandmother is not a bad thing. Stephanie assures Thomas that being there is not for a bad reason. Stephanie says that she only wants to make sure that Thomas has the best information so that he can make the best decisions. Thomas has no idea what she is talking about.

Rick shows up at the pool where Amber is sitting and working on designs. She tells him that she has permission to be there, fearing that he is there to kick her out of the pool area. He knows that. He brings a lamp over to her so that she can see better. She sees that something is strange about him this night. She feels that maybe he is going to tell her that she has to get out of the house, but instead, he tells her that he is glad that she is there.

Felicia and Nick are out at dinner, and Nick is not all that comfortable with the chic restaurant. He wishes that the place had a dartboard. Nick worries about his mother. Felicia knows that the woman has not been through anything like this before. Nick cannot help but feel that something is not adding up over at the house.

Jackie is with Massimo looking at him as he lies sleeping in bed. She is ready to go out with Deacon for dinner. She looks at Massimo, and suddenly she is sad again.

Deacon comes into the room and finds Jackie dressed to go, but looking sad. She tells him that she cannot go to dinner with him. He reminds her that she has to go on living. He will make sure that a number is left for them to be reached if there is an emergency. Deacon convinces Jackie that there is no harm in going out for something to eat.

Stephanie talks about activities that Thomas might like to take part in with girls that are his own age. Thomas has had enough of this. He wants to go and see Amber. Stephanie stops him telling him that Amber is a great girl, but she does not always makes the best decisions. Thomas feels that Stephanie is just trying to control things. He reminds his mother that she would not be with Ridge if his grandmother had her way. Thomas will not have his family talking about Amber this way anymore.

Amber is concerned that maybe Rick is acting nice to her because he may have been drinking. Sitting by the pool brings back some memories about the good days and nights. To Amber that all seems so long ago. Rick can remember everything as if it was the day before. Being in the pool…seeing Amber’s body…watching her bask in the sunlight like she found a piece of heaven. She did find heaven then, and so did he. He tells her that he misses her, and what they had. She is blown away. She demands to know what this is all about.

Nick thanks Felicia for bringing him out that night. Felicia that she owed him a favor and she will even take things a step further and try and help with his mother. She does not understand this Deacon guy. Nick likes Deacon and is giving him a chance because everyone deserves a second chance.

Jackie and Deacon enter the restaurant.

Felicia sees Jackie and Deacon and points them out to Nick. Felicia had no idea that was Deacon. Nick couldn’t get his mother out for burgers, so what exactly is Deacon’s secret?

Felicia can see Jackie and Deacon, but they haven’t seen Nick and Felicia yet. Nick tells Felicia to keep looking over at their table and give him a blow by blow of what is going on.

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