B&B Tuesday Update 11/2/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/2/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Amber and Stephanie have a chat about her marriage with Rick and how she feels about it now. Amber knows that she is a new person now, and she likes herself. She hopes that Stephanie will accept her. Amber decides to head off and take a swim, but first she asks Stephanie is she really liked her designs. Stephanie says that she really liked them, and that she knows that the girl will be a great asset to Spectra.

Amber leaves the room, and Brooke arrives. Stephanie wanted to talk to her about Thomas and Amber.

Nick is in his mother’s room by her bed talking her into going out for something to eat. She is in bed and not feeling great. Nick reminds her that she has to keep the business going for Massimo. He would love to know that she is moving on. Nick feels like he is losing his mother. Jackie is not sure that is true anymore. She sounds hopeless. She tells Nick to go downstairs and look at his father and see why she feels so worthless. Nick can see that she is blaming herself for the condition that Massimo is in.

Deacon is on his knees before Massimo, and he is bragging how he is living in Massimo’s house, with Massimo’s wife. Massimo only wishes that he could say something, but all that comes out is silent thoughts. Deacon lets Massimo know that he is aware that he is aware that Massimo might be trying to signal his family by blinking and tearing up. Deacon tells the man that he is gone, and that it is over. Massimo’s hand is hanging limply beside his chair, suddenly; Massimo clenches the fist of that hand.

Deacon tells Massimo that he hasnít been declared incompetent yet, but Deacon assures Massimo that he will be.

Massimo jumps out of the chair and grabs Deacon by the throat, choking him. He overpowers Deacon and Deacon seems like he is going to die for sure.

Massimo is sleeping. He has been dreaming and is still stuck in his chair. He keeps his eyes closed. He has been dreaming about the first thing that he is going to do when he gets out of his chair.

Stephanie tells Brooke that she wants to show that Amber would dump Thomas in a heartbeat if she had the chance to get her hands on Rick again. Brooke can’t believe what Stephanie is proposing. Stephanie says that she would love to see the kids get married and move in with Brooke. Brooke hates the idea. She refuses to get her son involved in this trick. Stephanie tells her that it is too late. They hear the door open behind them. Brooke stands as she sees who has entered the house.

Nick and Deacon discuss trying to get Jackie out of the house. Massimo can hear them talking and he too thinks that getting Jackie out of the house is good for her. Deacon offers to help Nick with getting Jackie out of the house. Massimo can hear them talking and wishes that his son would smarten up. Deacon is after Jackie. Nick has to go now, and he kisses his father goodbye.

Once out the door, Deacon turns to Massimo. He can see that Nick also thinks that Jackie should be moving on. Massimo sees that the man is only a man-whore. Massimo will not let him get away with this.

Thomas and Amber talk on the phone about her living arrangements. Thomas is worried that living g at the place where she lived with Rick is making things hard for her. She says that she has only been thinking of him. He tells her that he loves her, and she loves it.

Brooke is freaking out that Rick is helping split up Thomas and Amber.

Rick knows that he can help with this. Rick only wants to protect Thomas, and Amber will be better off in the end anyway. Amber will not have a chance to think that this is a trick. Stephanie has a plan that she is going to put into action that night at the pool.

Deacon comes to see Jackie in her room. She is lying in bed. She wants more of her sedatives. Deacon will not give her anymore. She is shocked to hear that. Deacon says that he will not give her anymore pills because he loves her.

Jackie laughs at the fact that Deacon thinks that he loves her. He assures her that he does. He wants her to let him in. He will push her. He wants to be her friend, but she doesnít feel that she deserves friendship from anyone. That is what Deacon loves about Jackie. He knows that Massimo is important to her, but she has other responsibilities. And Nick is really worried about her.

Deacon offers to take her out for the evening to relax and forget everything. She imagines what that would be like. They could go to dinner. Deacon imitates her accent, and that makes her smile. He can see that she really needs to get out and that he is the one to help her. She agrees to go with him. That is it. She is laughing now. He remembers them at the beach, and the happy times that they shared. She could have that again if she wants. He promises. They hug.

Brooke finds it funny that she is worried about the trick that is going to be played on Amber. Stephanie wants to show Amber that he is just a boy. Rick knows that this is going to be disastrous for everyone. All agree that the trick so go ahead. Stephanie calls Thomas and asks him to come over to the house. Stephanie says that she would like to talk to her grandson about something important. Thomas agrees to come over.

Brooke and Rick look out at the pool where Amber is lounging by the pool. Rick really hates to do this to Thomas. He knows what he has to do, but that is going to make Thomas wish that he had never met Amber.

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